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HGH — United Kingdom
13 Sep — 20 Sep1
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  • High season is considered to be January, February and December. The cheapest month to fly from Hangzhou to the United Kingdom is January.

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Hainan AirlinesOverall score based on 1566 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Everting was Good no complain."
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Cons: "Everting was Good no complain."
Pros: "I had a very bad experience on checking in. I went to check in at Beijing Capital airport over 1 hour (about at least 65-70 minutes) earlier than the time of taking off on Nov. 2, However, I wasn’t allowed to check in. The staff said I was late and asked me to spend extra $200 to reschedule my flight. Therefore I had to spend $200 on changing my flight to next day on November 3, which was one day late back to Boston than I expected. That’s too bad and incredible!"
Cons: "There are a couple of things need to be improved. First of all, the food were not fresh, especially the salad dish. In mean dish, the beef cooked with too much dark source and tasted salty. Hope you could improve the food quality near future! Secondly, the luggages came out too late. All passengers had waited for their luggages for more than 1hour, which was really too long. Please consider about the concerns! Thanks!"
Cons: "perfect flight"
Cons: "Poor connection"
Cons: "Airline lounges"
Pros: "Nice plane and crew."
Cons: "Many delays, lack of communication. Nearly two hours waiting on the tarmac."
Pros: "Less waiting times in Beijing airport."
Pros: "Everything in regards to Hainan."
Cons: "I didnt like that said I had a return seat picked out. THEN went online to see I had no return seat even though one printed on e ticket. Had to call Hainan directly to fix it. Also didnt like that since I bought through I couldn't do 24 hour prior flight online check in. Only allowed to check in at the airport 3 hours prior to flight."
Pros: "to have transfer personalized service was an excellent service and great relief, because I didn't known the airport, had to pick luggages, then change terminal and check in again. the person walked along with me, all the way. she was kind, caring, and helpful."
Pros: "i like tv which has many movies"
Cons: "i dont like because i still not take my baggage"
Cons: "They lost my luggage"
Cons: "The flight was listed on the boards as leaving almost 2 hours late. We left to determine what was happening because we would miss our connection in Beijing if true. We had to go through security twice to do this. The flight was not changed to the correct time on the board until it was boarding for the scheduled time. Meanwhile we worried we would miss our next flight. HU7606 May 26, 2018. Very stressful."
Pros: "WiFi limit to 30 passages is absolutely not good especially for the long international flight"
Cons: "WiFi for long flight - international"
Pros: "Good movie options."
Pros: "The service on the plane was good and polite . The person in Beijing that helped us in the transfer service was especially nice and helpful! Without this help, I would have missed the flight to Tel Aviv."
Cons: "A delay of an hour and a half, that created a lot of tension, because I was sure I’ll miss my connection to Tel Aviv."
Pros: "The flight went smoothly, once we began."
Pros: "The flight boarded on time, and arrived only approx. 30 minutes late for a 15 hour flight. The staff were friendly and seemed well-meaning."
Cons: "It seemed that the staff for the NY-Chengdu did not include anyone who spoke English beyond a few memorized phrases. Another passenger and I were standing in the back and speaking, and the crew asked her to tell me that we weren't allowed to stand there and had to return to our seats. Their lack of English would be a problem if there were an emergency of any sort. The flight attendant tried to wake me several times to give me my vegetarian meal. When I was finally awake enough to eat he said the food was no longer good, I should wait until the next meal time. Entertainment options for the NY-Chengdu flight were limited - current or recent English options were few. Foreign language (mostly Chinese) options had subtitles, but few looked like there would be an interesting and fun storyline. The entertainment system was broken for the Chengdu-Beijing flight."
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "Food was good, people were nice, plenty of space to stretch"
Cons: "Priority to Business is announced but there is no separation with economy and they start loading passengers up right away."
Pros: "Excellent service, good movies"
Cons: "Seats a bit tight fitting. Food was average."
Cons: "I missed my flight because of wrong details the airline sent me by email. I arrived 3 hours before, but when I arrived, it was too late, and the flight already departured. The only next flight to TLV, Israel, was on the 2nd of Nov- 2 days later! I had to wait a whole day in the airport for another flight with another airline (ELAL) which I paid for it 2900 RMB! It's really unfair, and the women in the check-in desk wouldn't help me nor give me any info in order to book a new ticket :( It was a horrible experience, and I definitely wont fly with Hainan Airlines again."
Pros: "Food was ok. Crew were nice. The seat was confort . ALL IS GOOD."
Pros: "Nothing. From the moment we got to the airport the trouble started."
Cons: "The people are rude. Passengers and employees. The seats were old. The food was gross and the drink selection was non existent."
Cons: "I was disappointed with the airports in China"
Pros: "Loved that they showed season 1 of "Atlanta" in its entirety!"
Pros: "The service was wonderful, the food good and the entertainment package very diverting. Made the long flight seem short."
Pros: "landed in wrong gate because of lax long taxi after landing my seat would not stay lay back, it would sit back up over time. I had to lay back once a while."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Never left the airport."
Cons: "I am still in Bejing two days later"
Pros: "Some of the crew members were extremely kind."
Cons: "Weather delays. Normal though."
Pros: "The seat was okay, and the food was nice."
Cons: "Plane arrive very late, and I have to wait quite a long time for lift off. Due to late arrival, they ask me to wait 24 hour to take next flight to Bangkok. They bring me to free hotel, but the hotel was not good. Also, Hainan Airline is located in Terminal 2, not 3 which is quite old and ticketing and translating was annoying... this was my worst flight experience ever....."
Cons: "FLight was delayed and transfer desk was unable to manage"
Pros: "No much to say...chaotic boarding, complaining crew"
Cons: "The seatbelt sign was on the entire flight and the crew was upset people needed the bathroom"
Pros: "The crew, the crew, the crew... On both of my transpacific flights, I had two female crew members, unfortunately I did not get their names, that were attentive, kind, and did everything they could to make the passengers as comfortable as possible."
Cons: "Flights were delayed but I made the connections no proboem."
Pros: "What a difference a crew makes. And iPhones were allowed!"
Cons: "Still sour about the first leg of the journey. There are too many airlines out there for me ti ever consider this one again. Also, Xian Airport hates having international transfers. It's worse than inconvenient, it's frightening having uniformed officers not know why you're there."
Pros: "It seemed like the beverage tray was on a constant loop. Made staying hydrated very easy! Staff was also very friendly and considerate - one of the attendants snuck a sandwich onto my tray while I was passed out."
Pros: "Crew were very cooperative but did not know much English."
Cons: "We had a screaming child who continuously threw temper tantrums. THe crew were unable to get parents to manage the girls who were about 3 and 5 years of age. A baby you can understand but this girl was old enough to be talked to."
Cons: "Delayed flight made me stay over night at Beijing, I'm wasting one more day here. BYW I need claim my bag every time and recheck my baggage agian for my continue flight even it's also Hainan airlines"
Pros: "Every aspect was top notch for an economy seat. The staff was attentive, the flight was super smooth, the entertainment decent and the seats comfortable. On time and hassle free! Would definitely fly with them again."
Pros: "Pretty decent food and service, reasonable leg room for economy long haul flights."
Cons: "bags were delayed in Bejing and came a day later because they moved up the departure time of our connecting flight TWO days before arrival."
Pros: "Relatively polite staff"
Cons: "Can't use phone on plane regardless of whether the plane is taking off, landing, in the air, or if the phone is airplane mode. Connecting through China without a visa results in a lot of raised eyebrows. Don't be surprised if you find yourself frequent pulled aside in security checks and spend upwards of ten minutes trying to get sorted out. Chinese airports are different than western ones. Trying to come to terms to this wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that China bans google, so there isn't any easy way to check online to understand how they operate. Generally just not very welcoming."
Cons: "Perfect wine and food"
Cons: "My luggage never made it to Tokyo. I have tried calling lost and found multiple times but nobody ever picks up. I have emailed them multiple times with no response. Everything I brought for my 2 month trip in Japan was in there. This has brought nothing but stress. I just want some sort of answer"
Pros: "Comfortable seats, good food."
Cons: "nothing"
Cons: "long wait for connection"
Pros: "Lots of movies, Tv, and music to keep entertained. Many good Food options and drink choices were great!"
Cons: "Seats a little small and by the time the food came to us they only had one option left so that was a bummer."
Pros: "Nice plane"
Cons: "Not cool enough"
Pros: "The food the entertainment were really good"
Pros: "Transfer services were excellent."
Cons: "Food."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Great price getting from a to b."
Pros: "Didnt have a neighbor. Lucky draw"
Cons: "Had difficulty with online check in through china southern"
Cons: "i had a hard time with their english, but it is better than my Chinese"
Pros: "Free hotel for long lay over in china. Fantastic. Fly was great, comfortable seats great movies and food. Amazing for the price"
Cons: "All was great. Cant think of anything"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Timing, Price, Service, Food,"
Pros: "The seats were spacious."
Cons: "Did not get a check in notice. Hi"
Pros: "Professionalism of the Crew."
Cons: "Business class seat are tired and in need of an overdue update."
Pros: "My China Southern flight from Chiang Mai to Guangzhou was on time, comfortable, and the flight attendants were very efficient and friendly."
Cons: "Can't think of anything."
Pros: "Seat space"
Cons: "Flight was 1 1/2 hours late and China Southern had shortened the connection time in Guanzough, China to Kuala Lumpur. In spite of me asking the crew to contact China Southern in Guanzough, no assistance was given. 'Service' by China Southern in Guanzough was NON-EXISTENT! We missed our flight to Kual Lumpur --where we had a driver waiting, a hotel for 2 nights, and a tour the next day. We lost ALL of those and did not arrive in Kuala Lumpur until 2PM the next day. Timing was CRITICAL that we be in Kuala Lumpur the night before per the schedule. China Southern served no beer or liquor on their international flight --only cheap wine in the smallest plastic glasses I have ever seen."
Pros: "Seats were comfy, enough leg room, food was pretty decent and the flight got on time"
Cons: "They lost my suitcase but promised to bring it back the next day. Let's see..."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "The flight attendants are great, and doing their best in a broken system..."
Cons: "The airline is always late, and you will consistently miss connecting flights. They will do nothing to accommodate you, while you wait for the next flight. They've lost my luggage on 30% of my flights with them."
Pros: "The staff of China Southern made our trip a great experience. We have flown with this airlines several times, and will continue to do so in the future! Thank you!!"
Pros: "cheap"
Cons: "no tv/ personal entertainment. feels like a budget flight. delayed flight"
Pros: "Long but very pleasant flight"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Same comment as flt to Guanzhou. Flight was comfortable."
Cons: "Again, it took a long while to disembark from the plane. Also, the lock in my suitcase was damaged like someone tried to force open it."
Cons: "The staff at Check in and security rejected me to check in or passing security due to their low skills finding passport associated with the tickets. The flight also arrived late, causing me worrying about the connection. Flight back to sfo"
Cons: "More variety is needed."
Pros: "Ditto"
Cons: "Ditto.........."
Pros: "Nothing"
Pros: "My first flight got delayed and they did delay my connecting flight, but I was rushed to catch the plane."
Cons: "Because of the delayed flight and getting a new boarding pass, my seat that I chose when I checked in was not available, but I guess that's to be expected. Leg space was completely non existent and it was very uncomfortable to sit when the person in front of you reclines all the way back. The food options were small and they ran out of most food items by the time they got to the back."
Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "No sweetener on flight"
Pros: "Cleanliness"
Cons: "Our baggages was left in Guangzhou due to delayed departure from LA"
Pros: "The in flight entertaint is good."
Cons: "The economy seats on the new Boeing Dreamliner are very uncomfortable. I could feel the bar under my seat digging into my backside for the duration of the 12 hour flight. I suspect that China Southern went cheap on the seat cushions they purchased from Boeing. Additionally, on my particular flight from Guangzhou, China to Vancouver, the flight was delayed for several hours for no apparent reason. The delay caused me to miss my transfer flight to Calgary, and what was supposed to be a two hour layover turned into a nine hour layover. China Southern thought to fix the situation it would be a good idea to provide me with a $10 food voucher.... Is that really enough for sitting around the airport for an additional seven hours? I am an expat that lives in China that has experience flying with multiple airlines, and this was my first and will be my last flight with China Southern."
Pros: "Airplanes are new"
Cons: "No amenities"
Pros: "It was an inexpensive flight. Flight attendants were nice enough. Each seat had pillow, blanket, and headphones for personal screen. Drink cart came by several times and there were two meals served. Boarding was fairly quick as was deboarding. No problems with baggage. Early landing."
Cons: "Seats aren't very spacious; not much leg room and doesn't recline much. Luckily I'm a petite person, but I can imagine if I was of average height or taller/heavier I'd be uncomfortable. Food is mediocre. Airline food isnt great in general but I've had better on an airline. Flight had a delayed departure."
Pros: "comfortable seat in biz class very welcoming and friendly cabin crew on time departure and arrival"
Cons: "food was pretty bad"
Pros: "Ticket price was great, awesome deal."
Cons: "Horrible seats! Tiny cramped seats with no padding. I'm not the smallest guy out there but anyone over 250 lbs forget flying economy. Both legs of my trip from vancouver to Perth via China on two different aircraft companies on brand new planes had the worst seats so I think it's China Southern specifying the seats. Also 13hour flight there, limited movie choice but on the way back the head phone jack in seat rest did not work. The airline refused to let you use phones, iPads and laptops while in flight! Flight attentents woke everyone up 2.5 hours before landing at 4:45 am to serve breakfast. Would pay more next time to fly Cathay Pacific or Singapore."
Cons: "0"
Pros: "Flights are always on time, flight attendants are very nice."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, no in-flight entertainment."
Pros: "The business seat, the availability of Chinese food."
Cons: "Don't know how to serve a client. Not very responsive, don't give away menu, no wine list."
Pros: "Exlenent service ! They are very take care of customers who take their airlines ! In between first meal to 2nd meal ! They always give passenger water food or whatever they needed As much as they can do! Will take China southern airline next time for sure ! And I am the person who need a lot of water ! When I ask them many times for water ! They are very nice to me ! And very good service !"
Cons: "Exlenent service ! They are very take care of customers who take their airlines ! In between first meal to 2nd meal ! They always give passenger water food or whatever they needed As much as they can do! Will take China southern airline next time for sure ! And I am the person who need a lot of water ! When I ask them many times for water ! They are very nice to me ! And very good service !"
Pros: "The cabin crew were quick to answer all of my requests. Blanket, coffee, coke, water."
Cons: "We had a bulkhead behind us and our seats didn't seem to have the full angle for recline."
Pros: "Quick and efficient check-in. Very helpful personnel - I went away to pay my excess baggage and returned to a long line - but, the check-in clerk beckoned me to the front and handed me my boarding pass! Nice!!"
Cons: "Massive lines for security gates......if my flight had not been delayed, I would have missed my flight. I was in the security line for over 90 minutes!"
Pros: "would do it again."
Cons: "some food a bit dodgy but otherwise OK."
Pros: "Plane was nice and new."
Cons: "The food could be the worst of any airline food...and that is saying something. Also I had two flights and the short flight was a very old looking plane with the thinnest seats I had ever seen. It was one the first leg of a long trip so I was worried this is how the bigger flight was going to be but the next plane looked new and was much more comfortable."
Pros: "The ground staff were also very helpful."
Pros: "Nice flight!"
Pros: "Crew very nice and helpful"
Cons: "Entertainment less chooces"
Cons: "Nothing specific"
Pros: "My upgraded seat although had to pay for it, otherwise I was going to sit in the middle row in a section with about 50 small children."
Cons: "I had an 8 hour layover at JFK and the China southern counter didn't open until three hours before the flight took off. So I had to sit outside of the terminal waiting for them to open. Couldn't even get to s lounge as I had no boarding pass. (I tried several times to call earlier in the week and the phone system at China southern is terrible - was on hold for a long time every time then the operators were not helpful at all). I waited in the check in line for an hour and a half. Several times I witnessed people going in the business class line and they clearly were not in business class but they allowed them to just jump the line anyway. (I realized this once I was finally able to ask for an upgrade - not until I got to the gate counter because the guy who checked me in didn't understand my request, poor English - and once on the plane there were very few people in business class and I know those people who had jumped the line were not among them ). Very disappointed with the whole process."
Cons: "I had missed my flight. I went to get another as it was urgent I arrived the next day. After hours, I was assured I would have a flight the next day at no charge. The next day I was screamed at in line and told to leave. The only other flight available was three thousand dollars one way. I missed my appointment and purpose of the trip. I had to wait another day and pay over 850 dollars one way."
Pros: "The crew was decent and helpful; was prompt and courteous. Was willing to serve whenever was called for some help."
Cons: "Contacting the airlines is a hassle. There is no email id on which one could write. The website is not consumer friendly. The telephones do not connect easily, and then it becomes difficult to reach the desired person for help. For doing anything, the website asks for 13-digit ticket number, but it has not been provided in the e-tickets or any email also."
Pros: "The staff at the airport was helpful to give direction."
Pros: "Price was good comparatively"
Cons: "Items were missing from my luggage such as bungee cables surrounding bag."
Cons: "There was no WiFi offered. This really needs to change"
Pros: "Courteous flight attendants good food ample seeting space"
Pros: "Great crew in business class!"
Cons: "Wifi was terrible, entertainment is below average and angle seats for a 12 hour flight is sub par. The food was so so"
Pros: "Crew is wonderful .they do everything in business class to make you feel comfortable"
Cons: "I will never fly China Eastern again. EVER !! I need to add an extra day or two onto our flight. We purchased business class flights so they are not cheap. In order for us to make a change they want $1700 each person, a total of $3400 to take the same flight two days later. The fee is the highest I have ever hear for the same flight class .. I will never ever use China Eastern again, they are taking advantage..I could actually buy a return ticket on another airline for cheaper than they want for a flight change."
Cons: "Can make the food and tea more hot ? Shanghai to Hong Kong meal is goood"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "no indication of which terminal to check in, flight was delayed, both cabin and ground crew (and chengdu airport staff) hardly spoke English."
Cons: "So hot on the plane and cramped."
Pros: "The cost was very good"
Cons: "Transfer in Nanjing to Bangkok. Delayed was not good but worse was that we arrived so early we couldn't check in for an hour and couldn't go to business class lounge. Also no transfer hallway. Had to clear immigration just to get on next flight."
Pros: "Cabin smelled nice"
Cons: "More languages spoken"
Cons: "I am stranded in Bangkok because the Flight you put me on violated China visa requirements. And I CANNOT get a hold of ANYONE to resolve issue."
Pros: "Newer plane w seatback screen for entertainment. Baggage in Honolulu was delivered quickly. Crew was friendly n attentive."
Pros: "I got the seat all the way in the back i prefer those because it sits 2 and you are only sitting next to one person. Tv had more than 2 dozen movies options and several games to choose from. They provided a pillow and blanket along with headphones for tv. Crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Food, but its airplane food and can not except to much unless your sitting first class."
Pros: "nice service"
Cons: "all passengers of economy almost boarded but we had to wait for a minibus to take us to the plane, this is ridiculous"
Pros: "There is absolutely nothing I can say that I liked about China Eastern flight. See comments below."
Cons: "Service was horrible. Flight got delayed by 10 hours and staff expected us to wait at the gate till the next flight."
Pros: "The China Eastern 777 was a good experience. Relatively comfortable."
Cons: "The connecting flight on Shanghai Airlines 737 had terrible legroom and no in-flight entertainment. The flight was a 4 hour international leg. Hard on the body."
Pros: "It brought me to Shanghai safely."
Cons: "They kept moving my seat because families wanted to sit together!!! I ended up sitting on one of those rows where I do not get a personal monitor. And the flight was seven hours long!!! I hated it so much. If flight attendants can be more strict next time when it comes to these families who do not even wanna pay the extra charge to reserve seats, then that would be good."
Pros: "The price is reasonable cheap for exchange to go by airport terminal bus and walk up the stair to the air plane, good exercise and good to get on the air plane first."
Cons: "un convenience a bit to exchange with the lower price, it is worth for me, but the over lay is too long 4 to 6 hours."
Pros: "Very helpful and courteous air crew"
Cons: "Everything was good and for a short flight Like this the crew made it very comfortable"
Cons: "The flight was delayed and we were not informed as to why it was delayed. No updates on estimated times of new departure."
Pros: "businessclass seats good"
Cons: "not really busyclassfood"
Pros: "Lounge was very nice and the staff at the gate was great."
Cons: "Flying business and Immediately on board was asked for my menu choice for dinner. Flight departure was 830am! Language capabilities of the cabin crew seemed more like a Chinese domestic flight rather than an international one."
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that every phone line I called had a really bad connection, I tried to call in regards to catching my return flight as I didn't get the departing flight. They told me it was their policy that if you miss one you miss the other. This makes no sense what so ever considering I paid $1700, I would think you could at least get half of what you paid for. The lady on the phone just kept saying "It's our policy" and not taking into consideration the circumstances. Disappointed with china Eastern airlines. I will be paying the extra money for Air Canada next time."
Cons: "There was NO FLIGHT! I purchased this package under the presumption that I would be FLYING from airport to airport until I reached NYC. A three and a half hour bus ride on a 30 plus year old bus without a toilet AND proper functioning heat was NEVER mentioned. Because if it was I would have demanded a a direct flight or a refund. I was utterly devastated after walking around from kiosk to kiosk, line after line, to finally get the news that the flight I was looking for didn’t exist. That I would have to leave the airport by bus, a ticket that I would have to purchase myself, on an hour ride trip to a bus station, where I would have to take another bus 3.5 hours away to another airport. I spent a good fifteen minutes on the phone discussing the matter with a China Eastern rep. “Why on earth would some book a travel plan like this?” He told me it was the agency’s fault and not theirs. That there was a direct flight from Phuket to Shanghai but they didn’t put me on it. He also told me if I wanted to get home I had to catch that bus. With no other options available he had the woman at the counter write down the information on a post it note in Chinese characters to show person at the bus info/ticket line. I leave the desk in search of this airport bus depot and make a stop to exchange my few remaining American dollars for Chinese dollars to pay for this bus that not only wasn’t mentioned, but wasn’t paid for either. Of course when I drag all my bags down to the bus line and present my note the people have no idea what I want. I proceed to be bounced back and forth between the bus line and a new information desk like a tennis ball for 15 minutes. One of the most humiliating and embarrassing experiences I’ve had in quite some time. All the while in my head knowing that the window for me to make this bus and to make this flight is closing quickly. I give up on the bus at this point and decide to try my luck at a cab because I’m sure by this time of there was a bus I definitely missed it. I go outside to find that there are NO marked taxis in the designated taxi area. Just a bunch of guys speaking broken English fighting to get me in their unmarked cars telling me they all know the best way to go. Out of pure desperation to get home and get out of this ridiculous predicament this agency put me in, against my better judgement, I got in a unmarked car with a complete stranger, in a foreign country, with no ability to communicate with him, with no cell phone service in case of an emergency, and trusted him to take me to my destination. I’ve seen horror movies with less red flags than this but thank God it worked out and he got me to the station 20 minutes before the bus took off. The nightmare was only half over because now I had to ride in a bus that looked like it would fall apart any minute. It was 20 degrees outside with snow on the ground and we rode for the first 30 minutes of the trip with no heat! I was freezing, my fingers were numb I had to"
Pros: "The whole process was smooth. And although I missed/didn’t recall the halal food option when booking the tickets online, the crew member was able to advise fast and make swift adjustment!"
Cons: "There’s no earphone provided onboard, and entertainment thus was lacking! Also, there should be more varieties of newspapers provided!"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Didnt enjoy having roost for upgrade and get stuck next two two screaming babies . You guys shouldn’t have sat all the babies together and let the paying customers who upgraded sit in the emergency rows together. The upgrade to business class was way to expensive as well"
Pros: "It got me to my destination."
Cons: "Food was unappetizing. They didn't provide much liquids and we we're not able to use cell phones even on airplane mode. The whole flight was hot. I have tried other airlines and this was not even close to the service that other airlines provide. Won't be using this airline again."
Pros: "A wild adventure through China."
Cons: "The "flight" was a bus ride that the airline knew nothing about so we had to fend for ourselves and figure out how to get to Shanghai. Took a bus a taxi and then another bus through China speaking no Chinese and not really having any idea of what was going on and if we were going to make our next flight. It took us about 6 hours of travel and headache and the airline didn't cover the taxi or bus charge."
Pros: "I slept for the entire 3 hour flight, so nothing really was bad or good."
Pros: "New planes, efficient crew, on time.... Early arrival!"
Cons: "Shanghai airport transit process is horrible! Good is very plain, bit I don't care so much. However, not enough water provided. This really needs addressing..."
Pros: "On time, nice plane, decent food and very efficient service. Price is reasonable."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Everything about our flight went very well, and most were better than expected. The crew were very helpful. Our seats had plenty of room in economy. This were done very efficiently and with concern for value. The entertainment system was super."
Cons: "Our Vegan meals were rather tasteless and uninteresting."
Cons: "Kayak doesn't give the gate or terminal on reservations, that means it is a mystery. China Eastern changed terminals in Shanghai and there was no warning in the reservation. This part of the experience needs to improve"
Pros: "Price was cheap and I got to where I was going mostly on time. Food was fine. Most staff members are friendly."
Cons: "In addition to the issues I mentioned above, even though my flight back was practically empty, they would not let people move to exit rows without paying 1000 RMB extra, which was annoying."
Pros: "It wasn’t a flight I had to catch the high speed light rail and two buses; therefore, I’d say that this flight was false advertisement and should be corrected for future travelers."
Pros: "I booked a flight that had a connection, except the first leg was a 3+hr bus ride, not a flight, and this was not made clear until long after the purchase had gone through."
Cons: "This airline had horrible delays with no updates, I was stuck at a layover for four additional hours than scheduled- this is unacceptable service."
Cons: "My luggage along with a couple dozen other passengers' luggage, was lost."
Pros: "At the time I booked,you did not tell me that the flight from HGH to PVG was not a flight. From HGH took a local bus that I did not where it was for the language barrier Manage to get there...however they send me to a different bus terminal... Where they make me wait again and almost could not take the bus to PIG I arrived very late to PVG so I did not have a choice on a seat I was really a nightmare And Kayak does not have a contact number where can I get some help Danny Kim tel 3108717347"
Cons: "At the time I booked,you did not tell me that the flight from HGH to PVG was not a flight. From HGH took a local bus that I did not where it was for the language barrier Manage to get there...however they send me to a different bus terminal... Where they make me wait again and almost could not take the bus to PIG I arrived very late to PVG so I did not have a choice on a seat I was really a nightmare And Kayak does not have a contact number where can I get some help Danny Kim tel 3108717347"
Pros: "Good price, nice staff"
Cons: "It's always the same food and just one served beef rice! It would be nice if they could vary the food menu."
Pros: "The direct flight and schedule."
Cons: "The seat cushion not plush enough. I felt the solid metal for 10 hours +! For additional $800.00 to upgrade to Business, it was not worth it, for this time. I had to switch seat for landing, because the mechanics on my seat after I release my assigned sea 6At to a couple wanting to be together. My reassigned seat aisle 6D. Miss Lee the flight attendant on the right was cordial yet a little plastic, and task oriented. Appearing to try to be sufficiently polite ."
Cons: "Wi-fi onboard but not accessible. Not allowed to use my phone even for listening to music. Was on a 9h layover in Shanghai Pudong. Terrible airport. Could not drop my baggage to get out of the airport as they only accept chinese cash and no working ATM. Was stuck waiting 6h30 before check-in and had to rush through security by saying I was late for the flight otherwise I would've missed it. It's nonsense that i have to rush when on a 9h layover."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "Everything. The staff was rude, didn't even know their own regulations on what we could and could not use on the plane, and made their own "Chinese" rules throughout the flight. The food was horrific and please tell me how a cell phone on airplane mode transmits a signal?? I will NEVER EVER fly this airline again."
Pros: "Cabin crew were good and we took off on time for this leg."
Cons: "Chaos boarding. Everyone rushed for getting on plane, not sure why. Difficult to get up when person in front puts seat back."
Cons: "It actually was a nonexistent bus. We ended up having to take a taxi."
Pros: "Planes are nice in general, I experienced both the most comfortable seats ever and also the WORST in the same airline."
Cons: "NO VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN FOOD OPTIONS. Chicken beef or fish. The entire long plane ride the only thing I could use as a meal was juice."
Cons: "They didn't let me in the plane, because I need a visa for transient China. I asked them before and they said no. I can't understand why you sell a ticket more than 24 transit when a visa is need it. And you don't specify tha"
Pros: "There was No WiFi so I was great full that there was at least some movies and television show's to keep me entertained on my 20 hour flight."
Cons: "We boarded the plane on time around 11am only to sit on the tarmac for over 4 hours!! It was a nightmare knowing that we were stuck on that plane for 20 hours! 2 of your flight attendense split on me. One being coke and one being water which made my 20 hour flight very uncomfortable on two occasions. The food was good awful. There were no alcoholic beverages or coffee for that matter."
Pros: "The journey was smooth, the seat was comfortable enough. Food was decent."
Cons: "I took 2 connecting flights back home, both flights were delayed by 2h and 1.5h respectively. No estimated new departure time was given, and the staff took very long (well after the supposed departure time) before they made an announcement for us to apologise for the delay. Service was mediocre. Half the time the crew was no where in sight, so it was difficult to ask them for something. When pressing the bell for service, they also took very long to respond. Once, when i had asked a steward for water, he was busy and told me to go to the back of the airplane to get it myself."
Pros: "I like the local newspaper during the flight"
Cons: "Check in was a shambles. Both my outbound and return flights were delayed."
Cons: "Just the passengers continuing on to Hangzhou were told to wait on the plane. Then after all the other passengers left, we were told to get off as well. Then we were told to stand and wait for at least 20 minutes, then routed through the airport to join the first group of passengers on the plane to go through immigration, where one of the immigration officers was yelling out us. Then we had to wait at least another 20 minutes before we were led to the check-in counter where we each person needed to get new boarding passes. This process took at least a half hour. Then we had to re-enter the regular security line to reboard our flight. When we landed in Hangzhou, this process was essentially repeated, except that this time we collected our checked bags and went through customs before having to go to the check-in counter, again, get a new boarding pass, again, and then go through regular security to continue the remaining leg of my flight. I've never seen such an inefficient transit procedure in my life!"
Pros: "Very Attentive staff, but with some language difficulty."
Cons: "1. Couldnt use mobile phone for reading only (mobile phones had to be completely switched off). I wont be flying China Eastern because of this rule. 2. Boarding and unboarding on tarmac was inconvenient. 3. Movie selection not up to date"

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