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With its quiet, country lifestyle, everything slows down in Oaxaca City. This is where you go to enjoy beautiful weather, tuck in to delicious local cuisine and then get steeped in rich Mexican culture. You can also take a trip into history, with multiple exciting ruins to visit.

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You can visit Oaxaca City all year round because of its agreeable climate. Daytime summer temperatures are humid and reach 91.9 °F. Dry, winter-month weather sees temperatures drop to 48 °F.

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Where to Stay in Oaxaca

If you love luxury, check out a night at the Suites Bello Xochimilco. Otherwise, Hotel de la Parra is a neat colonial residence transformed into a present day hotel. Budget travelers will enjoy the hospitality of Iguana Hostel.

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Shopping Streets

There are multiple markets to cruise around. Check out Pochote Marke for some delicious prepared food or the popular Mercado Benito Juarez for everything from leather goods to fresh fruits.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk costs around MXN15 and a dozen eggs will come to MXN22.

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Where to Eat in Oaxaca

Tuck into scrumptious local cuisine with a tasting menu at Casa Oaxaca for MXN605 per person. Or, enjoy some ceviche with beer at Marco Polo for around MXN400 per person.