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Immortalized by Vermeer in many of his masterpieces, the Dutch city of Delft is just as enchanting as it was in the painter's heyday in the late 17th century. Prosperous, beautiful and full of attractions, it's a fantastic European vacation destination.

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Summer is a good time to visit, as Delft hosts its Jazz Festival (in August) and Chamber Music Festival (July and August). However, spring and fall are magical times to arrive as well, with mild weather and smaller crowds.

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Where to Stay in Delft

Excellent hotels in Delft include the Best Western Museumhotels Delft, which, as its name suggests, is handy for the main museums. There is also the central and modern Hampshire Hotel - Delft Centre.

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Shopping Streets

Central Delft (north of Zuidwal) has plenty of stores. Try Brabantse Turfmarkt or Oude Langendijk if you want to shop for jewelry, clothes or shoes. High-quality ceramics showrooms include Heinen Delfts Blauw and Delft Pottery De Delftse Pauw.

Groceries and Other

Local supermarkets include Jumbo and Spar, where 12 eggs will cost about EUR2.20.

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Where to Eat in Delft

Superb local eateries include the seafood-oriented Brasserie 't Crabbetje, the laid-back canalside cafe Stads-Koffyhuis and the popular Italian restaurant La Fontanella. Meals should come to around EUR20-25 per head.