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Located just across the river from Manhattan, the township of North Bergen is located on the eastern tip of New Jersey. Noted for its diverse geographical landscape, the area is home to wetlands, cliffs, a plateau area, and the second highest density of hills outside of San Francisco. North Bergen is also known for its tremendously diverse cultural ambience, and offers many excellent shopping and food districts reflecting this diversity which defines the town.

North Bergen

Planning your North Bergen holidays

North Bergen holidays can begin via any of the New York City area airports, with frequent flights from all over the world and multiple transport options to the township available. Heavy traffic and an extensive public transport system mean that driving should and can be avoided at all costs. Taxis are much less common in North Bergen than they are in Manhattan, but can be arranged via phone. The area's climate is marked by cold winters and humid summers, but with appropriate clothing, holiday-makers will find that the destination can be visited year round, with plenty to do! North Bergen is in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5).

North Bergen Holidays: What to Do

North Bergen's geographical features, multicultural population, and bustling streets make the township a joy to explore. Food lovers in particular will find North Bergen's large and ethnically diverse range of restaurants a treat; head to Bergenline Avenue and pick from one of the many delicious restaurants. Whilst on Bergenline Avenue, why not try some shopping at any of its 300 stores? They call this place 'The Miracle Mile' for a reason after all, and visitors will find a range of excellent boutique, chain, and department stores along this historic avenue. To escape the hubbub, head to the best park in the area, the James J Braddock North Hudson County Park. Be sure to go one early evening and watch the gorgeous sunset against the Manhattan skyline.

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