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Pros:The price and availability was great!Cons:There was really poor signage in ATL and we ended up having to hunt someone down and drive to a garage that was not labeled Payless. It cost us a lot of time and energyReviewed 5 Feb 2021
review fromkayak
Pros:.the price was goodCons:The pickup was a pain. There were no signs telling me where to find the Payless counter. The car shakes at highway speeds (I assume wheel balancing is needed) and 2 of the tires were at 22 PSI, SO I had to put air in them once I got itReviewed 6 Feb 2021
review fromkayak
Pros:The car itself was nice, clean and good quality.Cons:The day after we ordered the car through Priceline (nonrefundable), our flight changed to 1041pm arrival. We had ordered for 8pm pickup. I tried for weeks and weeks to contact the Nashville Payless desk to ask about a late pickup. There was never any answer. The phone system was apparently out of service, as it always went to a fast busy signal. We tried to work with Priceline for help, and we also called the Payless national customer service number, but neither were any help. All they could tell me was to call the local desk and nobody would offer to try to contact them directly for me due to the phone issue. The best I could get was that I could come back the next day and pick up my car at 7am when they opened again. Well, when I arrived at the Nashville airport at 1041pm, I tried to go to the desk just to see if anyone was there. There was not. I went up to the car lot and there were three floors with various rental brands, none of which were marked for Payless. There was no signage at all as to where to go for Payless cars. I went to one of the floors and asked one of the other companies as was told that he was pretty sure the Payless guys left for the night, so I took an Uber to the hotel and another Uber back in the morning at 7am. I went to the desk again, and nobody was at the desk. I went back out to the parking lot and talked to a person from another company and he said yes he could help me for Payless cars. Again, no signage, just randomly asking someone and he luckily said he could help me. I told him about the experience the night before and he implied that if I would have come to this floor last night, there would have been someone here to help me. I was very, very frustrated because I could have saved approximately $50 on Uber charges. Then, when trying to return my car at the Atlanta airport, we followed the signs to the Payless lot, where again, nobody was present. I went to another desk and asked where to return Payless cars, and they said Avis lot. We ended up have to go around the loop 3 times until we figured out how to get to the Avis lot and finally yes someone there could accept the return of the car. It was unbelievably difficult and frustrating.Reviewed 25 Jan 2021
review fromkayak
Terrible car rentalCons:I reserved a Large car because I was traveling with 2 kids and my wife. We had two car seats, 1 facing forward and the other backwards, along with a crib, stroller and our large suitcase. When we arrived the attendant said he had one car left and it was a midsize with no offer to refund any of the fees. When we go to the car it took 30 minutes to get the car seats in along with the other luggage because it was like a puzzle, we almost could not get everything in. I sat in the passenger seat and had my knees up on the dash as there was no room left after putting the car seat in and having to push the seat all the way forward. I have heard of upgrades on car rentals but never a downgrade and not even an apology. I call the 800# number the following day to complain and they took down all my information and said I would get a call within 72 hours. 72 hours is pretty much the end of my trip, so much for getting the car I reserved. Oh and I am still waiting for that call or email from the customer service center and we are on day 5. I will never use Payless and I would suggest that you don't either. Read Twitter if you want more feedback.Reviewed 31 Dec 2015
review fromkayak
Nice car! But cost more than stated.Pros:It was a great, new car. Pick up was uneventful but finding the car wasn't the greatest. But it was the size of the airport.Cons:It ended up costing $75 more than originally stated. It ended up being maybe an hour extra maybe but we were charge for like 3 extra hours. I think we picked it up 15 minutes earlier. They get you for every single extra minute by charging you an extra hour no matter if it is 2 minutes or 58 minutes. AND trying to find the drop off was insane. That added a whole extra hour to our time! The signage is horrible and completely missed it 3 times. They had one agent handling 3 different companies. These companies end up being the cheapest when reserving a rental but in the long run probably are not worth it because you end up paying so much more in the end.Reviewed 24 Apr 2016
review fromkayak
Rental Lied and Lied and LiedPros:The car had a fuel tank of gas The car was clean The car was brand newCons:The agent told me that the car class i reserved only wasn't available and i would have to upgrade (there were cars in my class available) The agent added optional roadside and claimed it was required The agent refused to correct the issue when i immediately addressed it I was second in line and waited 45 minutes while the agent argued with another customer about why she could not refund a bad charge BNA airport is a hassle to pick-up a car from returning the car required another trip inside the airport because the rental was not in the log only had kias (I hate KIA) agent lied about the MPG claiming the car was rated at 55 mpg while the mfg claimed 31 mpg agent lied about the passenger capacity claiming it only had 2 seats; there were 5 (she was only interested in selling the upgrades) Dishonest CultureReviewed 16 Mar 2017
review fromkayak
Do not use this companyPros:The original car price was good, until we got insane charges at drop off. The car itself was in good shape and had a sunroof.Cons:1. We made a 12:00pm reservation, we got there at 11:55 to find a line already forming- they won't let you start the process until 12pm and then proceed to tell each of us individually after paying that there will be at least a 1.5 hour wait- they don't have any cars. They also took our phone number but said we would need to just wait (in an area with no chairs- we all sat on the floor in an airport with our luggage) so they could call our name when it's ready, they would not call our phone number and if we missed it, we lose the care we already paid for. 2. The car stunk. 3. Upon returning the car, we forgot to top off the gas tank, but we had over 3/4 tank and were told it'd be 9.99 per gallon- I'm assuming in an economy car, that's 3-4 gallons for a 1/4 tank? At the drop, the girl let us out, checked the car, said we were set, and gave us a folded receipt for $134 that she charged to our card without saying a word. The charges aren't clear, but it looks like 18.50/gallon, and multiple convenience fees ranging up to $40. No consent, no signature, just charged it.Reviewed 15 Oct 2017
review fromkayak
Watch them closely and don't sign blindPros:Nice courtious staffCons:Very deceptive... I was told to sign here and here; agent never said sign for loss damage waiver. I never accept that. I should have looked more closely, but they need to tell you what you are signing, not just "sign here". Bad business practices... I won't be back!Reviewed 26 Sep 2016
review fromkayak
Pros:everything! clean car, well driving, comfortable! easy drop offCons:make it clearer on where to pick up car. i was sent to rental car garage only to be sent back to terminal where i originally started out.Reviewed 13 Jul 2018
review fromkayak
Scam on prepaid gas refill dealCons:Over charged on gas at return station after prepaying for the gas because "machine was not working". Had to go to the counter to get it refunded. I suspect it's a scam that some people may not catch or not be willing to dispute because of time constraints or inconvenience. I would not use Payless rental again and no one should!!Reviewed 29 May 2017
review fromkayak
Pros:People were pleasant and helpfulCons:Car had expired tags and the passenger window seal wasn’t attached properlyReviewed 23 Mar 2018
review fromkayak
Low rates but sky high credit card hold!Pros:Friendly staffCons:Payless charges a $495 hold on your credit card. Other rental car competitors charge much less ($200). It's unacceptable to expect customers to have that much available. The rate at Payless is not much lower than other rental car companies. I'd suggest taking your business elsewhere.Reviewed 6 Jul 2017
review fromkayak

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1 Terminal Drive, Payless car hires


1 Terminal Drive


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  • Intermediate car hires from Payless in Nashville are around 26% cheaper than other car types, on average

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  • Intermediate (Hyundai Elantra or similar) is the most frequently booked car hire type from Payless in Nashville.

  • Payless has 1 car hire location in Nashville. Take a look at our Payless hire location map to find the best car hires near you.

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