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While many holiday resorts claim to offer the perfect balance between relaxation and fun, Puerto del Carmen, on the Canary Island of Lanzarote, manages to do it quite effortlessly. With Blue Flag beaches, endless sunshine and a genuinely friendly atmosphere, this is one resort where relaxing is never a problem. At the same time, fun and excitement are never far away as Puerto del Carmen has plenty of activities on hand to keep pleasure- and thrill-seekers thoroughly entertained.

Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen holidays: Climate & transport

A large part of Puerto del Carmen’s appeal is that it can be enjoyed by holidaymakers throughout the year. Lanzarote’s proximity to the north west coast of Africa ensures temperatures in this part of the world rarely dip below 20 °C, even in the winter. Average flight times from the UK, as well as transfers from the airport, are both relatively brief (around four hours/15 minutes respectively), so your holidays in Puerto del Carmen can get started relatively soon after leaving home.

Puerto del Carmen holidays: Things to see and do

With over six kilometres of pristine sand and a sea so blue it looks like it has been painted, the beach is, of course, a massive draw. Along with ocean-side restaurants, quiet little bars, and all manner of charming beach shops, Puerto del Carmen’s beaches offer aquatic thrills a-plenty, with snorkelling, diving, and windsurfing all popular. However, there is more to Puerto del Carmen than just its perfect beaches. Holiday-makers who are keen to enjoy a bit of sophistication will be smitten by the charm of the old town and the picturesque setting of the harbour, while visitors who like to indulge themselves in a bit of retail therapy will love the stylish offerings available in the town's sleek shopping centre.

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