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Situated at the northern tip of Africa, Tunisia is a popular choice for European holidaymakers. With its Mediterranean beaches, the country is most well-known for its beach holidays and good weather. It is an excellent place to go to for a relaxing few weeks on the coast. But Tunisia also offers the traveler a lot more: spicy, tasty local dishes; ancient cities; and the wide open spaces of its desert region.

Holidays in Tunisia: Hot Days, Mild Nights

Tunisia has a varied climate. In the north, the climate is more Mediterranean. The southern part of the country has a more African feel – long, hot summers and a short, rainy winter. High summer (in June/July), spring and autumn are all popular for those taking their holidays in Tunisia. Tunisia has many international airports, and the country is well-served internally by its railways.

Things to See and Do in Tunisia

If you're looking for beach resort holidays in Tunisia, Hammamet is the place to go. Known as the Saint-Tropez of Tunisia, it offers lots of sun, nightlife and tasty dining options. Sousse is another popular location known for its beaches. Tunisia also has a number of vibrant cities to explore. The capital, Tunis, dates back to the 2nd millenium BC. Since then, it has seen many conquering nations come and go. This mix of influences can be felt. Holidays in Tunisia can be spent in Tunis alone, wandering through the narrow streets of the medina (old town), drinking mint tea in the souks (markets), and admiring the old buildings, mosques and mausoleums. Also worth visiting is the famous Djerba Island. Loved for its white sandy beaches and small villages, it also offers local markets and a road which connects the island to the mainland. A visit to the remains of the city of Carthage, home of famous general Hannibal, is also recommended.

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