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Off the coast of Miami lies the separate city of Miami Beach. This famous resort city is built on a series of artificial and natural islands and is generally divided into three districts: North, Mid and South Beach. This sunny destination is perfect for a beach holiday and also offers trend setting art and nightlife scenes. A large Latin American population gives the city a latin flare.

Miami Beach

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Miami Beach's excellent subtropical climate ensures the weather is warm year round. However, November to February is the ideal time for Miami Beach holidays when it isn't too hot, humid and wet. Both Miami and Fort Lauderdale International Airports are within driving distance of Miami Beach. Most visitors choose to hire cars for their holidays but taxis and public buses are also options to get around. South Beach is quite bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Miami Beach is in the Eastern timezone (GMT-5:00).

Miami Beach holidays highlights

The most popular district, South Beach, is home to hundreds of upmarket nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and hotels and numerous music, fashion, film and art festivals are held here throughout the year. Popular streets in South Beach include Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive. The former is a pedestrian street lined with shops, galleries, restaurants and theatres. The latter is home to the famed Versace mansion, the former home of the late fashion designer. Also found here are the many Art Deco hotels that Miami beach is famous for. For a break from all the excitement rent a boat or yacht and enjoy Miami from the water. Or visit Miami Beach Botanical Gardens that features plants and trees native to Florida and a Japanese garden.

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