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As the country with the largest population in the world and the third-largest landmass, visiting China is an unforgettable cultural and historical experience. China is a country with centuries of varied history, and holidays in China offer a glimpse into the country's fascinating past, as well as its modern society.


China: climate and getting around

Because China covers such a large area, the climate varies widely across the country, from snowy mountaintops to hot and humid city centres. Due to such varying conditions, when planning your holidays in China, it's a good idea to check the local forecast of the area you're visiting. Beijing, for example, ranges from 40°C in the summer to -20°C in the winter, and due to the sandstorms in spring, September to October is probably the best time to visit. Places like Kunming, on the other hand, experience spring-like temperatures year-round, and are thus good to visit any time, while Shanghai has milder temperatures -- between 5-35°C. Transportation around China is convenient by rail between cities, and many coaches offer sleeper cars. Within the city, locals use scooters, bicycles and cars to get around, but for tourists, taxis and buses are affordable ways to travel.

Holidays in China: excitement and adventure

Probably the most famous attraction in China is the Great Wall of China, which spans almost 9000 km and can be reached by car from Beijing. Also in Beijing is the culture-rich Forbidden City, as well as the majestic Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace, all of which are deeply rooted in China's history. Shanghai's architecture seems almost futuristic in contrast and is famous for its glamorous Shanghai Bund, a place of finance and high-class fashion. Xian's tombs and terra cotta warriors, representing the armies of China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang, are a must-see. And of course holidays in China are not complete without a visit to the pandas in Chengdu.

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