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  • Looking for a cheap flight from Bergerac to London Gatwick Airport? 25% of our users found flights on this route for Bergerac or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be July, August, and September. The cheapest month to fly from London Gatwick Airport to Bergerac is June.

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

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Airline reviews

Pros: "The crew was helpful and friendly, priority boarding was super speedy and the food was served promptly (to my neighbouring passenger not me)."
Cons: "The seats were dirty and the plane could've done with a clean, plus I ended up with stiff knees because of how squished I was."

Pros: "On boarding the plane was dirty. My daughters seat had food droppings on it which needed to brushed off before she could sit. We then had the worst landing we have ever experienced. Scary."
Cons: "A clean plane for passengers. An explanation to why the landing was so inept."

Cons: "Was late for 1.5h"

Cons: "The staff are snappy with the passengers - she tried to take my coffee away from me - this was my 4th flight in 36 hours so I needed to finish it so took it back quickly !!"

Pros: "The crew and the timeliness of the flight."
Cons: "The level of comfort. Pretty terrible airplane seats, but are tolerable if you’re doing a short flight."

Cons: "Daylight robbery. I got charged 55pound for not checking in online 2 hrs before. I felt disgusted by this ridiculous amount as I had no idea. Really frustrated with your search engine and Ryan air for not making this very clear"

Pros: "There was nothing great about Ryan air. We flew with Flybe on the way back and it was a much better experience"
Cons: "Very disappointed with Ryanair and lack of communication from kayak regarding the checking in process. This was our first time to Europe and we booked a last minute trip to Dublin. We arrived at the airport 3 hours in advance to check in and allow time for navigation. We waited in line for an hour only to know that we were either supposed to check in online or upstairs at the airport. We had 4 minutes to check in when we got to the front desk. Staff was incredibly useless and did not assist whatsoever. We had to logon the airport WiFi and watch the video then missed the checkin by 1 minute. This is absolutely unacceptable. We were then directed to another service department for a 55 pound charge each! Which was the same as our original flight. I did not receive any notification email to check in ahead of time. This was a very stressful time for my traveling partner and I and do not feel obliged to be paying the consequences given the circumstances. I am hoping kayak will honor us as loyal customers and reimburse us for these unforseeabke fees. This would be greatly appreciated. I can provide receipt and documentation if needed. Thanks"

Pros: "Service good"

Pros: "Efficiency"
Cons: "They made is walk around barriers carrying our bags slowly shuffling forward to get into the seated area in front of the gate. It took 15 mins . They could set up the ticket check inside the seated area so we could relax."

Cons: "Waiting room was cramped. Waiting passengers who needed to use the restroom were only allowed to go one at a time"

Pros: "Price; travel light, and take own food and it’s fine."
Cons: "Wait for the drinks/food service, and we would be on the way into land before they reach the middle of the plane on London -Dublin flight"

Pros: "Price."
Cons: "We arrived 2 hours before the flight. No gate info available for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes it said gate info would be in 20 more minutes. After that 20 minutes they said another 20 minutes. There was no info on the flight and you have no place to wait until they decide to tell you where your gate it. When the gate info finally came up it said to report to the gate immediately and then we were supposed to board. Basically you are forced to stand for 3 hours not knowing anything about the flight."

Cons: "The heat in the cabin was way too high"

Cons: "No pockets"

Pros: "The boarding system"
Cons: "The delay"

Pros: "Polite cabin staff."
Cons: "Delays, no information given until After entering the gate area, and even then not until after we should have been boarded. Not enough information and not clear when eventually given. Tray table and back of the seat in front were both dirty, dried on spillage from a previous flight."

Cons: "A little late setting off"

Pros: "Value for money, this was good."

Pros: "But quick boarding glad I had priority"

Cons: "I don't like the fact that you have to pay to sit with your companions. As a protest for this I refuse to buy any food or drink on the flight."

Pros: "Good coffee (for £3)"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for an hour. Looked like the crew were a bit overworked."

Cons: "I had to miss one of the legs of my trip to Dublin due to connection problems and struggled to find out if I could reschedule the flight. In the end I resorted to simply missing it and booked elsewhere as there were no tickets available on either Ryanair or your site.Ryanair need to be more accommodating of people who need emergency contact."

Pros: "The price"
Cons: "It appears that all the flights are late. We ended up over 2 hours late. This has been occurring more frequently."

Cons: "Having to pay extra on top of fare to sit beside my own wife!!"

Pros: "crew very professional and friendly and boarding was quick and efficient.."
Cons: "flight price extortionate......flight delayed by over an hour resulting in me missing my bus connection and having to wait 2 hrs at airport"

Cons: "Delayed a bit."

Cons: "2hr 30 minute delay with no information or vouchers"

Cons: "self service kiosks were not working in airport and we were told it would cost 50 pounds each to print boarding pass. We followed directions to try to print on our own by paying for expensive internet service at the airport but still were unable to view & print boarding passes. After talking to several rather unhelpful reps, someone at the Sky Desk made an exception to allow us "free" boarding passes. This was just after 2 people were charge full price (50L each for passes & full price to check luggage, after they didn't get promised email to check bags online) Cheap fares doesn't make up for frustration"

Cons: "i was charged for still water. you are flying in a pressurized cabin for over an hour, and you don't feel obligated to offer them the most basic of services, like water. when will you begin to charge for using the toilets?"

Cons: "£50 x2 charge for not being checked in We checked in 24hrs before hand but they said it wasn't on the system When we checked in we checked our bags in and choose our seats. Absolutely disgusting a £17 flight ended up over £200"

Pros: "The flight arrived on time and the plane was clean. When flights are this cheap I think it's naïve to expect anything more."
Cons: "Most of the bad things about Ryanair are consequences of their no-frills setup. People who fly with them have made the choice that low price is more important than luxury. The miserable bits about flying with Ryanair are: - The terminals/gates are frequently sheds (Grenoble, Bergerac), or in bigger airports the most distant and least well appointed (Liverpool). - Very little consideration is given to customer service (such as announcements for delayed flights). - The planes are as basic as can be, as is the service. - The scratch cards, food, drink, and all the "extras" you'd get as standard on other airlines such as included baggage, seat choice etc are all ways to boost profits given the low fares. - "They always leave late" - my theory is that the flight times are exaggerated so that they arrive on time at the expense of departure times, i.e. extra time is built in to the departure time to make up for cleaning / other gate delays. In short, flying with Ryanair vs KLM, BA, Virgin or Lufthansa is like taking a long distance Megabus instead of booking a seat on the train. It's cheaper. It's cheaper because it's a bit rubbish and a bit inconvenient. If you want a flight that's nicer, pay for it. Stop moaning about Ryanair."

Pros: "I liked getting off the plane."
Cons: "Hidden fees after hidden fees... The lady at the check in counter said my bag was fine... At the gate they said it was to big and weighed too much. £50 Extra. I bought an exit row seat because I'm big guy. The seat belt didn't fit so I asked for an extension and the flight attendant got very snippy with me and said she would not give me an extension because ​of "safety reasons". (This has never been the case on any other airline I have flown.) She then very rudely said because of your rather large size we are going to have to move you to another seat where we can give you an extension. Like I said I know I'm a big guy but you don't have to so loud and rude about it. At least say it with a smile and some kindness... Wow. It was just uncomfortable and not a good feeling. Later when I got to sitting in my new seat, they came through with the convince cart (no free snacks or drinks, you pay for everything.) She nor the other attendent with her asked if we wanted and thing, if we were doing alright, nothing. Thank God it was only a 1.5 hour flight. So glad that experience is over."

Pros: "The price..."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for over 2 hours with little information to passengers about why/with new expected times. Boarding was a mess with people all of a sudden rushing towards the door. On board, the crew seemed very flustered and was constantly rushing around, unsure who ordered what, etc. At a minimum, I would expect free coffee and water and was surprised to find out that was not the case on this flight. Not a positive experience and will try not to fly Ryanair in the future, will also not recommend to friends."

Pros: "Missed as flight from.larnaca was cancelled"

Pros: "the flight crew was nice and friendly when they werent trying to sell you something."
Cons: "Ryanair is a bunch of criminals that prey on the Americans traveling abroad. Yes its a discount airline but my $18 flight turned into $150 after all the hidden fees were paid for. To charge a passenger 15 pounds each to print a boarding pass is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone else around us could use their phones as a boarding pass except for the traveling Americans who did not have access to a printer while on vacation is criminal. Lesson learned, I will never fly Ryanair again and will tell every American I know not to be blinded by their discount fare."

Pros: "The flight itself was fine. No issues whilst on the plane."
Cons: "The website gives option for e-bording passes but the front desk wouldn't allow them. We had to use a printer/pay for internet to get our boarding passes printed. Then they didn't even use the ones we printed off. They printed off their own."

Pros: "On arriving at London, Gatwick, for our trip to Dublin, discovered that Ryanair wanted 105 pounds sterling for our luggage for the 3 of us. That was a surprise I did not appreciate as was not highlighted on their website when I made the reservations. Also, the lift to allow our daughter, in a wheelchair, access to the plane was broken and her Mom and I had to help her carefully and with a lot of effort up the plane 20 step ramp from the tarmac to the plane's rear door. Not fun at all. Rick Sickles"

Cons: "Sardine seating. Very poor "breakfast". Constant selling of deals"

Pros: "Quickness"
Cons: "Crying baby"

Pros: "Ryan air had a convenient flight time from Gatwick to Dublin - that is the ONLY reason I flew with that airline. I was able to get a last minute reservation, but it came at a high price."
Cons: "Cramped seats and narrow aisles; no complimentary food or beverage provided. Crew seemed harried. Flight was not on schedule."

Cons: "Why did I pay for priority boarding? It didn't give me any sort of priority! And then we sat on a wretchedly hot flight for 40 minutes before leaving."

Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and no on was told"

Pros: "We arrived on time."
Cons: "The very very long wait and queue checking in at Gate 11"

Pros: "Only thing I liked was the food, and service wasn't too bad"
Cons: "Boarding was a nightmare. They warn you that you need to check yourself in online at least 2 hours before or they will charge you. We got there three hours in advance, tried to check in online but the the page always redirected you to their wifi which they want you to pay for. The only other way around this was to use the other wifi but that means we would have to do download their app. In the end, we nearly missed my flight because of all this and so we ended up checking in there and being charged £90 or $135. What a ripoff."

Pros: "The flight attendants were very friendly and always smiling."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by more than an hour and we weren't given any notice or information as to why. When we were finally given a gate number to board (barely 30 mins before our scheduled take off) we were directed to a closed gate with no staff or plane and waited there for over half an hour before Ryanair staff arrived. When staff members arrived (after the scheduled departure time) they had no idea what was going on or why there was a delay. I clearly heard one of them say, "I don't know why all these people are here." The lack of information was frustrating and it was unfortunate the staff at the gate had to try to deal with a problem they had absolutely no clue about let alone seem to even care about. I do not plan on flying with Ryanair again because of this horrible customer service experience."

Pros: "Boarding from both sides of the plane was good"
Cons: "Made us wait in line for way too long, No air conditioning on the ground made the plane sweltering."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Charged $20 to print a boarding card, $50 for luggage, and $50 to check in at the airport. Flight attendants were peddlers of goods--no free service"

Pros: "We had been scared by other reviews, but this was not as bad as we'd read. There is no entertainment onboard, no food except for sale, and some luggage restrictions you need to take note of before you check in. Otherwise, quick smooth flight, friendly staff, luggage arrived, so overall fine experience."

Cons: "Outward trip was delayed by approx 1 hour. Without any announcements or information. The return flight was just as bad, rushing everyone through to the gate waiting area just to be left sitting there for an extra hour."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from London Gatwick Airport to Bergerac

Airlines flying from London Gatwick Airport to Bergerac have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from London Gatwick Airport to Bergerac

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from London Gatwick Airport to Bergerac

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from London Gatwick Airport to Bergerac

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from London Gatwick Airport to Bergerac

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