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Hawthorne holidays have something for everyone – from kids to senior citizens and from history buffs to adventure enthusiasts. Hawthorne is also renowned as an environmentally sustainable society and maybe for this reason, this city in Los Angeles County has been nicknamed the 'City of Good Neighbours'.

Hawthorne holidays: Climate and travel

April to October is the best time for travelling as during this period Hawthorne experiences average highs of 22°C to 26°C and average lows of 10°C to 17°C. However, the best time to enjoy this city’s numerous indoor attractions is when thunderstorms and heavy showers strike between November to March. The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the nearest for reaching Hawthorne. Once in Hawthorne public buses and light rail can be used to navigate the city which is in the Pacific Time Zone (GMT-8).

Attractions in Hawthorne

The Eucalyptus Skate Park (around 15,000 square feet) offers free facilities and supervised skating for the kids. However, it’s important to wear elbow and knee pads along with a helmet to ensure complete safety. The Hawthorne Municipal Pool is an artificially heated, open-air swimming pool designed for both women and men with separate locker rooms, changing rooms, and heated showers. Holidaymakers can book the pool for private parties. However, Hawthorne holidays would remain incomplete without a visit to Hangar 18 which offers world-class indoor rock climbing facilities for all ages. This place is also available for parties and special events.

History buffs can look forward to the Beach Boys State Historic Monument, built to honour the Beach Boys for their contribution towards world music. Purchase personalised monument bricks as mementoes of this historic place at reasonable prices. Finally, elderly couples visiting the city can enjoy facilities like free computer lab access, lunch and dance programmes in the Hawthorne Senior Centre.

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