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With its narrow cobbled streets, charming harbour and shallow waters, Panormos is the kind of place most holidaymakers didn't think existed in the Mediterranean anymore, a genuine hidden gem. The real beauty of Panormos, aside from its natural beauty, is that it has few aspirations to become a more sophisticated resort, it simply is what it is, a tiny little fishing village on the north coast of Crete which is more than happy with its lot and with several lovely beaches, gloriously inviting tavernas, sumptuous countryside surroundings and a genuinely friendly vibe permeating throughout the whole town, why wouldn't it be?


Panormos holidays: travel essentials

Like most other islands in this part of the world, Crete enjoys a climate of mild winters and hot summers (indeed temperatures can reach the high 30s in the July and August). It is worth noting that Panormos' beaches provide good protection from breezes so temperatures in the high summer months really can sizzle! Flight times from the UK average around the four hour mark while transfers to Panormos from Heraklion Airport take just over an hour. The local time in Crete is GMT+2 so British visitors need to adjust their timepieces accordingly upon arrival.

Panormos holidays: activities and attractions

The main appeal of holidays to Panormos is that they afford visitors the chance to truly relax. There are plenty of watersports and excursions to other places on the the island available but the main thing to do on holiday in Panormos is simply to relax on one of the nearby beaches during the day and then enjoy a long, unhurried meal with a few glasses of wine in an al fresco restaurant by the harbour in the evening. When it comes to embracing an unhurried attitude and experiencing traditional charm, very few places can match this genuine hidden gem.

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