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Boasting immense, beautiful beaches, quaint historic neighborhoods, pulsating festivals, and energetic nightlife, the North German port of Rostock is an underrated but rewarding place to visit.

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When to Visit Rostock

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The best time to visit Rostock is probably mid-summer (July through early September), when the beaches are at their best.

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Where to Stay in Rostock

Some of the finest hotels in Rostock include the upmarket Hotel Neptun and the Radisson Blu, which features a rooftop spa facility.

Popular Neighborhoods in Rostock

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The Cost of Living in Rostock

Shopping Streets

The historic center is the best place to shop in Rostock. Check out the amber jewelry at Bernsteinhaus, galleries like Eneos & Friends, or head to the handicraft stores in KTV.

Groceries and Other

Supermarkets include Netto and Lidl, where 12 eggs will cost around EUR2.50.

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Where to Eat in Rostock

Food in Rostock involves high-quality pork schnitzels, fresh fish, and lots of potatoes. Some of the standout eateries in town include the historical Zur Kogge pub, Ursprung (which has a sun terrace), and Weinwirtschaft at the Neuer Markt. Expect good meals to cost about EUR15-25 per person.