6 flights you can book from the UK this summer for less than £50

Let’s face it. Summer isn’t quite summer without a holiday planned. There’s just something innate within us Brits to stockpile Euros, purchase clothes that will never be in any way appropriate for British summer (think, garish Hawaiian shirts or inappropriately large sunhats), and practice our ‘una mesa para quatro, por favor’s.

And although it’s undeniable that the summer months are when flight prices are at their, let’s say, least pleasant, that doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be found. Here at KAYAK, we’ve been analysing our extensive summer travel data to reveal the cheapest destinations to fly to from a variety of airports across the UK. So even those on a budget can escape the unpredictable British summer, at least for a weekend or so. And all for £50 or less.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Flights from London Luton from £25

#nofilter is what summer in Copenhagen is all about.

#nofilter is what summer in Copenhagen is all about.

Scandinavia may not scream sunshine, but with July temperatures sitting pleasantly in the low-twenties, Denmark’s capital is a fine option for a summer city break. Jump on a Bycyklen, an electric bicycle with touchscreen navigation, and explore like a true Dane.

Wander Copenhagen’s cobbled streets while admiring its sunset-hued buildings or stroll along the canals and appreciate the city’s seafaring history. Then wind your way towards the harbour, and — if you’re brave enough — take a dip in its pristine, albeit slightly chilly, waters.

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Santander, Spain

Flights from London Stansted from £43

Santander has surf, sea and sights well and truly covered.

Santander has surf, sea and sights all well and truly covered.

A lively boardwalk, which looks out onto a classic city beach with excellent surf nearby, affords this slightly under-the-radar Spanish city a long weekend. Although perhaps not quite as pristine as other European cities, if you’re looking for Spanish city life at its realest, Santander’s plaza — complete with bustling tapas bars — will serve you well.

Those looking to stick around longer than a weekend can hire a car and explore further afield. Head east for the Basque country to see Bilbao’s impressive Guggenheim Museum or even further to the picturesque foodie city of San Sebastian. Alternatively, stick around Santander’s region, Cantabria, and explore its dramatic coastline.

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Essaouira, Morocco

Flights from London Luton from £48

Lose yourself in Essaouira's maze of streets.

Lose yourself in Essaouira’s maze of streets.

If Marrakech’s hectic atmosphere and soaring summer temperatures don’t appeal to you, the coastal city of Essaouira is Morocco’s laid-back alternative. Known for its strong coastal breeze, it rarely sees the sweltering temperatures that other parts of Morocco endure, making it a good city break choice (although the occasional gusts of wind can make sunbathing slightly trying).

Within the city’s medina, you can explore the souks and shops, and get a flavour of Moroccan bartering. Take a break to wander around the bohemian Kasbah neighbourhood or make a beeline for a harbour-facing cafe where you can sip a traditional nous-nous coffee and admire the bobbing blue boats and hanging fishing nets.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Flights from Manchester from £50

Iceland is far from being just a winter destination.

Iceland is far from being just a winter destination.

With winter’s darkness giving way to seemingly endless summer days, July and August are great months to visit Iceland. You may have to sacrifice northern lights spotting (but, hey, even in the dead of winter you might not be lucky enough to see them!). Instead, explore Iceland’s impressive coasts, which will more than make up for this.

Rent a car and drive some of Iceland’s best routes. The Golden Circle and the south coast’s well-trodden drives are both great options. Driving in summer solves most of the issues that face travellers visiting in the winter months — icy weather, roadblocks, and the constant underlying worry of getting stranded in the dark. You’ll be able to hunt for Iceland’s waterfalls and geysers and embark on some of the country’s impressive coastal hikes under the midnight sun.

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Berlin, Germany

Flights from Newcastle from £48

Spend this summer on the Spree. Who needs a beach?

Spend this summer on the Spree. Who needs a beach?

Summer in Germany’s capital sees party-focussed Berliners swapping vast indoor clubs and dimly-lit dive bars for rooftops and outdoor joints where they can combine all-night partying with the mild summer weather. Head to Holzmarkt, a waterfront ‘urban village’ that’s home to a theatre, club, outdoor bar and restaurant, and has a packed programme throughout the summer. Or, if you really want to cool off, head to Badeschiff, an outdoor floating pool on the River Spree.

Summer is also the best time to visit some of Berliners’ favourite street food spots, such as Markthalle Neun or Thai Park, where Berlin’s Thai community cook up some of the best Asian food in the city. Once you’ve filled up on Instagrammable dishes, you can tick off Berlin’s main attractions or simply pick a spot in Kreuzberg or trendy Neukölln to people-watch with a beer in hand.

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Brussels, Belgium

Flights from Glasgow from £49

Brussels in summer is all about wandering it's impressive squares.

Brussels in summer is all about wandering the city’s impressive squares.

Whether you’re gazing up at the Gothic architecture of La Grand-Place square or taking in the views from the top of the quirky Atomium museum, there’s no doubt that Belgium’s capital pops in the summer.

And, if you’re worried that Brussels is perhaps too staid for you, fear not. Summer is when Brussels’ musical blood starts pumping. Visit between 14th and 18th August, and book tickets for Brussels Summer Festival, which takes place outside the spectacular Place des Palais. If you’re visiting earlier in the summer,  Brussels has no less than 50 late-night bars and clubs to choose from. Popular choices include Spirito, housed in a converted church, and Fuse, one of Belgium’s biggest dance music institutions.

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Note: These rates are based on search queries made on KAYAK.co.uk on 17th April 2018 for travel dates between 1st July 2018 to 31st August 2018. Prices and availability are subject to change. The prices are quoted in GBP. Flight prices are based on results for a economy flight search. Prices are subject to change, may vary, or no longer be available.

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