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Saint Peter (JER)
Berlin Brandenburg
Tue 28/9
Tue 5/10
Any month
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Top airline flying Saint Peter Jersey to Berlin Brandenburg

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Overall score based on 8,760 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "The crew didn't give me headache for practicing my religious duties to do my prayers in the galley, as has become a new practice in some class airlines recently."
Cons: "The seats don't recline. I'd preffered that they would do."

Cons: "Baggage reclaim very slow"

Pros: "It's a large company in London so it was easy to navigate at the terminals."
Cons: "It was a budget airline and not bad for a short flight. Nothing special."

Pros: "The seats were comfortable, despite the fact that they didn't recline."
Cons: "We waited in cues repeatedly waiting to board. The check in crew kept separating people into different lines (unknown reasons). We were not told that the plane was late until after departure time. (by then, we had figured it out)."

Pros: "There was a 2hr delay and communication from the pilot was misleading at often times"

Cons: "Less confusion about checking bags at the gate. We were told to talk to the desk and then she ignored us for 15 minutes."

Pros: "The crew on the plane handled the difficulties of a passenger well."
Cons: "The repeated delays and mix up with seats which then led to an irate passenger who made ALL of us miserable. She was moved next to my daughters and took her anger out on them by yelling and demanding things most of the flight."

Cons: "Announcements at gate..only one long line..didn't know what was boarding.."

Cons: "Flight was very delayed, there was almost communication. Everyone was literally standing in a hot room for 50 min."

Cons: "There was an altercation between two passengers on the flight that escalated to four people being involved. The crew did little to nothing to resolve the situation. As a result, screaming persisted for multiple minutes until the passengers stopped themselves."

Pros: "Smooth take off and landing."

Cons: "It could have been on time."

Pros: "Flight departed 2.5 hours late. No compensation vouchers issued at the gate, but snacks and drinks were provided free on board, which was a welcome gesture."
Cons: "Lack of updates regarding the flight delay was frustrating."

Cons: "Easyjet should change their name 'Difficult jet' or 'Delayjet'"

Pros: "The crew were great. Explanations given and complementary drinks given due to delay caused by medical emergency. Managed to organise new crew and problem solve very quickly."
Cons: "More leg room as the customer in front was rather large and the chair was pushed back from the weight"

Cons: "We were waiting in the bus for a very long time"

Pros: "Crew were funny"
Cons: "Slow boarding, having to stand in line and wait for the plane without being able so sit down. Flight was late also"

Pros: "The ground staff who helped my mother were just amazing. So kind and considerate"
Cons: "The landing was a little rough"

Cons: "The landing was very bad"

Cons: "The plane was late and we were all crammed into a tiny area whilst we waited to board. We got on straight after the previous passengers disembarked so the plane had not been cleaned well and the whole flight was uncomfortable as it was so hot. The staff were rude in the check in at the Basel airport"

Pros: "Pretty excellent overall. Boarding very speedy."
Cons: "Busy!"

Pros: "It was a short and cheap flight."

Pros: "The crew were lovely and took care of us."
Cons: "The delay was over an hour and we just sat on the plane."

Pros: "Staff were friendly."
Cons: "My flight was delayed which meant I was over an hour late for my connecting travel. Delay kept increasing as I was waiting at Luton airport."

Pros: "Great service landed early both ways defo use again"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Terrible experience with easy jet, for the second time the broke my bag, the attendant just before boarding to the plane she charged me ( in a very rude way) 50€ just because she thought my cabin bag is bigger than standard!! Who will redeem me for my 300€ broken bag. I will try never to fly easy jet unless it is the only available option."

Pros: "Friendly competent staff."
Cons: "Lack of space between the seats."

Pros: "Crew are friendly and helpful."
Cons: "All beverages and food are for purchase. Not much of services."

Cons: "Seats don't recline. Never had that happen before. No free food or drink, have to pay for everything."

Pros: "Friendly staff, offered me to move to improve my convenience. "Hands free" option was very good for us- our suitcases were slightly(!) oversized (can we book this in advance?)"
Cons: "No water(?) Some entertainment options would be nice..."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. Ends up costing me ½ day of work around £500"

Cons: "Five hour flight delay (7:00 to 13:15) which forced us to buy 2 new tickets to same destination same day on another airline as we would have missed our return flight to the US from Hearhrow otherwise. Totally unacceptable!"

Cons: "Flight was delayed"

Cons: "Why make you board the plane and then tell you there is a 45 minute delay"

Pros: "Easy flight conditions"
Cons: "Limited space for long legs"

Pros: "Everything ran on time"
Cons: "One Air stewardess kept banging in to me while I was sat in my seat and it's not like I'm over weight and handing into the walk way, they were abrupt and rude to other people flying too. And one refused to give a man some water before we took off for his baby as he had spilt his, I later over heard them as I was at the back where they sit, saying I could have gave him water but he should have been more prepared and brought some with him! I mean to not allow a child some water is pretty low standards especially as he explain that he had spilt his!!!"

Cons: "It was cancelled and we were left to book alternative flights and hotels."

Pros: "On time leaving"
Cons: "Hot lounge, a hold up getting on. Crew could have helped more stowing cases in the top lockers. Bumpy landing"

Pros: "The flight was late but no announcements were made. Staff did not understand or speak French. Nuts were 2:50 euro. It said cashews but only included peanuts. Boarding was long and inefficient."

Cons: "Boarding with kids was difficult."

Pros: "NOTHING!!!!!"
Cons: "They charge 47Euros for Hand Luggage if you don't pay for it when you check in. You are only entitled to one personal item (your purse or small bagpack). Read their website carefully before booking. They charge you for everything- even a cup of water. I booked travel for someone who needed assistance, but the lady at check in counter was too busy scolding me about all their rules, that she never got wheelchair for us. It was the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I don't recommend this airline for folks traveling from the USA with lots of luggage. This works well for Europeans making short weekend trips that are less than 1hr to destination. There are better, friendlier airlines on the market."

Pros: "Deplaning on both sides of aircraft"
Cons: "Agent checked carry on size 2 times through the whole process"

Pros: "I like that the flight left on time even though I had received a message earlier in the day that the flight was delayed."
Cons: "The extra costs associated with flying EasyJet.. the flights aren't that inexpensive to begin with and then every little thing costs extra.. it's kind of annoying."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "2 hours delayed"

Pros: "The price was great and we coordinated our luggage and carry-ons to comply with the rules that we found on-line. But that turned out to be useless."
Cons: "However, when we arrived to check our bags, there was a completely different set of rules and the baggage reservation that i purchased online did not show on the computer. My receipt on my phone didn't mean a thing to them. It was stressful opening and re packing our bags to comply. I couldn't even carry on my purse if i wanted to bring on a carry-on bag. My husband could not bring his briefcase as well as his backpack."

Cons: "Leg room was tight. No drinks were offered on a two hour flight."

Pros: "I liked that it had no delays, very fast. Friendly staff clean, speacious, very please for the price."
Cons: "Actually I like everything!"

Pros: "Good timing"
Cons: "The pilot kept refering to Tel Aviv air port as Jaffa airport, made me feel unconportable."

Pros: "Delayed 7 hours"
Cons: "Rude flight attendants"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Saint Peter to Berlin

Airlines flying from Saint Peter to Berlin have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Saint Peter to Berlin

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Saint Peter to Berlin

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Saint Peter to Berlin

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Saint Peter to Berlin

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