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Search hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights to Birmingham. Bundle your flight + hotel and save!

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LoganairOverall score based on 36 reviews
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Easy, friendly and quick

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Easy, friendly and quick

Cons: "The flight was cancelled and we were asked to leave the departures lounge. There were no Logan Air ground staff actually working so we relied in the customer services desk at the airport to give us direction on what to do, and we were told that we would be eligible for compensation. I have now been told ( almost 2 months later) that the flight was only delayed and not cancelled so we are not getting a compensation payout to cover the huge additional cost I had to spend to fly another airline to get me to Aberdeen. Awful customer service, unreliable flights"
Pros: "They are great at service and care of their passengers. Their staff always go out of their way to make sure of comfort. Loganair seems one of the few to still give a beverage and a snack with purchase of ticket (wonderful). I am super thankful of well trained staff and their knowledge on luggage and sizing on the smaller planes especially when traveling to and from larger planes. I never had any issues with being able to take my backpack on or being asked to check it as it carried my laptop & wallet...unlike other airlines of similar size running to & from SYY."
Cons: "That I could not find any Tunnocks Cream Wafers in a retail store to purchase after only the caramel wafers."
Pros: "Great service. Good food and drinks."
Pros: "great airport with great efficiency (Glasgow) wonderfully polite and friendly ticket agent"
Cons: "We were delayed by over four hours due to weather but still the flight that was supposed to leave after us got out before because they were more concerned about getting that flight out on time than the 20 people who had been waiting for hours. We ultimately got out about six hours late."
Pros: "Friendkiness"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Pros: "The light attended to help me with problems from prior flight"
Cons: "The propeller plane is noisy and uncomfortable. But it made it to Stornoway. Strong crosswinds made it a tough landing. The pilots did a good job."
Pros: "The staff was reasonably pleasant"
Cons: "The flight was four hours late. There were no announcements so passengers waited in a cold, damp terminal area where there was active construction. The peopeller plane was noisy and there was no storage. They had to check my small bag and then left it on the wet tarmac where my clothes were stained. FLybe is notoriously bad. They certainly lived up to their reputation"
Pros: "I can't give 5 stars for food or entertainment, but on a hop like this no one should expect them. Coffee was fine. 5 overall"
Pros: "Very quick flight :)"
Cons: "Delayed for 2 hours due to “fleet issues”, no food or water on board due to “weight restrictions”"
Pros: "Nothink I didn’t have one"
Cons: "Flybe change the flight 1hour earlier and didn’t tell me so I missed it"
Pros: "Crew friendly and efficient! Seats reason I changed from departing from Birmingham to Bristol larger more comfortable seats on blue islands flights rather than flybee!"
Cons: "Not really sure if anything !"
Cons: "Food and entertainment not applicable"
Pros: "It was a very short flight"
Cons: "The horrible steps up to the plane, very steep and difficult to get up carrying a cabin case when you are under 5ft tall, and the cabin crew made no effort to help my sister or myself either up or down the steps - this was done by other passengers on the flight. May I suggest that you invest in either better,safer steps or a short slope as per other ones used by other airlines at Guernsey airport."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Was late... No one at Jersey airport cared! Horrible service"

Delayed on both flights due to the weather so could not controlled.

Pros: "From the moment we checked in at Barcelona airport the airport staff were brilliant, my partner and his daughter are on the autism spectrum and struggle with crowds and social behaviour, but the gentleman that escorted us and helped us board could not have been nicer thank you"
Cons: "The staff were great but there was a rather large rid group that could have triggered an episode, but after a quiet word with the crew we were again supported a quick exit"
Pros: "Boarded on time and left early."
Cons: "People were loud but this did not relate to easyJet at all- it was simply other passengers"
Cons: "Said it included a carry on and personal item - that isn’t the case. Anything bigger than a purse is considered a carry on"
Cons: "The automatic bag-drop could have been better staffed for the many, many people who had difficulty ."
Pros: "Isle seat in 2nd row after I paid to carry on a small duffle bag. Only one item allowed."
Cons: "Everything about flying and good customer service: at check-in, in-flight service, near on-time flight. (flight was over 45 mins late, difficult for those with connecting flights)"
Cons: "Onions"
Cons: "Some passe"
Pros: "Everything was wonderful, even the weather"
Pros: "Wide seats with plenty of legroom, but we were on an exit isle."
Cons: "Felt like we were being herded like cattle"
Pros: "Punctuallity & cabin crews"
Pros: "25mins early landing and fast bags reclaim"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "There was no food or entertainment. Crew was adequate but polite. Consistent downfall of easyJet is it’s bsggage policy. I couldn’t even bring a handbag. Happy to check my suitcase but bringing s small backpack and s purse is necessary for men and women of all ages. I will say that unlike most of the European low cost airlines this was on time!"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "Flight crew was nice"
Cons: "Paid 47 each to check a carry on bag that we thought we could take on the plane. Almost missed the plane because security line took over an hour to get through. The man at the counter that checked our bag was rude and talking to someone else that he worked with almost the entire time he was waiting on us. Won’t be flying with this airline again."
Pros: "Quick checkin"
Cons: "I wish I knew checking a bag at the airport was more expensive than buying online, almost double the price!"
Pros: "Cabin staff are courteous and professional"
Cons: "Running extremely late without an adequate excuse. Made to wait for ages standing in the departure lounge because the dispatchers wanted to get us off their hands. Oh, and one other thing. GIVE US SOME MORE LEGROOM."
Cons: "Flight delayed by over 2 hours (19.05 flight)... Even the 20.30 flight left before us! Zero communication from ground staff, no food vouchers. Extremely poor!"
Pros: "Flight itself was fine. Crew friendly and efficient."
Cons: "The flight was diverted to BOURNEMOUTH and 200+ passengerss left completely stranded and having to make their own way back to Gatwick as no onward travel provided. Appalling!"
Pros: "On time Didn’t corral us for an hour at check in"
Cons: "I was rudely asked to put the trolley in the devise to verify it fits the size regulations. It did fit and then because of the delay, I was forced to check the trolley into the belly of the plane rather than into the overhead as there was no room for it on board. This was an unnecessary inconvenience as everything in the trolley was necessary for the flight."
Pros: "We left and arrived on time."
Cons: "EasyJet’s process for boarding is a bit odd. Everyone piled up at the gate in one big cluster, then blocked others from getting on as they were called. I even saw one person duck under the rope and cut in front of everyone else."
Cons: "I was not allowed to board by the gate crew member, as my passport expiration date was approx 4 days short of the 3 months buffer that I apparently needed to have. I was not aware of this rule, and when my reservation was accepted by EasyJet with knowledge of my passport expiration, I should have been alerted. I was even provided the boarding pass several days before the flight so there was no indication that anything was amiss. I was able to enter France by taking a train and had no issues with French immigration. My only problem was with the EasyJet gate crew member who refused to allow me to board."
Pros: "Good communication; well organised"
Cons: "What else? The seats, duh..."
Cons: "Why make you board the plane and then tell you there is a 45 minute delay"
Cons: "They didn’t be organized"
Pros: "Legroom, ease of boarding, polite staff"
Cons: "Delayed takeoff and landing due to a mechanical problem if some sort"
Pros: "The ease of journey."
Cons: "Too busy selling food and drink to get me a water"
Pros: "Quick service."
Cons: "All good"
Cons: "It was cancelled and we were left to book alternative flights and hotels."
Pros: "Landing for both flights was very smooth and cabin crew were nice. For the budget price, it's not too bad."
Cons: "We had to wait on the tarmac for about 40 minutes because of weather and the busy morning queue."
Pros: "There was nothing to like!"
Cons: "Flight delayed by 50mins but only found out at the airport after having spent 25euros on a taxi just to be there on time. Boarding took ages. Plane finally took off with a 1h+delay. Thankfully, I had not purchased an overprice "legroom" seat. I couldn't spot any on the plane. No food or drinks whatsoever available. Next time, i'd rather spend the extra £s and use a proper airline."
Pros: "On time leaving"
Cons: "Hot lounge, a hold up getting on. Crew could have helped more stowing cases in the top lockers. Bumpy landing"
Pros: "It got me to Naples."
Cons: "The flight was late taking off by an hour, we received messages that it was going to be late, but by only ten minutes. Even at the desk, a long line formed at the original boarding gate, before we were told that the gates were chaning to one at the other end of the building. Then made to queue at the gate for half an hour, then sat in the plane for an hour. Plus on top of that it was from Stansted which is the worst aiport."
Pros: "the plane was clean"
Cons: "Is it really necessary to charge for even water?"
Pros: "The cabin staff were awesome, and a credit to the company"
Cons: "Nothing, all good"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Even though the standard for most airlines is two carry-on bags, EasyJet only allows you one. They need to change that rule if they ever expect me to fly with them again."
Cons: "Not very good boarding staff"
Pros: "Everyone was helpful and the trip was nice & Great!"
Pros: "I have to travel from Geneva to uk for business a lot and over the last year Easy jet have a 95% record for either being badly delayed or on one occasion cancelling my flight altogether"
Cons: "As above"
Cons: "Poor customer service. Three people flying together. One person had accidentally booked a flight that left 2 hours later. We tried to change her flight but we're told this could not be done. The only option was to purchase a new ticket which we did. Went to check the luggage and it seems the had given her a second ticket on the original flight. Back to customer service. Third ticket issued. We go upstairs to find our flight is now delayed but her original flight was leaving on schedule. This was never mentioned at customer service. It would have worked fine for her to fly and wait at the airport fo our delayed flight and we would have saved the cost of a new ticket. We did not have that option because the first ticket was cancelled"
Pros: "We did arrive"
Cons: "Surly flight attendants, hard seats; overpriced food service. A .30 bottle of water sold 2.5 Euros. Poor boarding procedures."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Boarding time was very long.... once on the plane i wanted to sip my red wine bought at the duty free the flight attendant told me in a direspectful mannner that I was not allowed to drink any other alcohol than the one on their Bistro menu. When we Landed in london we were stuck on the ground for 15 good minsb never again!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Why the crew disnt tell us at the check in desk that we are not allowed to bring ladies hand baggage. If they told us at the first place. We could put our stuffs in our luggage. Does easy jet try to earn more money???!??"
Cons: "Delayed and over-zealous ex-RAF types on security"
Pros: "It went fine. Did not have food though."
Cons: "I paid 20 pounds to check my suitcase. the handle broke and i am no longer able to pull it. I had to take a taxi from the train because of it and cannot use it any longer. This was a good suitcase, a good brand (Swiss) and the crew must of either not pay attention or being very rough. The suitcase was not 17 pounds therefore was not heavy. I will not recommend this company. I am upset about the whole thing."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "You gave us no support and little guidance when we had to find our way from Gibraltar airport to the coaches waiting to take us to Malaga airport today for our rearranged flight to gatwick. No one was there to show us where the coaches were, the snack was chocolate and crisps, the meal handed to us in Malaga was a ham baguette! So for us who eat healthy, or gluten intolerant, or vegetarian there was no food available all day... So no support, little directions, no real food and no care... Unless I have to I will never choose to fly easyjet again"
Pros: "Flights were on time.. easy boarding.. good experience and will choose easyjet again"
Pros: "Flights were on time. Boarding was quick with front and rear boarding."
Cons: "Tight seats."

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