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Hanoi is a dizzying blend of European and Southeast Asian influences. Lovers of food, art, Buddhism, and history all fall in love with this city - there's truly nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

No matter where you find yourself in Hanoi, there's sure to be a lake nearby - the city is full of them! With a backdrop of colonial-era French architecture and ancient universities, the city is also full of surprises.

Hanoi acts as a focal point for Vietnamese culture - here, in the capital, you'll find the country's most vibrant cultural events, its best museums, and many reminders of its political realities. No trip to Vietnam is complete without a walk through its winding alleys.

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Winter months are temperate and dry (average temperatures in the 60s), making them the ideal time to visit the city. Summer is also enjoyable, but it can feature heavy rains.

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Where to Stay in Hanoi

There is perhaps no place to stay as exciting as the Old Quarter, which teems with activity. Popular hotels in this area include the Hanoi Old Quarter Hotel and the Thaison Grand Hotel. For a bit more peace and quiet, head to the embassy district, which includes such gems as the Hanoi Larosa Hotel.

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Shopping Streets

Hanoi has many street markets throughout the city. A huge shopping mall can be found in Hai Ba Trung District, while the Cho Hom market sells a wide variety of local fabrics. The Night Market in the Old Quarter is a must, even if you don't plan on buying anything; a large selection of clothing, handicrafts, and food can be found there.

Groceries and Other

Buying groceries in Hanoi is a unique experience. Farmers bring produce into the city each day, and street market vendors are just as likely to sell fruit and spices as they are counterfeit goods. If you're looking for a supermarket, check out the Trang Tien Plaza mall at the southwest side of Hoan Kiem Lake. Also, be sure to check out local bakeries - the bread is fantastic. Apples can be had at about ₫40,000 per pound, and bread costs about ₫13,000 per loaf.

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Where to Eat in Hanoi

There really is no dining experience like that offered by Hanoi's Old Quarter. Street vendors line up plastic chairs and tables and serve up piping hot bowls of soup, rice, and both meat and seafood. For something more outside the box, try dog meat in the Tay Ho District. Popular restaurants in town include the Home Vietnamese Restaurant and the Hanoi Social Club.