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Situated on Tenerife's northern shore, Puerto de la Cruz is the complete opposite of its better known neighbours on the other side of the island. Whilst Puerto de la Cruz does have its fair share of fun and friendly bars and clubs, this is a resort which is rich in character, high on culture and low on neon. Indeed, the old town of Puerto de la Cruz, which is centred around a traditional fishing port, looks and feels like it hasn't changed in centuries. Puerto de la Cruz holidays are not all about heritage and charm however, along with its quaint surroundings and laid-back atmosphere, the resort has all the beaches, attractions and activities the visitor could possibly need to enjoy a great beach break in the sun!

Puerto de la Cruz holidays: travel essentials

Thanks largely to the relatively short flight time (just over four hours) and the mild winter weather, Puerto de la Cruz remains a popular weekend break and winter sun destination. However, the fact that the climate varies little throughout the year means holidays to Puerto de la Cruz can be taken in any season. For visitors keen to get a deep tan visiting between May and October is ideal as the temperature remains above 25°C and the sun shines for ten hours per day.

Puerto de la Cruz holidays: highlights

Puerto de la Cruz is blessed with three small beaches of black sand, one of which is the attractive Playa Jardin which has tropical palms and cacti, as well as a restaurant, playground and bandstand. The resort also has a massive man-made lido (the Lago de Martianez) where eight salt water pools and a selection of bars and restaurants help ensure visitors of all ages remain thoroughly entertained. Other highlights include watching penguins, sharks and dolphins at the nearby Loro Parque and exploring the lively and varied shops on the Avenida de Colon.

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