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Top airline flying Varanasi to London

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air India
Overall score based on 6,810 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Nothing. I would never ever fly with Air India."
Cons: "They need to work on everything. Super crappy customer service, crappy food quality etc"

Cons: "There were no fans or AC running before takeoff and we had to sit in a hot plane for an hour. My seat wouldn't stay reclined. My child's entertainment system froze early on and no one fixed it. One of the toilet seats was broken. Airport checkin lines were very poorly managed."

Cons: "Proper meal for lunch but for dinner we were given snack foods (croissant, fruit salad and chocolate cake). Also my bag got left in Delhi as I had a fast transfer - Got it back but it was quite stressful!"

Cons: "Working entertaining systems"

Pros: "Arrived early . Really rude air hostess told me to go and sit down .I was standing because my feet were swollen .So rude ."
Cons: "On the ay out broken seat no TVs no choice of food poor service . Return better seat , vegetarian option was potatoes curry with rice ,fruit with ? A bug in it ( yet to go under microscope ) and a rice based desert !! Poor choice of films . No service between meals unless you went and asked for"

Cons: "Your (Kayak's) booking service sucks."

Cons: "I didn't like flight from Del to LHR as my seat didn't have the light switch working. So I had to ask stewardess 4 helkp 7 she forgot. asked for 2nd time some body else switched on from cabin. to switch off to sleep had to call back staff. pl repair it."

Cons: "The crew certailny could be more cheeful Perhaps they just were tired. The food was terrible despite the airline from nation of exqisite cuisine. The enternainment screens did not respond or work even with the remote. There should be better maintainance."

Cons: "3 hrs delay"

Cons: "Seats and surroundings could be cleaner."

Pros: "Nothing in particular"
Cons: "The cabin was freezing. People were wearing jackets, hoodies, scarves and hats but the flight attendants didn't do anything about that. The disastrous Rayanair at least realised how that was making them burn more fuel and now they are letting passengers melt with heat. When will Air India learn this?"

Cons: "1 hour late"

Pros: "The 787 DL was a spectacular ship and lerf ct for a sub 6 hr crossing from Newark to London"
Cons: "passenger trying to load were stressed and unorganized. But circumstances were unusual with Primera going bankrupt hours before and causing busy flight."

Pros: "good food and support for wheelchair but have to wait longer then expected"

Pros: "The crew were very friendly and helpful. I paid $25 extra (which isn't much at all) for an exit row and it was as comfortable as it could have been in economy. I got to my destination safely and on time which is most important."
Cons: "I wasn't able to keep the screen for the entertainment system up (I had no seats in front of me so the screen was on an arm) so I could not use the entertainment system. If I had been able to use it, I usually prefer using the audio part of the system and I noticed that only Indian music was available. It would be nice if some western music was also offered."

Pros: "i have never flown before so i was very surprise that all the staff was very good and very helpful. i have told my family and friend what a good Experience i had"

Pros: "Overall it wasn’t that bad"
Cons: "My entertainment set was broken so I was suffering for 15 hours"

Pros: "Pilot was perfect"
Cons: "Food should be good"

Pros: "The Flight was on time"
Cons: "The crew was not helpful friendly or pleasant. They were indifferent to the passengers."

Cons: "Punctual, Clean, and curtious staff"

Cons: "They did not allow me to cancel the flight even though I was unable to fly."

Cons: "The food"

Pros: "I liked nothing. Starting from bagage transfer from SpiceJet in Delhi"
Cons: "Behavior of customer service in Delhi Airport. Absolutely unethical behavior from an agent called Vikash who claimed to be a manager in transfer disk in Delhi."

Pros: "Boarded fast; on time"
Cons: "Seat did not recline; food poor quality"

Cons: "Food not good at all"

Pros: "Aircraft comfortable Crew helpful"
Cons: "Flight delay not announced till queuing up for boarding Text from Air India to arrive 4 hrs before boarding Flight delayed by 1.5 hrs due to fog but no intimation till after queuing at gate! No announcements re extent of delay. Crew got on with doing their job Lack of info - ? Down to Delhi Airport but distinct lack of Air India ground support But in their defence all flights were Delayed maybe this was just one of those things but to not let passengers know - this could do with improvement."

Pros: "Everything was smooth sailing and even landed 45 minutes early into London. Service was good and no complaints."
Cons: "Not a huge selection of movies in the in-flight entertainment but enough to get through the flight!"

Pros: "787 is a great airplane."
Cons: "Entertainment system at my seat was not functioning and crew could do nothing about it. Crew was not particularly friendly or respectful of my preference to sleep."

Pros: "- Good time of day to fly (left midnight, arrived in London around noon) - the flight coincided with normal sleep time, so I arrived with very little jetlag. The aircraft (Boeing 787 Dreamliner) was well equipped, had ample luggage space and effective mood lighting. - Flight left on time and arrived early."
Cons: "The aircraft could have been cleaned better."

Pros: "- Leg room in emergency exit seat (pre-booked and paid for) - Overall service - On-time departure - Far improved customer service levels"
Cons: "- IFE is poor, very limited selection (in English at least) - multiple document checks every time I moved! Approx 6 people needed to see my boarding pass before I got on the flight...."

Pros: "Beautiful new airplane with super friendly crew. I was catered to constantly. This with the fast pass to get through customs in under 5 min was wonderful. Highly highly reccomend."
Cons: "Selection of movies for English speaking customers very limited compared to rivals."

Pros: "Steward repeatedly woke me up on a red eye flight to offer me water when I was clearly sleeping and had a blanket over my head-- didn't seem to understand when I explained I'd "just like to sleep and didn't need anything, thank you." screens and headphone jack broken. Very difficult to understand folks on the hotline when I called to see if I could change my flight due to illness. Nice people, certainly-- super kind-- just really not up to snuff for a long haul."

Pros: "Plane staff were very nice. Food & red wine were both very comfy. Loved that they supplied pillows & a nice blanket! The top halves of the seats were very comfy – the same cannot be said for the bottom."
Cons: "Was upsetting that the entertainment consoles did not work for virtually all of the flight, and even when they were the content that I wanted to watch 'could not be loaded' for some reason."

Pros: "The entertainment was pretty good. Megar selection, but good quaility. The flight was on time. The leg room was pretty good and the seats reclined back far."
Cons: "-food was poor: too spicy, stale bread. Breakfast was also stale. -the flight attendant ignored my call button request, even cancelled it twice before coming over. Then rolled his eyes at my request for a pillow. -They fumigated the cabin. I'm not kidding. They popped these aerosol canisters and walked around the cabin. I have no idea why. The flight was from NYC to London Heathrow. This was unpleasant to say the least. -since it's a cheap airline, the clientele was as to be expected. Some guy jumped in the lavatory in front of me after I waited 20 mins. The boarding process was like the line for the lifeboats on the titanic. -they played some traditional Indian music during landing. I understand it's AirIndia, but if I wanted music playing I'd have put it on myself. It seemed intrusive and strange. -they "misplaced" our luggage. It didn't come out of the carousel. Bags claim said it's "somewhere in the airport". Myself and about 30 people waited 40 mins for them to find our bags. At least they didn't go with the connecting flight to India? -we deplaned on the tarmac and took buses to the terminal. Once there, AirIndia staff asked us to produce our bording passes again. One women said she threw hers away, since we were already off the plane. They yelled at her saying it made "it" easier for them to process. I have no idea why they needed to see them once we were at our destination."

Pros: "seats are good."
Cons: "No baggage handling protocol. Had to wait over 1 hour for luggage."

Pros: "The price and AI staff attitude/demeanor were both very good."
Cons: "The actual service quality was below the average US flagship airline, far below the average EU flagship airline, and very far below the average Asian flagship airline."

Pros: "- The crew was pretty good. Helpful overall"
Cons: "- The boarding was handled very badly. Couldn't believe my eyes to see something as simple as boarding looking like a complicated job! - AI crew is pretty rude when it comes to helping with overhead cabins: The cabins are high and it really is very difficult for most individuals to manage it single-handedly. For crew to say this is to any passenger,"You opened it. Now close it" without a 'please can you close it' just sounds atrocious and mean"

Pros: "Flt was on time. It was enjoyable.."
Cons: "Lost my sleep !!!"

Pros: "The window seat"
Cons: "Bathroom a mess"

Pros: "On time, good movies and overall o What one expects for an economy class flight."
Cons: "Sometimes the air hostes were hard to understand."

Pros: "Good flight, modern plane. I love curry, but food was god awful"
Cons: "Baggage handlers went through my stuff and stole tools."

Cons: "Not helpful at all"

Pros: "That it could fly!!!"
Cons: "The staff are awful - no sense of customer service. The food was frozen and distasteful! They should get sued over health and safety! No drinks service, all self service. Broken seats and TV - third grade airline!! Should not be allowed to operate in developed countries. Crew were pathetic! The only good thing was it could still fly - thank GOD for that!"

Pros: "The flight was delayed six hours and we did not get sleep do we will never use air india again. One of the worst flights we have been one"
Cons: "The movie selection was boring and the service was atrocious ditto"

Pros: "Flight experience was overall very good..Everything went was OK...had seats in H row and these were very comfortable...could sleep for 6 hrs..In flight entertainmemnt was fine..But didn't require much of I slept through most of the flight...above my expectations...4.5/5"
Cons: "Crew behaviour could have been better"

Cons: "The screen from the front row was loose and fell on my leg which was painful. I felt I was treated as if it were my fault!"

Cons: "no through check in."

Pros: "Flight was on time. Boarding was not managed well by Ahmedabad Airport. Two toilets had faults. Faulty tap and toilet seat. Lacking choice in in-flight entertainment despite high quality system. Air India should offer free water at the seat every 2 hours instead it's a help yourself service which is less good. No wi-fi services."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Don't count on making meetings and connections if your taking Air India"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Varanasi to London

Airlines flying from Varanasi to London have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Varanasi to London

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Varanasi to London

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Varanasi to London

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Varanasi to London

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