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Like a little slice of Southern California transplanted to Costa Rica, Nosara is one of the world's greatest surfing destinations. But it has attractions Malibu could never match, including verdant rainforests that teem with colorful creatures.

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High season is dry season in Nosara - which runs from around November through March and April.

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Where to Stay in Nosara

Great beachfront hotels in Nosara include the popular Harmony Hotel, which offers massage and yoga on-site, while the Sunset Shack Hotel is also a good option.

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Shopping Streets

If you want to shop for beachwear or souvenirs, head to downtown Guiones, where you'll find a range of tourist stores. However, Nosara isn't really a shopping destination.

Groceries and Other

Local supermarkets include Super Nosara and Super La Paloma, where 12 eggs shouldn't cost more than ₡1,600.

Where to Eat in Nosara

Most of the best places to eat in Nosara are right next to the ocean. Head to La Luna for Asian-European fusion meals, sip healthy smoothies and nibble on sandwiches at El Manglar, and lunch at local favorite the Beach Dog Cafe. Meals should be cheap, at around ₡7,000 per head.