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Sliema is located on the north-eastern coast of Malta, overlooking the capital city Valletta. The town boasts a number of beaches, gardens and promenades, as well as historical buildings and ancient ruins. Sliema also has a wide selection of shops, cafes and restaurants. Sliema holidays are popular among visitors for the juxtaposition of old and new within the town.


When and how to go on Sliema holidays

The summer months of April to September are the ideal time for Sliema holidays, with July and August being the hottest and most popular time for visitors. The island of Malta is on Central European Time, so it's one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Flights operate all year round from most major European cities. Airport express buses provide easy transfers to and from many towns on the island.

Local attractions on Sliema holidays

Attractions in Sliema include numerous historic Catholic churches, including In-Nazzarenu, which is dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth. One can also visit the largest shopping centre in Malta, which is found on the south-eastern tip of Sliema, overlooking the harbour. Sliema has a number of galleries featuring local artworks, and the plethora of cafes and restaurants serving international cuisine make it a foodie's haven. For the more adventurous it is possible to tour the island by boat or bus, and one can even learn to dive, allowing you to see yet another side of the island on Sliema holidays.

Festivals during Sliema holidays

When planning Sliema holidays, it is worth trying to coincide with one of the major festivals: Feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in July, Feast of Our Lady Star of the Sea in August, and Notte Bianca in September. During these 'festas' or feasts, Sliema comes alive with colourful decorations, street stalls selling local delicacies and sweets, and spectacular firework displays. Experiencing one of these events would be a definite highlight of Sliema holidays.

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