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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Maastricht? 25% of our users found tickets to Maastricht for the following prices or less: Cheap flights to Maastricht from Bristol £88 round-trip, from East Midlands £100 round-trip, from Birmingham £149 round-trip
  • High season is considered to be September, October and November. The cheapest month to fly from United Kingdom is January.
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I and my family got treated in an unfairly way upon check in! It was my first ever time to travel with Ryanair even though I travel 35 to 40 trips a year. I printed all paper for my trip from Dubai to London to Leeds and York in UK and then all paper for my trip to Italy incluyding PCR tests, hotels and trains. However, I couldnt check in online with confirmation email I received from Kayyak so I thought its ok I can just go to Ryanair desk on arrival to airport to check in. On arrival to Ryanair desk, the lady I spoke to wasnt professional and in fact was very rude. The minute she knew I didnt check in online she looked at me and asked me to pay £55 each to check in and when I asked her nicely to check with her supervisor if anything can be done to reduce charges she said to me "I'm the manager today and nothing you can do otherthan paying the £55 for each one of you!". I had to pay £275 for the 5 of us and when I said to her I'll send a complaint about this she said I dont care I dont work for Ryanair!. The delay she caused us to check in made us not making it to plane ontime and that made the situation even worst. I had to pay another 1100 euro on airfrance to make it to Rome. I'm just hoping that you can invistigate this case and then let me know the outcome. Kind regards, Ismat +971561855581

We didn’t buy anything to eat and there was no entertainment on a short flight. We planned for this and brought a book. Everything was fine. As expected.

Cons: "I was there 10 minutes from my flight because of a lot problems from airline doesnt matter and they supposed to take a flight at 15:30 my flight was delay but we arrived at 15:40 and i was thinking i lost but suddenly i saw that it was missing 10 people more and i was running like hell on it and at the gate they didnt let us to take a bus ... The funny was that the plane departure at 16:20 that was freaking out and Im never gona take that airline ! I always chose Norwegian but i was thinkkng that they have change little bit ° , in Norwegian one time they wait for me 20 minutes 20 minutes ! Ryanair is the most Bad and i feel sad if i m writing for them as well !"
Pros: "Airport security was efficient."
Cons: "Every group on plane seemed to have been purposely split up even though there were many empty seats. Difficult to book luggage on the website. They said there were strict size limits on cabin bags, but when we got to the gate they didn’t check any - we had to pay for an extra bag in hold when we could have just used a bigger bag for hand luggage. Everything was difficult. Bag drop didn’t work - we had to queue to to go to the desk 3 times and the lady eventually did it herself. Staff were polite and nice."
Cons: "Boarding in Manchester was a disaster. Scanned boarding passes, let everyone down the stairs to the apron, only for to be told to come all the way back up the strairs again because of a change of aircraft. Had to do the whole pre boarding and boarding process all over again. More interested in selling hot Panninis rather than check if we had a belt for our baby. Even after doing safety checks, they passed us and still didn’t have a belt for our baby. Only when we called them back And asked for a belt did we get one, and all this whilst the aircraft was moving. Waited over 25 minutes for our buggy bag to come out the baggage belt in Dublin."
Pros: "The flight attendants were very friendly, courteous and professional."
Cons: "Literally everything from checking in to seat and baggage is unnecessarily monetized."
Pros: "A pleasant journey."
Cons: "It was fine. No complaints."
Pros: "A1"
Pros: "Nothing late again dirty plane not allowed to bring alcohol on which is fair enough but they don’t mind selling you there own"
Cons: "Everything was rubbish"
Pros: "'ve Ry quick"
Cons: "40 mins late"
Cons: "The heat, insane air con not working"
Pros: "In flight snacks were good. Staff pleasant."
Cons: "Getting through security was a stressful nightmare. I had no idea what to put where. Was just given a tray and expected to know. Signs said inhalers needed to be in plastic bag but website said meds were ok but keep handy. Threatening notices said if you get it wrong your bag will be searched and you can be delayed for up to half an hour (the inference being you could miss your flight). Vowed not to fly again although may get over it!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Treatment!"
Pros: "On time and that’s about it"
Cons: "Hot, cramped, slow boarding and ridiculous wait times at the bag drop in. Almost missed our flight despite getting there 2.5 hours before boarding"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everyone stood up the entire flight and being split up from family."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "We boarded on time but ended up 30 minutes late due to the staff running around like headless chickens, seemed very unorganised. Guy making announcements on the plane spoke so fast you couldn’t understand a word. Engine made a terrible buzzing noise for half the flight, so loud you had to shout to hear anyone."
Cons: "I paid for my seats and the ask me to change next to the emergency door, something that i would never choose."
Pros: "Nice and cheap."
Cons: "The window was in the wrong place so I got a bad neck trying to look out."
Pros: "Leaving"
Cons: "Security is ridiculous, cramped spaces, long lines, dirty."
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "The flight was significantly delayed because of a woman having a panic attack. Other people should not have to wait because one person is afraid of flying."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The staff, the crew none could english well enough for anyone to understand them"
Cons: "Delayed a little"
Pros: "Crew were friendly"
Cons: "Everything. I’d rather walk than use this company again"
Pros: "Managed to sleep most of the way so the journey went very quickly"
Pros: "Ryan air crew very good"
Cons: "No vegatarian food"
Pros: "Cheap fares"
Cons: "Front boarding stairs out of use - conjestion at rear boarding Extras for check-in return journey"
Pros: "We didn't crash and I arrived at my destination safely."
Cons: "The flight was 90 mins late, we were herded like cattle onto the plane which was filthy with empty sweet wrappers littering the entirecabin, which in turn was full of crying children (whose parents appeared powerless/unwilling to comfort them). While none of this was helped by the poor weather creating epic turbulence and a near-miss with another aeroplane, I did take a flight the following day with EuroWings in identical weather which was far better controlled with less nausea-inducing turbulence so I do feel I can blame Ryanair for feeling quite sick as we left the plane. If we'd had to go in for a 3rd landing attempt, I'd probably have turned up for my meeting all covered in vomit as they don't even provide sick bags! Ryanair isn't just basic and cheap, they don't even do the basics properly. It's as though they're deliberately trying to make the experience as horrible as possible. Ryanair is dreadful. Never again!"
Pros: "Price of tickets!"
Cons: "Walking out on the tarmac to board."
Pros: "Friendlly cabin crew. Clean environment."
Cons: "Delayed flight."
Cons: "leaving later than scheduled"
Pros: "Prompt take off and easy boarding.decent leg room"
Cons: "My husband was very disappointed with the coffee and the chocolate and cranberry cake. Prices very steep too.."
Pros: "Comfortable seat"
Cons: "Flight delay and .no air bridge"
Pros: "Everything about it was smooth and easy"
Pros: "The price of the ryanair flights are great, and will probably be the reason I continue to use them"
Cons: "I am not bothered that there was no in flight entertainment, or that everything cost extra, a lot extra, like drinks (2.5Euros for a can of cola). It’s what you’d expect from a trip that only cost £14.99 each way... But, the things that don’t cost anything, the things you’d expect from any big brand weren’t there at all. Zero communication from staff about why the fliight was delayed (until we landed at Frankfurt) Zero personality from the staff. They looked unhappy, or overworked, or bored... Lufthansa, British Airways, AA, etc... all happy staff. Staff weren’t even communicating verbally... they mimed a lot of stuff... The safety breif was disorganised and they had to repeat it as the pilot interrupted... and the pilots announcements were very unclear, due to a lack of pronunciation of the words he was saying. If I was to offer a suggestion as to how this could be fixed, Inwould suggest that it has something to do with poor recruiting, low staff morale, or something similar"
Pros: "Delayed take off , arrived a head of time"
Cons: "Lack of information for delay"
Pros: "The cabin crew were very friendly"
Cons: "The queuing for boarding and the speed for boarding was bad"
Cons: "= sardines and quite unpleasant"
Cons: "Flight delayed, no baggage tags to put cabin cases in hold and ‘random allocation’ seats actively place people as far away from each other as possible"
Pros: "The staff were friendly, the boarding crew clear and quick."
Cons: "Late take off, shouldn't happen for a regular short haul flight, meant I was too late arriving at my final destination"
Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "The landing very bumpy"
Cons: "Needed more self service bag drop off terminals and better instructions on how to use them. Queue to drop off bags was ridiculous."
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "Delay of flight and delayed access to car rental (made via Ryan Air). Ryan Air did nothing to help with communicating the delay to the car rental company."
Pros: "Boarding was good. Left & arrived on time. Crew very efficient in spite of the problems encountered with passengers."
Cons: "The flight was not so much Ryanair as Liverpoolair. There were hen & possibly stag parties on board who had obviously had a lot to drink , were very noisy including when the safety procedures were being announced & the crew had to constantly deal with passengers who would not obey instructions."
Cons: "Delayed flight without being told before boarding at Paris BVA"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything, firstly I checked in early as recommended to find that my wife and I were not sat together. It gave me the option to change one of our seats, stating that it would only increase in cost if we select a more expensive seat. It turns out there were more free seats than reserved but to sit next to my wife (without changing hers) it was going to cost £10, no idea why as they hadn't selected her a more expensive seat. Guess what.....the exact same happened when checking in on our return journey, can't wait to board the plane in a couple of days! When arriving at the airport it is clear Ryanair are removing staff to keep cost down with no care for passenger satisfaction, you check your bags in automatically which appears a scam for over weighing your cases and charging you without having to speak to you. It coat us £10 for being over a kilo, we didn't believe we were but paid it as we thought we had no choice because no staff were close by. A couple beside us were supposedly 3 kilos over and believed this to be incorrect, they kicked off enough of a fuss to be able to go check in face to face and not pay a single penny, doesn't quite seem fair? The final nail in the coffin was the fact that at 8.45 (our supposed departure time) we were stuck in a huge queue watching people get off the plane we were due to board. No delays or hold ups had been announced yet we should have been boarding at 8.15 and told to go to our gate as normal for this time. No plain in sight and when it arrives we can't go straight on as people are getting off it! All in all Ryanair have been awful so far and I am dreading our flight home!"
Pros: "I like that they are affordable. My flights were very short (1 to 2 hours) so there was no entertainment. I also can't rate their food because I didn't purchase food or beverage. Overall I am very satisfied."
Pros: "Travel with you again and again"
Cons: "I am satisfied"
Pros: "Row 1 seating"
Cons: "40 mins late"

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