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The last major European outpost just a stone's throw away from the exotic shores of northern Africa, Malaga is a meeting-point of cultures, ideas and travellers that gives this sun-baked city a rich social tapestry. A city boasting Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Christian influences, spread between rocky hills on the sunny Mediterranean shores of the gorgeous Costa del Sol, Malaga is an architectural, artistic, cultural and gastronomical jewel, glowing orange at one tip of Spain's studded crown.


Planning Malaga Holidays

Blessed with one of the most consistent and pleasant climates in Europe, Malaga holidays are excellent all-year round, with summer temperatures around 30 degrees celsius and 20 the norm at other times, except for a brief 'winter' when it can drop below 10. With hundreds of accommodation options and traveller-friendly infrastructure, Malaga holidays could not be easier to organise: its status as a gateway to the majestic beaches of the Costa del Sol means it is well connected to other parts of Spain, either by regular buses, flights, or even a mere 2.5 hour express train from Madrid. In addition multiple UK and European carriers fly direct to Malaga's international airport.

Malaga Highlights

There are hundreds of options when choosing how best to delve into Malaga's cultural, historical and architectual treasures. One method to help you do so is hiring a bicycle, there are dozens of companies and most of the city is flat and cycle-friendly. Whether by foot, bicycle or other means, highlights of uncovering Malaga's endless charm include tracing the history of Malaga's favourite son at the Picasso Museum, joining the vibrant locals for an 'espeto' (the local delicacy, bamboo-skewered sardines) and maybe sangria and a free salsa lesson afterwards, or climbing the hill to Gibralfaro, the 11th-century Moorish castle that offers a jaw-dropping view back over the city.

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