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Bugibba is tranquil in the low season but bubbles with activity when high season arrives. Holidaymakers can recline at a number of idyllic beaches near to the town, or take a walk on the seaside promenade that runs along the coast. With a wide selection of bars, restaurants, clubs and even a casino, the town is the perfect destination for couples, families and groups on holiday.

Bugibba holidays: How to get there and when to go.

Bugibba holidays are characterised by blue skies most of the year and only a little rain. In summer the temperature reaches an average high of 28°C, rising a little towards the end of the season. In winter the town experiences an average temperature of 11°C but by March that rises to about 17°C. Malta is a three hour flight from the UK and has the time zone GMT+1. There are plenty of roads connecting Bugibba to the other principle towns of Malta, with hire cars and a good bus service available. Once in the town it is impossible to get lost as almost all the roads lead to the coast.

Out and about on holiday in Bugibba

Easy to get around on foot, visitors to Bugibba can wander down to the St Paul’s Bay end of the town and visit the little harbour there with its traditionally painted boats. Holidaymakers can alternativley spend a relaxing day at the peaceful Paradise Beach or Golden Bay. After sunset the town boasts a proud selection of restaurants and bars and holidaymakers are likely to stumble upon both live music and karaoke. Most drinks bought in the UK can be found in Bugibba, with the addition of the locally brewed ‘Cisk’ beer, a sip of which is highly recommended when enjoying Bugibba holidays.

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