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Low season

NovemberBest time to beat the crowds (8% less expensive on average)

High season

DecemberMost popular time to fly (4% more expensive on average)

Average price (return flight)

£324(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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£179or less

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£54or less

Top tips for finding a cheap flight from Bournemouth to Greece

  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price for flights from Bournemouth to Greece.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly from Bournemouth to Greece is April.
  • Morning departure is around 45% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
*Average of the lowest prices shown in KAYAK’s search results for departures within the next 30 days

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Do I need to take a coronavirus (Covid-19) test before flying to Greece?

Can vaccinated people travel to Greece?

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What other coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions are there in Greece?

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Top airline flying Bournemouth to Greece

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Overall score based on 18,172 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Like? They ripped us off, so there's nothing to like."
Cons: "€70 per person fee for not printing a boarding pass 2 hours prior to departure. No JTR kiosks to even try doing this. The check-in was not avail' via the app. The Skyserv staffer lied to us about sending an email notice & SMS about this. There was ZERO flexibility by the Skyserv staff to enforce this horse$#;t policy, just a hardlined pay the fee or don't fly. Thus we had to double, triple the cost of our flight just to get to Athens. JTR is worse than flight terminals in Iraq & Afghanistan. The flight - who cares, they ripped us off, made our morning miserable, and we'll never fly RyanAir again."

Cons: "The airline only allows online checkin and didn’t notify us through emails until a few days before the flight when we’re already traveling. During international travel, we don’t check emails. We ended up paying almost $200 to checking at the airport. will not use this airline again."

Pros: "Priority members get to jump queues when boarding."
Cons: "Long queues for boarding for non-priority members"

Cons: "Poor service and delays!"

Pros: "I got assigned to the seat I requested"
Cons: "I arrived early per their suggestion and was one of the first few people in line for baggage check in. I was told boarding passes were not free, they charge a fee but she would not do it right there. She sent me off to another window to pay, then I had to come back to this window to get my boarding pass, which had a huge line by that time. It cost me an extra 68.20€ and another 31€ for a checked bag. Definitely NOT the low cost airline they claim to be! The flight may be reasonable but they get you with ridiculous fees. I will never take Ryan Air again- they are crooks! Once they’ve sold you a ticket you are stuck having to pay the fees. It’s cagey business practices."

Cons: "Kiwi booking through kayak was deceptive and I had to pay for a ticket at check after learning Ryanair does not do business with kiwi. Price was more than double and kiwi also billed me. Thanks!"

Pros: "Cabin staff was polite, the flight was short."
Cons: "The check in process is absurd. I did not have a chance to check in on my phone beforehand, so I waited in line to check in at the desk. At my turn, the woman behind the desk was annoyed with me for not checking in and told me I had to go speak with another office (though she did not clarify why) and then come back to her. The airport was small, so lines for check in, security, this other office, and those seeking food were all merged into one large group. This second office didn’t open for another 40 minutes so I was thankful I’d arrived early. Standing in line, those around me all figured out why we were there: this was the line to pay extra fees. Apparently if one doesn’t check in beforehand, there is a fee. Ok, I had a few euros left. Nope, it was €68.20 to check in at the airport desk. I took my receipt and went back to the first line, she printed me a boarding pass and I was able to get through security. The fee to check in at airport was more than the cost of my ticket."

Pros: "I like nothing about this airline."
Cons: "No check in email reminder is provided. Had to wait in 3 different lines to print boarding pass, check in, and find out if your bag fit airline restrictions. We were charged 68 euro each to print boarding pass. The airports credit card machine was down and we were forced to go to an ATM and pay in cash. The carry on size restrictions are ridiculous. Your bag will be marked as too large (at a 50 additional euro charge) if it sicks out by 1 inch thickness wise, even if it fits into the box provided. Horrible experience and I will never use this airline again."

Cons: "They charge €65 to issue you a boarding pass if you don’t check-in online, which is impossible if you don’t have a data plan when traveling and when the confirmation they send you is a different language (Greek when flying out of santorini). About 40 people on our flight of ~170 had to pay €65 extra! Customer service is also horrible as they really don’t care to help you at all!"

Pros: "Liked no pressure sales from crew, but was there if you needed them and helpful very pleasant done their job well, would use again but if alternative carrier might consider them due to comments below."
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable due to shiny covering, slide in seats when asleep ended up with bad back during break, just a suggestion being gluten free ( not a lifestyle choice) would suggest this being added to menu might make more sales as lots of us about and makes you feel cared for."

Pros: "Easy on off process."
Cons: "Very small seats."

Pros: "Prompt take off and landed on schedule"
Cons: "Slow baggage recovery due to automation and a small carousel"

Cons: "Customer service is really poor , the employees are not pleasant ,I got charge 3 times the price I booked my one trip flight from Santorini to Athens because I did not check in two hours before the flight, when I got to the airport in Santorini it was exactly 2 hours prior to my flight they would not accommodate because all they wanted was making money ,extra money. They saling products in the airplane throughout the flight which in my opinion is really cheap and disturbing ,especially I had a early morning flight. Overall the experience was bad ,maybe it was just with me ,but again that's my experience."

Pros: "Only the price."
Cons: "Everything, it’s bad experience, the crew, bordering, SANTORINI airport, security in the airport, waiting long time , they ruined my day."

Pros: "very friendly cabin crew..... went above and beyond when i needed some assistance highly recommend and will definitely be flying Ryan air again"

Cons: "Ryan Air charged my husband and I FIFTY Euros EACH for not checking in online before coming to airport. However, they were very sneaky and misleading, bec. they sent us an email saying that we must check in 2 hours before flight time -- here are their exact words: "Online check-in is up to 2 hours prior to departure. " so we got up at 4:30 am to get to airport exactly 2 hours before to check in online, but online check-in was closed. then at the counter they told us we had to pay 50 Euros each, extra for not checking in online."

Pros: "Ease of travel from Murcia to Bournemouth"
Cons: "Too expensive"

Pros: "Attendants on the planes were VERY friendly. Excellent"
Cons: "We purchased priority tickets and were last on the plane. There was no organization at all. Everyone rushed the plane because we were hoarded onto a bus and told to walk to the plane. I'm small so all of the rude people rushed the plane and I had to wait in the back or get trampled. Why did I pay extra for priority? Even at the gate. People just moved the barrier and sat in the priority section. No enforcement of rules at all. So everyone got priority treatment - or you could say no one got priority treatment, just some of us paid extra to be treated like cattle."

Pros: "You get what you pay for."
Cons: "If you haven't printed your boarding pass, be sure that you have enough power on your phone because you will need to present your boarding pass at least 5 times at the Athens airport. Beware, that most phones burn through power while roaming in another country. The boarding area for Ryan air is chaotic and the gate agents are rude."

Pros: "The flight was excellent all throughout,very kind Staff,Captain was brilliant"
Cons: "Wait to long from check in to board the Plaine"

Pros: "Relatively smooth flight, boarding, checking in, arrival, etc. Typical of small crafts. I chose this flight more for the time (it fit with our needs)."
Cons: "It was difficult to figure out the extra baggage fees, what was allowed and not allowed. I think the money I saved on the tickets overall was eated up by the extra 60$ we had to pay for our baggage."

Cons: "Carry on luggage put in hold"

Pros: "Actual plan ride was smooth."
Cons: "They nickel and dime you. If that's their business model, fine, but clearly state what fees are charged and outline how they can be avoided. My story is.... none of the "check in online" emails/reminders nor the actual check in process clearly outlines how to retrieve your boarding pass. We arrived at the airport and they made us pay €37 per boarding pass!!!!! Turns out you have to download an app to retrieve an electronic pass. Well, we didn't know that, and since we were in a foreign country whose airport had no WIFI, we couldn't download the app. We were traveling with friends who had carry on luggages. The carry on luggages were deemed carry on to our destination. When traveling back home, they were no longer deemed carry on and my friends were charged €60 per carry on bag. Ridiculous. In summary between check bag fees and boarding passes we paid triple the amount of th airfare."

Pros: "Kept informed"
Cons: "Sitting on tarmac for two hours, and being asked to pay for a bottle of water"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing!!!"
Cons: "This airline actually charged 62 Euros, this was to print a boarding pass--and this was after I was deliberately delayed in getting one and then charged another 62 Euros at the gate because they claimed my luggage didn't fit. This was after I watched the guy before me leave with his bag that didn't fit, and I had paid for priority boarding, which was what their site had suggested when I did the online check-in, which I was charged for. In all, I paid over 130 Euros in total in addition to the money I paid for the ticket. Dispicable!!! a real rip-off!!!"

Pros: "It was cheaper than others."
Cons: "They make you measure your bag about three different times and charge a lot to check. They also do not post this anywhere but the airport. THEY WILL NOT TRANSFER YOUR BAGS FROM ONE FLIGHT TO THE NEXT. You have to go out, collect the bags at baggage claim and repay for your bag to check it onto your next flight. They call this "point to point" I call it an annoying scam for more $$. They also don't let you sit down in the waiting area without measuring your carry on bags. So my husband went out to get the checked luggage and then recheck it, I took his carry on luggage so it would be easier for him to go through security. Ryan air would not allow me to sit down until he came back."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The check-in was long, lots of standing in cramped spaces, and the rep wasn't friendly or helpful. The website was difficult to utilize and app wouldn't download. It doesn't make sense that you must pay 30 euro before you get to the airport and it seems as if you are checking in. But then you find out you have only paid for luggage and not checked-in. Every time I went to website to check-in got diverted back to main check-in page. So, I had to pay 63 euro for them to print. T boarding pass which is absurd! I ended up paying double what I originally paid. I would not fly them again And would recommend that people just pay extra $50 or so for a better quality of airline, seating, customer service, and fees explained up front. These outrageous surprise fees are crazy!"

Pros: "Seating was not bad. However it seems they made no effort to seat couples together."
Cons: "My flight over doubled its cost when I got to the airport because I was not able to check in or print a boarding pass beforehand and had not prepaid for luggage. Not sure how that adds up to 208 extra euros when my flight cost 160 euros. I do not have an international phone plan and was not able to do this on my phone but so far have had no issues with getting a boarding pass and luggage completed at the airport. And the service there was terrible. There was no order to the line, people kept pushing in and they would just take them ahead. Also the manner of which they dealt with customers was very rushed, rude, and impatient. This is the second review I have written in my life because I don't feel the need to usually, but I wish I knew this beforehand and wanted to share."

Cons: "I didn't like the fact that I had no access to my email until an hour and forty minutes before my flight and then saw I had to check in online witch I tried doing once I saw the email and because I was late by 10 minutes they charged me more than what I paid for my tickets! So wrong! And they were so rude about it at the airport! I will never fly with them again."

Pros: "nothing bad attitude , theft by law , non-helping employees , misleading information."
Cons: "i went to airport and astonished that they sent me an email ( during my vacation ) saying that I must check in online ( I didn't took my vacation to read emails especially when the email is sent the same day i will travel ) , i went to pay the check in fees ( which are very high ) , the system refused the master card , Visa card and the employee refused the 500 euro bill , i was compulsory to draw cash from ATM machine , when I came back to counter the employees refused to check me in saying ( you are late now !!!!!!!!!!!) , i was late because of your way of working and misleading customers. as a result i lost more than 1500 euro to get new tickets from Thessaloniki-Athens then Amman and getting a hotel for additional night and taxis ...etc . what made me laugh is that my refund was refused by Ryanair . this is a joke company and I'm thinking in suing them ."

Pros: "The plane didn't crash."
Cons: "If you don't check in two hours before your flight, they will charge you €50 per person to essentially print your boarding pass. We were backpacking in Europe and unable to get access to email reliably, so never got the big warning email they send 1 day prior to check in or be fined. So we had to pay up. Employees were terribly rude, probably due to dealing with pissed of passengers all day. We had a second Ryanair flight and luckily were able to print our passes ahead of time... Though in our situation that is rarely a possibility. It's a straight up racket."

Pros: "There is nothing that I like about this trip. It was a horrible experience and probably it will be my last time booking with Kayak. And I will make sure to let friends and co workers know to not use this website, unless you do something about this issue."
Cons: "Our flight was at 6:35am from Rome to Greece. We took an Uber to get to Ciampino Airport cause the trains don't work until 4:30 or 5am. So we get to this crappy airport and it was closed. We see people sitting outside in the stairs, sleeping on the few benches that was there and on the ground. Finally around 4am the airport opens and have to be in line waiting another half an hour for the people of Ryanair to come to the counter. When is our turn they told us that we have to go to another counter around the corner to pay for the laugagge and because we didn't print our ticket I tried to print my ticket all day the day I bought it and the website didn't allow me. I kept requesting for a code over and over again thinking I was doing something wrong but the bottom to click just didn't process anything. So I thought with my confirmation number for the booking I will be fine at the airport to get my boarding pass. Well no. They charged us 50 euros per laugagge,, that didn't have any extra weight (11 kilos each laugagge and 50 euros for not printing the ticket. So we paid 300 euros for the 3 of us Now I know why the website didn't accept the request to print the tickets on line cause they wanted to charge ppl extra. And I was not the only one with this issue there were other people in line with the same problem. This is one of the worse airlines ever! Totally scam. They don't give you nothing on the flight not even water. Cause they try to sell it to you. Food, water, snacks. Beware this company is a scam and provide a horrible costumer service."

Pros: "Cheap airfare, but everything else tanked so you definitely get what you pay for."
Cons: "As a non-EU passport holder, Ryan Air didn't communicate when I would be receiving my boarding pass (answer: 3 days prior to flying). Also, I needed to print my boarding pass because of my non-EU status. I found all of this out last minute and it was a little stressful while I was abroad since printers weren't at my disposal. On the day of my flight, everything went smoothly until they made me check my bag at the gate before boarding because they claimed my bag was too big and wanted to save room for other carry-ons. It's not, I've complied with all the dimensions and weight policies. Additionally, I purchased priority boarding for the sole reason of securing a place for my carry-on. I found all of this out when I was on the tarmac. The staff wasn't nice about it and I was overall irritated by the lack of communication. While I was in flight, the staff kept trying to sell duty-free products such as perfumes, food and other goods. This would have been fine for a bit but they literally filled the airwaves during the 45 minute trip with product announcements and pricing on the intercom system and trolling the galley holding stuff up the air. It felt like I was at a hectic auction house. Really odd and annoying."

Pros: "We were very happy with boarding the plane. We bought Priority Boarding passes which meant we could get on the aircraft quickly and without fuss. The crew and all the staff we encountered were all very polite and courteous from the staff at checking in to the guys on the plane itself. The seating was comfortable but we were only in the air for an hour or so due to the shortness of the flight. We didn't eat anything on board and didn't really need to be 'entertained' whilst flying mainly due to the short distance that we flew. All in all a very positive experience!"
Cons: "I honestly can't fault anything of the flight on both legs of our journey."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The actual airport in Santorini is a zoo and everything takes far longer than it should. There are countless lines to wait in and huge inefficiencies in the way they operate. This causes frustration but Ryan Air only added to that tenfold. They nickel and dime their customers for everything including charging 62 Euro for in person check in. They then charge for overweight and oversized bags but these are based on their unorthodox weight and size restrictions. The worst part of all of this is that after going through 3 lines, you then find out your bag is too big and are forced to go back to the gate agent to start the process over. The flight left late because of these delays. This airline is a joke and I would not recommend flying with them to my worst enemy!"

Pros: "* the fast track really works. gained like 20-30 minutes. but that's with any airline if you take off from ciampino airport in rome. * the priority works ok as well. huge plus. but you are a target of "oversize" luggage. see my other comments. * seat reservation also works as advertised. although you might get away just fine with them assigning you a seat. those little planes fill up pretty quick so it's a good idea you get those add-ons to your ticket. they do add up to your ticket though."
Cons: "* carry-on luggage. they mean a small backpack or super small carry-on like the ones kids use. if it's regular airline carry-on regardless of weight, they charge you €50 on the spot. then you allowed to take it on board with you. pay up or take another plane. not even obi wan kenobi could get away with it. "this is not the carry-on you are looking for" -(crickets) cash or credit card sir?" * i saw others with the same carry-on i have and they didn't get charged. some others did just like me. * the planes are just shuttles. imagine a mini van with wings with no reclinable seats. * stick to alitalia or any other well known airline. it's a __lot__ cheaper overall and better service/quality"

Pros: "Flight was fast."
Cons: "We didn't check in early online so we were charged $120+(two passengers). We are on vacation with extremely limited and generally useless internet access. Charging is 120+ for checking in is an obsurb and unethical business practice geared toward taking advantage of travellers with limited options. We showed up 2+ hrs early and the checked baggage attendants shows up about an 1 after we got there. The checked bags process is a big mess. We barely made our flight and were charged 120+ for checking in at the desk. Checked bags at one counter, payed at a different counter, the attendants were late, dropped checked bags at a different counter, required to check a bag that we have travelled all over the world with, and then they curbside check other passengers bags of the same size."

Pros: "Accuracy"

Pros: "We may be able to find cheap tickets with Ryanair but this also comes with horrible service. They charge 3 euros for water ( in flight) and if for some reason your phone stops working and you have not printed your passes they charge 45 euros to print your tickets. We may be able to find cheap tickets with Ryanair but this also comes with horrible service."

Pros: "They were cheap and on time."
Cons: "This is my first and hopefully last flight with Ryan air. Cost savings has reached its limit. Never have I been on such an uncomfortable plane. The seats are so cramped: tilted at an impossible angle to squeeze in more chairs. Horrible experience."

Cons: "I had to ask 6 times for sugar for my tea, I was brought some without spoon almost after an hour and it was already cold by then. Also there was 1 hour delay"

Pros: "Prices UNTIL the small print and extra charges set in"
Cons: "We hadn't used Ryan Air before. A friend had warned us against them. Once in Athens we had no Internet and missed an email to check in online. We arrived at the airport 1 hr 50 minutes ahead og the flight to be told that since we were checking in less than two hours without printed boarding passes all 5 family members would have to pay $60 each as a penalty for not doing so. $300 dollars extra for not knowing the unethical biz practices. Read all of the policies before booking! We will blog and try for a refund but WHAT AIRLINE TREATS CLIENTS LIKE THIS??? Charley and Laura Santa Cruz California"

Pros: "The plane didn't seem too old."
Cons: "My checked bag price was more than the cost of my ticket. I didn't realize that there was no checked bag included in the price. Then when I went to the counter to check-in, I had to go to a separate window to pay for the bag, which took about 15min just to process. I have been on other airlines that have had upcharges, but these were taken care of by the same agent that checks you in, 1) I had a charge that I thought was included the price 2) II had to step out of line to a separate line in order to pay and then take the receipt of payment back to the gate agent. Really annoying, especially if you are pressed for time for your flight. It reminded me of Spirit airlines in the US, nickel and diming you all along, where you end up paying almost as much - or more - for a lot less. I had heard stories about the cheap ways of the airline. They have been confirmed and I won't fly them again."

Pros: "Cheap ticket prices. Left on time and landed on time."
Cons: "They have fees for absolutely everything. They don't transfer checked luggage, so basically just don't check luggage if you're using Ryanair. Also be sure to print off your tickets, otherwise you get charged a lot extra. And they can't do any of the billing at the bag check desk - you have to go to a separate line for a separate desk. In summary, RyanAir is okay IF you print off your tickets and IF you don't have any checked bags and IF you have zero questions or concerns for them and IF you don't want anything from them at any point. Their tickets aren't cheap enough to warrant such terrible service."

Pros: "The actual flight was good. It was smooth and quick."
Cons: "I did not like the fact that I had to pay almost 140 euros more for extra weight in my baggage. Since I was on vacation, I bought items for myself as well as for friends and family. This made me exceed the 20kg weight limit by 5kg for each check in bag. I wish I flew with Volotea back to Athens from Santorini. I flew with Volotea from Athens to Mykonos, and prior to my flight, they allowed me to buy an extra 10kg per bag for 10 euros, which saved me a lot in baggage fees. Ryanair did not give me that option. DO NOT BE INTICED BY THE LOW PRICE. THEY WILL GET YOU IN THE END. They are the Spirit Airlines of Greece. I will NEVER fly with them again."

Cons: "The flight was delayed for an hour and because of that we missed our connecting flight, had to take another one the next day, drag my kids through the airport in Athens and went through a lot of stress. Ryan air does not take any responsibility for their own mistakes. That is unacceptable, we won't ever use Ryan air anymore and we'll also spread the "good" word about them."

Pros: "Flight was on time, they are like a bus service in the sky."
Cons: "Ryanair will price gouge you at the gate. If you show a mobile boarding pass but they decide they want to see it on paper, they will charge you a ridiculous fee to print out the pass. If you want to add a bag, they will charge you over 2x the fee stated online. They know they have you at the airport already, so they can charge whatever they want. Don't bother trying to reach out to their customer service afterwards, they are half-robots that send canned responses that don't really apply to the issue you're trying to explain."

Pros: "Low cost, flight times which met my travel needs"
Cons: "Check-in desk in Athens airport opened late, and I was forced to pay the luggage charge (pre-paid during on-line booking of flight) a second time. The boarding process at the gate was chaotic and unprofessional. My seat in the plane was cramped and uncomfortable. We were never offered any refreshments, but the cabin crew had time to hawk beauty products and raffle tickets for charity then stand around for the rest of the flight chatting, sharing pictures from their friends, etc. As I stated in my previous post about the outgoing (ATH to RHO) leg of this trip, I will never deal with RyanAir again."

Cons: "I understand this is a budget airline, but there is zero transparency regarding fees for luggage. My fiance and I were forced to pay more for our luggage than we even paid for our tickets! Additionally, the processes in place to pay for luggage are completely inefficient and time consuming. If you can avoid traveling with this airline, I would suggest you make sure to book with someone else. Absolutely worth spending a bit more money to avoid the experience we (and almost everyone else on our flight had)"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Bournemouth to Greece

Airlines flying from Bournemouth to Greece have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Bournemouth to Greece

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Bournemouth to Greece

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Bournemouth to Greece

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Bournemouth to Greece

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