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On your Madrid holiday, take a stroll down brick alleys and soak in the Spanish culture, cuisine and nightlife. Madrid is situated on a plateau of sand and clay known as the Meseta, making it one of the highest elevated capitals in Europe, standing 646 metres above sea level. The temperature is relatively mild throughout the year, but it tends to get quite warm during July and August.


Planning Madrid holidays

The best time to schedule your Madrid holiday is during autumn, spring and the early summer months. Temperatures are comfortable and not too warm during the day, and the evenings are mild. However, pack accordingly for nights out on the town - if the daytime temperature is on the higher side, brisk and chilly nights may follow. Madrid is easily accessible by plane, train and even bus from almost all major European cities. Once you have arrived, the Metro is the fastest and cheapest way to travel around the city, but exploring by bus and foot are also options during your Madrid holiday.

Madrid holiday highlights: Culture, history & nightlife

There are plenty of attractions to visit on holiday in Madrid, whether one wants to explore culture, art, music, history or cuisine in the Spanish capital. Some must-see's for every visitor are the Royal Palace and Madrid Rio Park. If you're looking to step into the art scene, schedule visits to the Prado, one of the most prestigious art museums in the world, and Reina Sofia, a contemporary art museum. Visitors who want to immerse themselves in Madrid's culture should try the tapas at a tavern in one of Madrid's many town squares, or explore the Rastro Flea Market for handmade souvenirs. Tourists should also partake in Madrid's blossoming nightlife - you can dance to electronic music until the sun rises at one of Madrid's hottest discotheques, or adventure to a spot with flamenco dance performances and live music.

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