10 great places that are cheap to fly to from the UK

© Ibiza

Sometimes all you need out of a holiday is just to take a break from standard everyday life

But then you find out that the typical destinations for an escape are also packed with busy tourists and can cost an arm and a leg for the pleasure of being as stressed as you would be at home! We’ve found some excellent destinations that are especially cheap for UK dwellers, making the holiday experience that much less stressful when your hard-earned cash can go on scintillating authentic food, fruity refreshing cocktails, and souvenirs to make your co-workers jelly.

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Quick now, they’ll go fast.

Experience a whole new you in Edinburgh

Edinburgh hilltop
A Scottish dream, visit Edinburgh © alice-photo/Shutterstock.com

Flights from £21Accommodation from £9

Before the crowds descend on Edinburgh for the annual Fringe Festival, make the most of the relative quiet to explore one of the most historically rich and beautiful cities in the UK. A must-see is visiting Greyfriars Cemetery, very pretty and famously haunted, it’s a hoot.

KAYAK Tip: Get the perfect Scottish breakfast at The City Cafe just off of Cowgate, don’t worry about getting up early they serve breakfast until 10 pm.

Tucked away in France, visit Toulouse

Toulouse city street
Have a wander around Toulouse © Emily Marie Wilson/Shutterstock.com

Flights from £21Accommodation from £20

Nestled within the South West of France, Toulouse is the perfect break for a Francophile. Expect gorgeous architecture (the city is referred to as The Pink City due to its pinkish terracotta bricks), delectable cuisine (unsurprisingly you can find Toulouse sausages aplenty) and, of course, excellent wine.

KAYAK Tip: Visit the award-winning N°5 Wine Bar for a glass of exquisite wine, this year the bar was voted one of the world’s best wine bars.

Don’t grumble, go to Grenoble

Grenoble bridge
Be unique and visit Grenoble © colores/Shutterstock.com

Flights from £10Accommodation from £25

Grenoble is the Capital of Alps, the city situated at the bottom of the famous snow-covered peaks is a hub of culture, food and history for the discerning tourist to enjoy. The first destination for any visitor should be the Grenoble-Bastille Cable car, or ‘the bubbles’, which will take you from the city centre to the historic Bastille fortress.

KAYAK Tip: Visiting in the summer in Grenoble means skiing is out unless you want to fork out a lot of money, however, the Alps are still prime for hiking and biking for the adventurous traveller.

No need to mull it over, come to Milan

Milan centre
Milan is cultural wonderland © TL_Studio/Shutterstock.com

Flights from £30Accommodation from £12

There are simply way too many things to see and do in Milan, so get the touristy stuff out of the way early – literally. If you want to see The Last Supper without thousands of others then you’ll need to be up and at ‘em sharpish.

KAYAK Tip: If you’re craving a bit of peace and quiet then visit the Palazza Dal Verme, a hidden gem only known to locals, it’s a gorgeous example of a classic Italian courtyard.

Happy and hopefully not hungover in Hamburg

Hamburg market square
Having fun in Hamburg © Public Domain/Pixabay.com

Flights from £18Accommodation from £13

With only a few skyscrapers, Hamburg looks like the quintessential German city with foodie delights, medieval churches and beer halls galore. Check out St. Pauli for an eclectic mix of football pride at the Millerntor-Stadion (St. Pauli football club’s ground) and rock and roll royalty at the Star-Club.

KAYAK Tip: For some traditional beer and pretzels check out Blockbrau, although fairly popular with tourists, it’s location on the riverfront can’t be beat.

Mooch on over to Mahon

Mahon seafront
A hidden gem, explore Mahon © s74/Shutterstock.com

Flights from £30Accommodation from £15

If Alicante and Malaga are the loud party-loving members of the family, then Mahon is the classy mellow one who enjoys a G&T. It also houses some of the more serene beaches, included Sa Mesquida one of Menorca’s best-kept secrets.

KAYAK Tip: Visit the Xorigeur Gin Distillery by the harbour for a taste and some history on this historic tipple.

Itching to go to Ibiza?

Ibiza sea
We’re going to Ibiza © Alex Tihonovs/Shutterstock.com

Flights from £34Accommodation from £23

You know what you’re getting with Ibiza, it’s not ashamed of its debauched partying ways, its sun and its sand also speak for themselves. But if you just want the sun and sea, Ibiza doesn’t have to be hectic. Stay away from the main strips and the clubbing areas, and you’ll find it’s still quaint, gorgeous and quiet.

KAYAK Tip: Gyros, wine and seafront views is the recipe to the perfect Medditerian restaurant. For the classic experience, we’d recommend the luxurious Amante Ibiza, perched on the shore.

Double down on Dublin

Dublin street
Cobbled streets and ancient pubs © massimofusaro/Shutterstock.com

Flights from £26Accommodation from £10

Dublin is one of those destinations that’s so close to the UK, the idea of visiting is always put on the back burner. However, visitors to Dublin will confirm that once you land in the capital of the Emerald Isle, you’ll find it difficult to leave. Pubs, music, food, history and gorgeous scenery are only a few reasons why.

KAYAK Tip: Even if you’re not into book-learning you should still visit Trinity College Library. However, you may have to pretend that you need to borrow a book to visit.

Movin’ on up to Mallorca

Mallorca beach front
Dip your toes in the water in Mallorca © vulcano/Shutterstock.com

Flights from £29Accommodation from £15

Mallorca is one of the biggest islands off of Spain. Hence, whilst you may think of busy beaches, fruity cocktails and German tourists – you may be surprised by what hidden gems Mallorca is hiding. Be original and venture off the beaten track, then come back for a cocktail, because, you know, because you’re on holiday.

KAYAK Tip: Why not see the parts of the island typical tourists never see? Walk from Puerto Pollenca to Cala de Boquer for some spectacular views and even a secluded beach.

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