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At the heart of the Mediterranean, the Greek island of Crete is a gateway to an ancient and intriguing culture. With the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea to the north, the town of Hersonissos is a popular destination in Crete for exploring, sight-seeing and indulging in a vibrant nightlife. What better opportunity could there be to enjoy not only the peaceful Cretan shoreline and historic sites, but also a young tourist crowd?


Best Time for Hersonissos Holidays

Hersonissos is located on the northern coast of Crete around 27 km from the port and airport at Heraklion. The most popular time to visit the island is between July and August, when the temperatures are hot and you can enjoy a dip in the Aegean Sea. Cooler temperatures start to settle in around September and stay through the spring until April. The time zone is GMT+3.

Attractions on Hersonissos Holidays

Vistors can discover Minoan archaeological treasures and then make a short trip to the Neolithic cave of Eileithyia. Remnants of Roman mosaics and basilicas in the vicinity of Hersonissos are complemented by local museums. One of the most unmissable sights for any Hersonissos holiday would be to the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum where, in addition to the classical Cretan architecture and home decoration, the visitor can learn about pre-industrial technology and enjoy some of the unique folk crafts of the region. Hersonissos holidays attract younger travellers with its lively scene of nightclubs and bars, with venues playing a variety of music from 60's rock to dance and electronica. Aquaworld Aquarium, Crete’s first aquarium, affords the visitors the opportunity to learn about marine wildlife and also interact with the animals, many of which are adopted or rescued. Hersonissos holidays also offer some of the island's most delicious foods, including fresh citrus, lamb and a cheese-topped bread called Koukouvagia (or Dakos).

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