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Saint Petersburg, otherwise known as St. Pete or The Burg, is a relaxed city in Florida, near Tampa and part of Tampa Bay. Named after Saint Petersburg in Russia, it is a very different city to its namesake, as it is a sunny destination with water on three of its sides. It enjoys 361 days of sunshine per year, earning it the nickname of 'The Sunshine City'. It is a very popular retirement city, but is also welcoming for holidaymakers young and old due to the vast range of activities on offer; from sailing to museums, shopping to fishing.

St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg Holidays: Top Tips

Florida is a year round state, because it enjoys sunny weather from January through to December, with a bigger chance of tropical storms in the summer months of June through to September. Saint Petersburg has its own airport, but nearby Tampa International Airport is served by a wider selection of airlines so it might be worth checking flights to and from there as well. Once in the city, getting around is easiest via hire car, bus, trolley-style bus or bicycle. The timezone in Saint Petersburg is GMT-5.

Activities on Saint Petersburg Holidays

It is possible to take part in all of the typical activities associated with waterside destinations during Saint Petersburg holidays, such as fishing, sailing and spending time on the beaches. Tampa Bay is a popular and lively area with international holidaymakers, as there are plenty of restaurants to eat at, galleries and museums to visit—such as the Salvador Dali Museum —and many boutique food and arts and crafts shops. Those interested in retail could also take a trip to Tampa and visit the big shopping malls, where animal-lovers would also enjoy a look around the Big Cat Rescue Centre and the Florida Aquarium.

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