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The Toyota and Honda factories are the not the only reason millions of travelers flock to Nagoya each year. Nagoya is Japan's fourth-largest city and is teeming with rich history, futuristic modern architecture, varieties of global and local cuisine, and a fast-paced nightlife.

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Nagoya enjoys steaming hot summers and mild falls and winters. It gets as low as 39.2 degrees in January and gets as high as 95 degrees in August.

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Where to Stay in Nagoya

For no-frills, budget accommodation, check out Kyoya Ryokan hostel. Or check in to the Mielparque Nagoya, for continental service. Luxury lovers can find the perfect suite at Nagoya Kanko Hotel.

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The Cost of Living in Nagoya

Shopping Streets

The Osu Shopping Arcade is a great place to begin as it has dozens of vintage, independent, mom-and-pop shops, traditional craft markets, and second-hand electronic stores, and bookstores. Or check out the Oasis 21 mall in Sakae.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk costs ¥207 and a dozen eggs is ¥354.

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Where to Eat in Nagoya

You're definitely not pressed for choice: Nagoya's best eats are everywhere. Try handmade udon noodles in thick broth at Yamamotoya Sōhonke for ¥1200 or some Tex-Mex fun at Desperados Mexican Restaurant and Bar for around ¥1,100.