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The great thing about Kissimmee is that it is a resort which enables visitors to enjoy both sides of Florida as and when they please. Holidaymakers who are keen to enjoy the delights of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando can do so with ease as both are just a short journey away while visitors who are seeking the charm of 'small town America' will love the wood clad buildings and tree lined sidewalks of Main Street Kissimmee. Kissimmee is the ideal place to enjoy the very best aspects of a holiday in the USA – and the weather's not bad either!


Kissimmee holidays: travel essentials

Florida typically enjoys a sub-tropical climate of hot summers, mild winters and plentiful sunshine all throughout the year. Whilst Kissimmee is generally spared the ravages of the hurricane season (July to August) it can experience significant heavy rainfall whenever storms hit elsewhere in the region. Flights arrive and depart from Orlando's Sanford airport (eighty kilometres away, sixty minute transfer time) and generally take just under ten hours from the UK. Florida keeps to Eastern Time within the USA (GMT -5) therefore British visitors need to wind their watches back five hours upon landing.

Kissimmee holidays: highlights

Whilst easy access to the fun and entertainment offered by the world-class theme parks and the intoxicating charm of Kissimmee itself are the main reasons people come here, there is more to Kissimmee holidays than most people think. For instance, there is the great outdoors to savour, with both airboat safaris and horse riding treks providing visitors with thrilling ways to see Floirida's wide open spaces. Then there are the legendary shopping opportunities to indulge in with all manner of shopping malls dotted around the region selling their wares at often quite unbelievable prices.

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