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Situated minutes away from Manhattan, the New Jersey town of Secaucus is a breath of fresh air next to America’s busiest cities. Ranked one of New Jersey’s best places to live, this historic city with river views and pretty streets is the perfect foothold to explore the action of New York City, while still enjoying the authenticity and tranquillity of a quiet town. Secaucus holidays guarantee an enjoyable, unique and action-filled vacation.


Planning Secaucus holidays

Secaucus enjoys a humid continental climate. This means April-August offer sunshine and spring blossom scenery, leaving November-January ideal for catching the colourful autumn foliage or festive holiday spirit. Set your clock to GMT-5 and arrive via Newark Liberty International Airport with mass transit. Once in Secaucus, travel around with bus, train or car. Though, most Secaucus attractions are within walking distance, and neighbouring New York City is easily accessible by bus or rail.

Secaucus: Waterways to shopping malls

With its convenient location, lively entertainment centres and outdoor attractions, Secaucus holidays offer a perfect opportunity to blend bustling New York City metropolitan area life with relaxing activities as well. Enjoy the pleasant town square atmosphere of Harmon Meadow, or check out traditional businesses in The Plaza. The town’s sports and entertainment centre, The Meadowlands, is just across the Hackensack River. Home to the Jets and Giants American football teams, and the Meadowlands Race Track, as well as concerts, circuses, flea markets and ice shows, this is the place to be for Secaucus holidays visitors. Holidaymakers will be in shopping paradise, with bargain shopping at Secaucus Outlets, factory warehouses, retail stores and mini-malls, all open seven days a week. Get in touch with nature at wildlife preserve Mill Creek Marsh, or take a canoe or kayak down the Hackensack River.

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