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Top holiday (Flight+Hotel) £210
Family holiday (Flight+Hotel) £216
Romantic holiday (Flight+Hotel) £211
Luxury holiday (Flight+Hotel) £267
Budget holiday (Flight+Hotel) £133

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With guaranteed year-round sunshine and a bar and club scene which is famous throughout the world for its hedonism, Playa de las Americas epitomises good old-fashioned fun in the sun better than any other resort in Europe. Visitors are encouraged to let their hair down and have a good time at every opportunity in Playa de las Americas, with jet ski rides, beach volleyball and surfing to keep everyone amused in the daytime and karaoke, cocktails, comedy, live music and cabaret to help power party animals through the night. Without doubt, holidaymakers looking for a good time can rest assured they will find it in Playa de las Americas.

Playa de las Américas

Playa de las Americas holidays: travel essentials

There is a simple reason why Tenerife is known as 'Isla de la Eterna Primavera' (the Island of Eternal Spring) - it is warm there all the time. Situated on the same line of latitude as the Sahara Desert, summer temperatures in Playa de las Americas can exceed 30°C while even in winter the mercury rarely dips below 20°C. This, coupled with the relatively short flight time (around 4½ hours from London) and brief transfer time (20-30 minutes) ensures Playa de las Americas is an ideal option for winter holidays and last-minute weekend breaks as well as for summer holidays. The time zone is GMT +1.

Playa de las Americas holidays: activities and attractions

Holidays to Playa de las Americas are not complete without experiencing the nightlife along the Veronicas Strip, a 200-metre block of bars and nightclubs which epitomises the resort's devotion to pleasure. Despite what some people may think however, there is more to Playa de las Americas than just its rousing nightlife. For instance, dolphins and whales can be spotted by taking a boat trip while the island's volcanic landscape can be explored via one of the many excursion companies operating throughout the resort. And did we mention the beaches....?

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