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The creative city of West Hollywood, or WeHo, is sometimes overlooked as a destination because of its more famous neighbours, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. The city has strong gay, Jewish and Russian communities and has been a national leader in social justice issues for years.

West Hollywood

Planning West Hollywood holidays

A West Hollywood holiday can be enjoyed year round due to the Mediterranean climate. During the coldest month of the year daytime temperatures range between 15-23°C. Los Angeles International Airport is only thirty minutes from the city by bus or taxi. The city is rated as one of the most walkable cities in California and can be easily explored on foot. There is also a free mini-bus running through the city. West Hollywood is in the Pacific Standard Time zone (GMT-8).

West Hollywood's famous nightlife

West Hollywood has a long history as a nightlife hotspot. The city is filled with many famous live music venues and clubs where numerous musical acts launched their careers. Two notable areas are the Sunset Strip and Santa Monica Boulevard. These streets have a large selection of bars, clubs and trendy restaurants and are a focal point of any West Hollywood holidays. West Hollywood is also home to the largest gay nightlife district in the Los Angeles area and hosts a large gay and lesbian pride parade and festival every June. Another crowd-drawing event is the annual adult Halloween Carnaval.

Shopping & design in West Hollywood

West Hollywood Design District is a high-end shopping and arts district. Robertson Boulevard is lined with boutique stores often frequented by celebrities. Melrose Avenue has antique stores, exclusive furniture stores and interior design shops. Galleries, beauty & fitness establishments and restaurants are also found throughout the area. Spanish Revival and Art Deco apartment buildings and hotels from the 1920s, such as the landmark Sunset Tower, were home to many celebrities throughout the years.

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