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In southeast Crete—the famous Greek island of legends and myths—lies sunny Koutsounari, an ancient beach side village bursting with colour and antiquity. Dating back to the celebrated Minoan period, the region houses several archaeological and cultural wonders, where travellers can discover the roots of Greek mythology and history. Along with its rich cultural heritage, Koutsounari boasts sparkling waters, golden sands, sunny skies and striking Venetian architecture punctuated by bright bursts of flora. Koutsounari holidays offer a breathtaking island getaway steeped in magical myths and legend.


Planning Koutsounari Holidays

Located in the Eastern European Time Zone (GMT + 2), Koutsounari enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate and holds the title of Greece’s sunniest city. Plan Koutsounari holidays between the months of May and August, when the long hours of sunshine provide ideal beach and sightseeing weather. The region is serviced by Sitia and Heraklion airports, and is also accessible by boat or ferry at the local port; getting around is easy on foot or by car, boat or bicycle.

Experience Koutsounari

Koutsounari holidays offer the opportunity to explore the attractions of Crete from a tranquil beach side retreat. Peaceful and scenic, Koutsounari ‘s Long Beach—ranked one of the top beach destinations in the country—is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, boating or water sports. Take a leisurely stroll along the bay to watch the sunset, perhaps spotting the remains of a once-mighty Roman harbour, or walk further into the vibrant town centre.

Explore the quaint cul-de-sacs and graceful stone buildings of Kato Mera, the preserved medieval town which houses the striking Agios Georgios church and the former house of Napoleon, a must-see for Koutsounari holidays. Those seeking retail therapy can explore the Kountouriotou shopping strip, which hosts the town hall, two cinemas, and Lerapetra's Museum of Antiquities. Outdoor adventurers can take a trek to the majestic Ha Gorge or Mount Thripti, or perhaps spend a day surrounded by the serenity of Selekano Forest.

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