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Charged for "free" UpgradePros:During check-in, the service rep told me he was giving me an upgrade from the economy car I originally booked. I never asked for one but thought that was really nice. I ended up in a mini SUV. The vehicle was in good condition and I was impressed with car rental experience thus far.Cons:After reviewing my rental agreement, I noticed that I was actually being charged $22/day for this "upgrade" (which I thought was free). When I returned the vehicle, I told the service rep that I never agreed to this price increase. He rolled his eyes and said there was nothing he could do about it. I asked to speak to a manager. After waiting for several minutes, she did come to the desk and reversed the charges. I thought that was fair. However, there was another curveball I didn't expect. When I booked through Kayak, I prepaid for the daily rental fee and all applicable taxes/fees. I agreed to the collision damage waiver upon checkin, realizing I would have to pay an additional daily fee for this (which I was okay with). What they don't tell you, is that all of the taxes/fees are percentage-based and are applied to the total value of your rental (including the base fare plus any add-ons). So, not only did I have to settle up for the collision damage waiver fee, but there were an additional six taxes and fees that I then had to pay on top of my original booking. Overall, I was really disappointed about this. Advantage should be more transparent and upfront about their fee structure. It left a bad taste in my mouth and I would not return to them or recommend them to a friend anytime soon.Reviewed 8 Feb 2018
review fromkayak
This place is a total rip-offPros:Car was fine.Cons:We received a quote from Kayak for $197. But, by the time it was over we were billed over $460. When asked for an explanation all we got was, "fees and taxes." When I explained that fees and taxes were supposed to be included all he could was repeat himself. I didn't feel we had time to argue or escalate because he was by himself and already was being yelled at by another customer for an issue and the line was about 10 people deep and I didn't want to delay them any further either. Absolutely horrible experience.Reviewed 28 Mar 2016
review fromkayak
Long Lines, Dirty CarPros:The price.Cons:Literally waited in line for over an hour to check in and get a car assigned. The first car we received had a low tire, and it was suggested that we wait and have it repaired. We did not agree to that. Second one was dirty inside and out, with lots of little dents and scratches. At check in, we waited for over 15 minutes for someone to show up and check in the vehicle. If it weren't for the fact that we saved some money on the rental, I would not recommend Advantage. It was almost not worth it.Reviewed 8 Jan 2016
review fromkayak
Pros:PriceCons:Pick up was confusing, not much direction given, when I drove around to ask, the guy working in the garage, he just kept pointing to go the other way, offered no help, just kept pointing. There was no instruction by anyone on how when to fill out the pre inspection form, no pen in the car to fill it out. I had to do it at the gate to leave, when I handed the guy at the gate the form, he made no comments to me that the form needed to be filled out, only when I asked he stated, well that would probably be a good idea. At this point there were cars waiting behind me , so I felt rushed to fill out the form. Was still not given any instruction on how to fill out form.Reviewed 3 Jan 2018
review fromkayak
Too long in line, too little staff...Pros:The car and the people were wonderful.Cons:Sunday afternoon, only agency with a line, only two people on the counter. Over an hour later, finally get done. Just not a happy way to start a journey.Reviewed 14 Feb 2018
review fromkayak
Ridiculous Wait. 1.5 hrs in line!Pros:Nothing!Cons:The wait time was so long to get to counter that I left and opted for Uber. i spoke to people inline that knew others at front of line that had been there for 1 hour 40 mins (still not up to counter). Luckily for me, I was just going to airport to pick up vehicle and not just getting off of a flight. And thankfully not traveling with small children. I couldn’t imagine traveling for vacation and having to waste a day in line at rental car counter. Terrible!!!! Thankful I had other options. I felt so bad for everyone else stuck there. Wish I could attach pic of the line I took.Reviewed 11 Apr 2018
review fromkayak
Picking up the car was an impressively awful experiencePros:The car was fine.Cons:I hadn't rented a car myself before, so I chose Advantage simply because it was cheap. When we arrived at the car rental, we got in line and there were a dozen or so people in front of us. There were only 3 people working at the computers, and the line moved at a normal pace. After 10 minutes or so, the next 5 people were taking 25+ minutes at the counter. One of the women working just left to go in back on a break, and it crawled even more and the line behind us swelled to probably more than 30 people. In the end, it took an hour and 20 minutes for us to get up to the counter (where we got checked in and the invoice in 5 minutes). I probably would have used Advantage again if we had even a fine experience, but I will absolutely not use them in the future.Reviewed 2 May 2018
review fromkayak
waited an hour and a half in line to pick up my carCons:Pick up was horrible. I waited an hour and a half in line at 7 o'clock on a Wednesday night. The advantage desk at the Phoenix sky Harbor Airport had two people and there were 30 people in line. As I continued to move up in the line more and more people came in behind me. There was such anger and disbelief as each person came off the rental car shuttle bus to realize their trip was starting out badly. Upon drop off, no one came to my car for 5 minutes even though there were five people standing around the desk. I finally asked asked gentleman to check me out and he said he be with me in a little bit. A little bit?, they were standing around shooting the breeze. He told me he would email me my receipt I said I'd like to have a copy of it. He said no I'll email it to you. At that point I became suspect that he would make up a reason to charge me more. So I waited until he sent the email, which took another five minutes. I've had my last rental with them.Reviewed 24 Apr 2017
review fromkayak
I ate the non-refundable cost and rented elsewhereCons:After waiting nearly 1 hour in the line, I was next in line but then I was told by an associate (and the 2 people behind me) to go downstairs to another area where there would be available agents for us to check-in and get our cars. I went to the area I was told to go, only to find myself 5th in line, except I wasn't just in another check-in line, I was also in the car return line and the person at the counter was a return who had put diesel in a gas car, so the engine was damaged. Well, that didn't bother me, but what did bother me was that all 3 associates who were supposed to be there to help check-in the customers who had been re-routed to this other area, all 3 were now dealing with protocol on the damaged return (and calming down the customer). There was ZERO sense of urgency in getting customers checked-in. I guess it's on me for not reviewing this company more thoroughly. I went to a different rental company next door where there was no line, I paid about $35 more than what I paid for Advantage, and I got a full-size luxury car because I chose the "let us pick" feature and luxury was what they had available. Your time is way more valuable than the $30-50 you might save by trying to rent from Advantage. Don't do it.Reviewed 7 May 2018
review fromkayak
Horrible Experience and Would Not RecommendPros:The price was excellent EXCEPT it is not restricted to those traveling from out of town. There is a completely different price for local residents.Cons:We had this trip booked months ago and called one day before to confirm everything was good only to find out after arriving to pick up vehicle Advantage would not allow local residents to rent their vehicle as well as changing terms (i.e. unlimited miles, higher rate, etc.). I will NEVER attempt to book from this company...the jury is still out if Kayak could have helped resolved issue as they were not helpful with exception of cancelling my reservation leaving me to find another vehicle on my own.Reviewed 8 May 2018
review fromkayak
Desk agent tried to scam mePros:The car itself was decent, basic, and got good gas mileage -- just what I was looking for.Cons:When I went to pick up the rental at the Phoenix airport, the desk agent aggressively attempted to scam me: first by badmouthing the car I'd selected and trying to get me to upgrade (for more money, of course); second by insisting, repeatedly and disdainfully, that I should choose to have Advantage refill the car with gas rather than doing it myself before the return; and third by attempting to scare me into unnecessary levels of additional insurance. Why is Advantage and the car rental business in general so dependent on trying to cheat customers rather than provide a good service?Reviewed 2 Jan 2016
review fromkayak
Pros:The car rental agency was easy to find as were all the other car rental agencies at PHX.Cons:Waited over an hour in line (only 2 people at the desk). Even though I had made the reservation and paid online, the staff was unable/did not want to change the reservation so my husband would be the driver. They stated that since I had paid already, they could not change the reservation so I ended up having to be the sole driver. Unsure how accurate that is but other car rentals we have used have not had an issue with making adjustments to our reservation (after we've already made the reservation and paid online prior). Husband and I had called 3 separate times prior to confirm we were able to reserve a car seat appropriate for our 4 year old. Once we received our car, we were offered booster seats initially for our child who does not meet those requirements and after having called to confirm the appropriate type of car seat multiple times prior. The staff there was unfriendly and did not understand the different types of car seats as they are weight/height based. The staff did not seem to care and moved slowly to work on our request. We then had to wait an additional 45 minutes for them to find the correct type of car seat. Once we received the car seat, it was dirty. We have never experienced such poor service, we will definitely be avoiding this car rental agency next time we need to rent a car.Reviewed 3 Jan 2018
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