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Set on Crete's beautifully rugged northwest coast, Chania is a cosmopolitan city which is blessed with a heritage and ambience that most other resorts would love to have just a fraction of. The old town in particular is a real treat, as the Venetian/Byzantine/Turkish buildings around the harbour, most notably the mosque, fort and offshore lighthouse, absolutely resonate with history. The area around the waterfront is also a delight, with relaxed tavernas and charming market stalls proliferating during the daytime and vibrant restaurants and infectious bars coming to life at night. All this and a choice of decent beaches too!


Chania holidays: travel essentials

The great thing about Chania's northerly location is that unlike resorts in the south it is bypassed by the often overwhelming heat which accompanies the sirocco winds during the summer months. Spring and autumn are both very pleasant times to visit, although winter can be wet and blustery at times. Travel wise, Chania is pretty easy to get to, with flights from the UK taking no more than four hours and airport transfers around the half hour mark. Like the rest of Greece, Crete operates on Eastern European Time (GMT+2) so visitors need to wind their watches on by two hours upon arrival.

Chania holidays: things to see and do

While savouring the sumptuous surroundings is likely to be the main attraction of most people's holidays to Chania, history and heritage are certainly not the only things to be enjoyed here. Indeed, the two beaches – one just to the west of town and one on the other side of the harbour - are perfect places to relax and have some fun in the calm, shallow waters. Further afield, there are stunning old monasteries to explore on the Akrotiri Peninsula, more architectural wonders to behold in Rethymnon and even some waterslides to be tamed at the Limnopolis waterpark.

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