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Located near the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada is a city with romantic beauty, thriving culture and an interesting history. The ciy was the last Moorish kingdom in Spain. Situated in the Andalucía district of Spain, visitors can easily travel to nearby Seville or Ronda and explore the fascinating history of Moorish Spain, while enjoy the great bars, restaurants and cultural hotspots of stunning Granada.


Granada holidays: Getting around

Granada is serviced by Malaga Airport and it is easy to get from the airport to the heart of Granada via bus or taxi. It is possible to walk around Granada's historic centre on foot and this is a great way to explore the city. However, due to its narrow windy streets, it can be confusing in the city centre. Bus services cover all the major attractions. Granada is great to visit in the summer. The time zone is GMT+1.

Granada: Where to start

Granada holidays should start with one of Spain's most popular attractions, the Alhambra. A palace and fortress built on the slopes of three hills overlooking the city, exploring the Alhambra will reveal its picturesque patios and pretty Moorish gardens, and visitors can enjoy the fantastic view over Granada. The Alhambra has detailed medieval walls, Arabic inscriptions and stunning ancient tapestries. It is worth booking in advance on Granada holidays to ensure you can visit this wonderful palace. On nearby hillsides you can discover the famed tapas bars and medieval squares which also have great views. In central Granada you can explore the historic bustle of this thriving city with its many shops, restaurants and bars. In this historic centre there's great architecture, good food and the famously romantic Spanish atmosphere. Head to Granada’s Cathedral, a medieval building where some of Spain's Catholic monarchs are buried. Whatever you choose to do in Granada, it's bound to be an unforgettable experience.

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