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One of Minnesota's twin cities (with Minneapolis), Saint Paul is more sedate and laid back than its sister city. But it has a lot going on, with literary landmarks, great museums, interesting architecture, and fine food to enjoy.

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Summer is the best time to visit, with reliable temperatures over 80 degrees in July and August.

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Where to Stay in Saint Paul

High-end hotels abound in Saint Paul, including the Saint Paul Hotel (built in 1910) and the InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront, which has a lovely riverfront location.

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The Cost of Living in Saint Paul

Shopping Streets

There are hundreds of small craft stores in Saint Paul. Seek them out in areas like Summit Avenue, Cathedral Hill, and Downtown.

Groceries and Other

Supermarkets in Saint Paul include Cub Foods and Aldi, and as a guide, expect to spend around $2.65 on 12 eggs.

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Where to Eat in Saint Paul

Some of the finest eateries in town include the Italian pizzeria Mucci's, the Mexican maestros at Pajarito, and the ever-reliable Saint Paul Grill. Prices vary considerably, but as a rule meals should come to around $20-30 per head.

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