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The Maldives rank at the top of most "must-visit" lists and for good reason. The islands' beauty and splendor are unmatched, while the sandy beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, and resorts all add to the charm. Combine this with the warm hospitality of the locals and top accommodation options, and you've got an unbeatable destination.

Hulhumale Island is easily accessible and very friendly to all budget brackets. The island is known for its clear waters, picturesque landscape, lively culture, and warm people. It is ideal for all: Whether vacationing with family or friends, Hulhumale will leave you with amazing memories.

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The Maldives is perfect for sunbathers. December to April is the tourist season, which sees rates at their peak. If you do not like crowds, the low season starts from May through September. Crowds are minimal, prices drop, and snorkeling and scuba diving conditions are still favorable. There are more chances of rain during this period but storms do not last long. During peak season, you will enjoy the bioluminescent plankton, and during the low season, you will experience the charm of Hulhumale in a less crowded setting.

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Where to Stay in Hulhumale

For the high-end tourist, you can stay at the Ocean Grand Hotel, Airport Beach Hotel, Island Beach House, Newtown Inn, and Lonuveli luxury hotels. Some of the befitting family hotels include Relax Beach Inn and Hotel Elite Inn. Most hotels are located along the shore on the east coast of the island, providing stunning views across the water.

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The Cost of Living in Hulhumale


The cost of living varies between seasons. Centro Mall is a good bet for shopping for clothes and other items. You can acquire a pair of jeans MVR750, while a dress from international brands costs around MVR500. When it comes to shoes, a mid-range pair of men's shoes goes for around MVR700.

Supermarkets and Food Stores

Groceries are readily available at the local food market or the 7 Thari Mart store. The price for milk is around MVR23.50, while 12 eggs are MVR30. Other items include bread, assorted meat products, vegetables all within the MVR30-90 range. The best shopping mall to get groceries or clothes and other essentials in Hulhumale is the STO Hulhumale Shop.

Where to Eat in Hulhumale

There are a variety of eateries in Hulhumale, from snack joints to high-end restaurants and even fast food joints such as Ze.NR Takeaway, which averages around MVR175 for a decent meal. Other places such as Dinemore have a casual ambiance and are children- and group-friendly. Tandoori Flames and Bombay Darbaar offer exquisite Indian cuisine and will set you back around MVR400 for a two-person meal.