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Airline reviews

Cons: "Customer service from the crew, it could be nicer and better attitude and more positive."

Pros: "New aircraft had free Wi-Fi and lots of movies. Clean."
Cons: "First bag fees of $120 per bag one-way were punitive. Anti-customer policy. Cannot recommend flying with them."

Cons: "Worst trip ever"

Pros: "Efficient check in and polite crew."

Pros: "Me gusto el trato de las azafatas y la comida estuvo muy buena!!"
Cons: "Deben mejorar la comodidad de los asientos"

Cons: "When late, pls help passangers.with no helpfull people dont work"

Cons: "Incoming Delayed & outbound delayed 2 hrs as a result"

Pros: "Fantastic crew, super comfortable seats, food was really good, boarding organized."
Cons: "Nothing could have been better!"

Cons: "Boarding was a disaster that took an extra 30 min"

Cons: "Flight delayed but otherwise it was good! Maybe entertainment such as tv monitors or inflight entertainment upgrade."

Pros: "Everything was on time"
Cons: "Lots of hidden fees, horrible customer service, no flight entertainment available, seats were uncomfortable. Definitely would not recommend"

Pros: "On time flight, good service"
Cons: "Long wait for deposit luggage . Food could be much better."

Pros: "Flight on time"
Cons: "No gluten free meal available"

Cons: "Everything was good"

Pros: "Everything else"
Cons: "The WiFi was expensive and very little total data allowance even in Executive class so very unsatisfactory."

Pros: "Excellent landing, adequate number of attendents, food served, wide aisles"
Cons: "I would not do Nee as well ll for the twwwo plus hour flight. If the center seat was occupied as there simply was no space for my knees."

Pros: "There is enough space between seats. Good selection of movies."
Cons: "Luanda personnel refused to check luggage lad to mxp even when the other flight was also TAP. We had to pick up luggage and recheck in LIS."

Pros: "Service and food."
Cons: "We did the extended layover to experience one night and one morning/afternoon in the city. A 2 -1/2 hour delay took away our chance to see the city at night."

Pros: "When we landed at the destination."
Cons: "Gate checked 90% of the carry on luggage, but not with an official tag, just some guy scribbling on tags before the bus. Boarding was a fiasco: disorderly lines just to pile into a bus and shuttle to plane. Comfort!? Ha. I'm 5'8" short and my knees were digging into the seats in front of me. The new seats are hard as a rock and don't recline. Cramped is an understatement. The tray table is literally the same size as the tray itself. Did TAP build a mock up of this before production?!? You get to hold your drink and put your silverware in your lap while you eat. Food was too hot to open foil, and once opened was mediocre at best. Entertainment?!? Literally nonexistent. Well actually in the fancy seats beyond economy there is a little slot to attach a phone or tablet on the back of the seat. So your entertainment is whatever you brought. I guess the touchscreen/on demand entertainment I remember from the early 2000's is too high tech for TAP."

Pros: "You can charge your devices (only in one plains from London to Portugal)"
Cons: "Cabin crew were far from welcoming when dealing with the African passengers (including me though I'm Spanish) the food was a disgrace On a 5 hour flight to Accra there was no entrainment, the chairs were incredibly uncomfortable and you could not even charge your devices... The food arrive way too early. I believe the airline has put less of an effort on these planes due to the nature of the passengers... I have been traveling for 20 years and I never felt so disappointed by an airline... I will not use this airline ever again"

Pros: "Left on time, arrived on time."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Not too many people"
Cons: "Was delayed. Too long waiting for luggages"

Pros: "Quick... I was happy to be out of there"

Pros: "Flight was only 15 minutes late"
Cons: "Food and drink (esp. non-alcoholic) is terrible. Not offering a vegetarian option - even on short haul - is ridiculous in the 21st century."

Cons: "The 2 hour delay!"

Pros: "Staff were pleasant"
Cons: "The 2 hour turned 3 hour delay. Lack of organizational during check in. Had to show our documents 4 times within 10 meters."

Pros: "Cabinstaff were friendly and professional"

Pros: "Cabinstaff were friendly and professional"

Pros: "On time and waited for our connection from Miami without any fuss"
Cons: "Comfortable seats but very luttle legroom"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Never made this flight"

Cons: "Too sleep deprived from earlier missed connection to notice much about this flight except for the complete mess when it came to boarding. You can't line up 4 boarding zones in an area that is maybe 10ft by 10"

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Long flight uncomfortable seats"

Pros: "Seats were comfortable in economy although no one is ever happy with how little they recline, crew was friendly and helpful. Entertainment selection was larger than most airlines I've flown on."
Cons: "Flight left Toronto at midnight, the crew served a meal and it was about 2 hours after departure that the cabin lights were finally turned off. On an overnight, overseas flight, turn off the lights and service breakfast with a noon arrival like all the flights I've taken to London do."

Cons: "Your change and return policy is a ripoff."

Pros: "On time, no mishaps."
Cons: "Entertainment system was very old and only partially working."

Pros: "Entertainment! Loved having such a wide selection of things to watch on the screen at my seat. Such a nice luxury to be able to watch a movie, a show, check the status of the flight/plane/distance/time/map, and more."
Cons: "The food wasn't that appetizing. It actually gave me upset stomach for the rest of the flight. I was in the bathroom 3x during the flight and I usually don't use the restroom more than once during any given flight. I didn't like that when asking for a drink of water, they only give a half full cup of room-temperature water. On an 8 hour flight, I get dehydrated and could drink 2 water bottles alone. I don't like to be a nuisance to the attendants so I only asked for water twice. I just wish they would provide small personal bottles per customer. I also have never flown on TAP before so I wasn't aware of anything like how to call an attendant using the touch-screen or even that watching movies was free. It should be said over the intercom at the beginning of the flight."

Pros: "It is comparatively inexpensive for business class."
Cons: "You get what you pay for! Boarding was very disorganized. Lot of standing around for no good reason. Food and drink service was mediocre -- they ran out of stuff."

Cons: "TAP says they're partners with Jet Blue until something goes awry. didn't work as a team to troubleshoot on how to get me to Rome on time or even on the same day. missed a day of my trip. didn't compensate, didn't troubleshoot until too late. didn't work to make it right as a team. wouldn't recmmend"

Pros: "Complimentary beverages and snacks. Understandable English from the crew about the flight information"

Cons: "I had a 17 hour overnight layover in Lisbon and I am a gold member of star alliance yet the TAP customer service desk in Lisbon told me they can not give me a hotel voucher for the night! Seems wrong."

Pros: "The seats were comfortable, but could use a bit more padding for a long flight. The food was decent, and there was a good assortment of movies, music and TV shows."
Cons: "The crew seemed unhappy to be there."

Pros: "Flight staff was great, service was top notch. food was surprisingly good, red wine included in your ticket. movie choice was good. coach seat was as manageable for a long flight. you pretty much know what your getting yourself into flying coach overseas. this was a pretty good seat."
Cons: "We flew thru about an hour straight of moderate turbulence but i'm guessing that was unavoidable. Checkin was a bit weird, they had a gate change and never announced it. Fortunately, i checked the board. about 6 of us had been at the other gate for a long while."

Pros: "Not much. Lunch"
Cons: "We paid to check the bag In and when we arrived the girl could not see this. We showed her clearly the paper then she charged ya and realised she had made a mistake but couldn't refund us. Terrible experience. Don't use the."

Pros: "All included extra inches of leg room and personal entertainment system at no additional cost. Food was excellent on our way to Europe, not so good on the way back but still decent. The crew was professional and courteous and the boarding process (two kids included) was very smooth. This has been our BEST experience with an airline in 15 years of traveling annually to Europe. I will book with TAP for now on."

Cons: "I'm vegetarian and I can't chose the option when I made the checkin"

Cons: "Connecting flight cancelled"

Pros: "Good organized, friendly staff"

Pros: "Finally getting to JFK"
Cons: "Crew with the attitude, limited access to toilets, late departure for the unexplained reasons"

Cons: "Sandwich served was a bit bleak but it was served with a glass of wine!"

"They need to improve the breakfast."

"Up-to-date entertainment such as movies."

Pros: "The atendió"
Cons: "El embarque"

Pros: "The crew were friendly and helpful and the flight arrived early, even though we left a little bit late - as such - I was very happy with the flight. The onboard entertainment system was wifi based and there was a USB charging port in the seat too - modern aircraft."
Cons: "I had no complaints - the flight was just what it should have been ie no issues"

Cons: "Crew was rude and the seats had astoundingly little leg room. Plus they tried to upcharge for everything. Will never fly with this airline again."

Pros: "Everything was good."
Cons: "There was no problems whatsoever."

Pros: "I paid the $29 for an aisle seat and wasn’t disappointed. It was a pleasant flight."
Cons: "Hanging flown on several wide bodied aircraft, it’s been my experience that the A330 has a much better coach experience than the 777 aircraft models. For me, it’s a matter of legroom). Fortunately, I didn’t have anyone next to me on the flight and was able to spread out a bit (I’m 6’5”!!) My only other complaint was that while this was booked as an Iberia flight, the flights were all serviced by American Airlines. Check-in, seat selection were all handled by American. It was a little confusing in the online check-in process, because for months, the AA app wouldn’t recognize anything but the return legs of the trip using the record locator provided by Expedia."

Cons: "Still waiting for luggage 2 hours after flight arrived."

Pros: "It was cheap"
Cons: "Flight was late, boarding and unloading was slow so I missed my connection to LA."

Pros: "Seats we re super comfortable, better than BA or Swiss for example. Food and drink excellent, gain better than Swiss or Ba, not to say US carriers who are on a league of their own (worse). Flight arrived early."
Cons: "A bit more space for placing magazines etc would be welcome"

Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Too many people and little space to move"

Pros: "We arrived on time!"
Cons: "Checking in and dropping off luggage was a nightmare... There was no one at the check in desks indicated on the screens or the check in terminals. Eventually I found a desk at a different location that would take my bag. Boarding was chaotic, no lines, just a crowd blocking access. Even passengers with small children couldn't get through. Space between seats was minimal. Crew was ordering passengers to take headphones off during security demo. I understand it is important to be attentive, but ultimately you shouldn't be forced to."

Pros: "Not much it’s a very regular flight"
Cons: "Delayed almost 1 hour. No entertainment on board and nothing offered except for purchase"

Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "My airfare includes baggage with the receipt yet the agent at check in said I had to pay for luggage and I didn’t book with them directly. Low service level."

Pros: "Two hour flight, with nice crew. Entertainment on board with a good selection is based on wifi and your ownd device. On time"
Cons: "Food is not free. If you want some, pay for it (what nowadays is normal). Leg space was tight for me"

Pros: "Boarding and deplaning was done in a fast and orderly fashion. Crew members were polite and services were done in a coordinated manner. The food quality and quantity was good. The entertainment system and availability of options was very good. Seats were spacious and the blanket provided was very nice."

Pros: "Iberia Premium Tourista is an absolute gem, don't overlook an upgrade from Tourista."
Cons: "The food is just marginal, but I wasn't expecting anything different"

Pros: "Very little - other than getting off"
Cons: "Every detail from rude checking all the way through rudness"

Pros: "The movies and the leg room seemed better then normal"

Cons: "Crew wasn’t unfriendly , no food was provided"

Pros: "It was a great experience. The crew was helpful and kind."
Cons: "All but two toilets were out of order halfway through the flight."

Pros: "More spacious than the flight to Madrid. Good was fresher good entertainment system."
Cons: "Seats were a bit hard."

Pros: "Nice newer plane Both USB and power ports"
Cons: "There was a horrible stench of sewage much of the flight Meal choices were very limited Entertainment was pretty limited The wifi has a 200 MB limit -- I blew threw it despite spending 30 Euros -- that's never happened to me before One of the flight attendants was really out of it"

Cons: "space between seats, too tight for my legs"

Cons: "In flight entertainment didn't work and crew wasn't concerned and didn't do anything about it."

Cons: "There were delays at Heathrow due to fog. Rather then backing up all planes by an hour or so, BA gave our plane away. We experienced a 6 plus hour delay. So after flying for nine hours from the U.S. overnight to London, we had to sit around the airport, while watching other planes take off on time. We got in so late to Madrid that our hotel room that we reserved months earlier was given away. After being awake for over 24 hours we had to walk around Madrid at 11:00 pm at night, looking for someplace to lay our weary heads."

Cons: "I was Given different seat at boarding into less comfortable place - no explanation."

Pros: "Nothing stands out."
Cons: "The seats are cramped, no leg room. The passenger in front of me reclined her seat and spent the majority of the flight in my lap. The temperature on the plane was hot. if you're in an aisle seat you might feel the air conditioner but not if you're in the center of the row. There are not air vents above the seats. This was a long flight to be miserable."

Pros: "The flight itself was fine"
Cons: "The agents at check in were rude and unhelpful despite the fact that I was traveling business class. One even tried to tell me what it is like to fly in the US, that it is worse than in Spain."

Pros: "Seats were comfortable. Smooth take off and landing."
Cons: "No free drinks, and I had to flag down a crew member to buy the €2.50 bottle of orange juice; even then I had to remind him before he brought it! We had little time between flights, and had to empty water bottles at Security before boarding but forgot to refill them, so we really noticed the lack of beverages."

Cons: "No body let me know that my connecting flight had been canceled, even though they knew before my previous flight landed. Not many options for getting to my destination. Had to change airports and didn’t offered much help with that."

Cons: "didnt get support for connecting flight. Flight was delayed in run way making us miss the connecting flight."

Pros: "Crew was very nice"
Cons: "Flight delayed for 3 hours. No apologies. Nothing. Interesting thing: NYC to Madrid, 3 hours late, missed connection, no apologies., nothing One week later: Madrid to NYC: 3 hours late, no apologies, nothing. IBERIA AIRLINES: Never again!"

Cons: "I was late to catch my plain to San Francisco 5 minutes because it was too much people at customs and the plain coming from Madrid was 15 to 20 minutes late due to the bad weather. The plain was supposed to departure at 6:30pm and I got there at 6:20pm the agent at the gate told me that the doors were closed and she gave me a plain ticket for the next flight to San Francisco."

Pros: "Check in personnel were able to place me in the 3rd row where the seat pitch was poor but not as bad as the rows farther back. Wheelchair helpers were very efficient and friendly."
Cons: "This was return part of my journey. The LHR to MAD leg of my journey was extremely painful. I was unable to pay online or on the phone to upgrade the short leg of my return trip without raising cost of my whole trip from USD $1250 to over USD $4000! Also was not able to choose seats ahead of time online or on the phone. Even in the 3rd row it was difficult to fit my thigh length in the seat pitch. I had to sit with my legs splayed and with one leg in the aisle. My leg was constantly hit by luggage, pax, and cabin crew. It is critical to me that I can physically fit into the space between my seat and the one in front. With the short seat pitch emergency evacuation would be very difficult for me and the other pax. Since I need a wheel chair I can no longer request the exit row as I have done for 45 years."

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "No food no drinks no entertainment and my knees where hitting the seat in front and I am 5 10"

Pros: "Pilot was great, soft landing, smooth takeoff"
Cons: "Small seats"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Take off was delayed for six hours and Iberia's representative in Madrid told me me missing my train to Valencia is not their problem and Iberia will not reimburse me for the train nor the Iberia flight I had to take to get to Valencia. I've been an Iberia's customer for many years. Horrible customer service and poor airline service. Shame"

Pros: "Iberia has started upgrading their planes and this one was quite comfortable for a long flight with good legroom and comfortable seats."
Cons: "We boarded 20 minutes late with no explanation, then took off another 30 minutes late with no explanation or communication at all. The flight attendants were not friendly or helpful. The food was mediocre. Our entertainment system was not working at all for half the flight, they reset it about four times to get it working. Once it was working, my husband's screen was not responding at all. Flight was smooth and pilots made up some time in the air which was appreciated."

Pros: "Flight on time"
Cons: "Check in was terrible, did no allow online and on the desk a lot of misinformation which sent me to different desks for check in. Personnel Needs training!!l"

Pros: "Staff was friendly, bathrooms kept clean, and seats were comfortable. Entertainment was top notch."
Cons: "We kept trying to order water and food from our screens but the process was complicated, long, and ultimately didn't work. The system is buggy."

Pros: "I liked the food and the fact that we could have wine with dinner."
Cons: "I didn't like the boarding procedure. There was an announcement for business class first, but then there wasn't enough said about the rest of the boarding i.e. "Group one can board now." Everyone was moving forward whether they were in group 1, 2, or 3. It was disorganized and not handled in a fair and efficient manner."

Pros: "Crew was nice and entertainment options were great."
Cons: "Boarding process out of Miami international was disorganized and unpleasant. Crew did not have control over the order for boarding and it became a bit of a mob."

Pros: "Missed flight as scheduled changed forward by half an hour and re-organising another flight was difficult. Had to fly from another airport in Spain and transfer was without assistance. Staff did a good job at sorting a solution. The return home on BA was excellent and very efficient."

Pros: "Check in and flight were excellent. Didn't use food service."

Cons: "Nothing!"

Cons: "The flight from Madrid to tel aviv was very crowded, no place to hand bag, the seat wasn't comfortable like in a low cost flight. The was no TV, not even music. To bad"

Pros: "The crew was great."
Cons: "Very unpleasant seating. For some reason, the armrests do not raise all the way, making it impossible to get comfortable and cuddle with your spouse."

Pros: "It would be much better to get water more often and maybe a few snacks"

Cons: "While making the reservation online it said that you could declare your luggage when you do online check in 24 hours before your flight and the charge would be 15 euro's per bag or if you wait and do it at the airport it would be 30 euros per bag. I tried numerous times to do the check in before our flight and it kept saying unable to complete. I explained this to the agent at the airport and he still charge us 30 euros per bag."

Pros: "everything"
Cons: "nothing"

Cons: "Long delay back sitting around at airport, we got notification of flight being late but told we still had to book in at normal time .Why not the 2 hours before???? Mad"

Cons: "Late boarding"

Pros: "Easy boarding and quick to receive baggage in Gatwick"
Cons: "Late opening of check-in. 2 desks allocated so 2 long queues. 20 mins into check-in the queue I was in changed to priority boarding. This necessary information should have been indicated in advance as 90% of the passengers were in the wrong queue. As for aircrew 1 of the female crew was miserable as sin and unhelpful to most passengers"

Cons: "Why make you board the plane and then tell you there is a 45 minute delay"

Pros: "Staff were excellent. I felt valued as a passenger. EasyJet seem to try to improve their process continually."
Cons: "Nearly every EasyJet flight I take is delayed. I know this can be beyond their control but I think scheduling is a bit tight. That said they keep you updated often and delay times go down as well as up."

Pros: "The process was uneventful but comfortable all round.. we left right on time and arrived back right on time."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Late and the crew wasn't helpful"

Cons: "Being late on both journeys! With no explanation"

Cons: "Late like usual"

Cons: "Being charged £90 when Inhad to change a typo on my boarding card. When I looked at my bc I saw that there was a typo. In the middle name section I had mis typed my name sstor..I finally worked out how to amends it..I corrected it & the next screen charges me £90.."

Pros: "I have been a fan of Easyjet for years but my last four experiences with them have been poor to say the least. A return flight to Naples earlier in the year and now Palermo shows that their attitude to customer care is slipping badly. All four flights were delayed to a greater or lesser degree. That happens and is usually beyond the control of the airline. What is not beyond their control is the way that they communicate during the delay and the way they treat their passengers. We are people not self-loading freight. Easyjet is fast becoming as bad as British Airways and they are by far the worst. A very frustrating and sad thing to see. The beginning of the end for Easyjet?"
Cons: "Abysmal communications. A don't care attitude. Not my problem syndrome. Treating passengers like cattle."

Pros: "The crew was polite and friendly"
Cons: "It was delayed like the previous flight with easyJet to the holiday destination"

Cons: "Began 'boarding' the plane despite the fact people had not got of plane that had arrived from London. We waiting in corridor thing that leads to plane for over 20 minutes"

Pros: "Customer service was good"
Cons: "Delays both ways, hours waiting, no update throughout the process and if we are even 10 minutes late after staying updated online with the delayed flight times, we get told off satimof weeks can't board the flight."

Pros: "Was meant to be a 21.40 flight that was delayed until midnight"
Cons: "Arrived at gatwick after public transport closed with no assistance offered"

Pros: "Pilot's way of explaining delays & diverted route"
Cons: "FRANTIC at Marseille Airport Easyjet security check area Then after unexplained delays, at gate entrance my hand luggage was refused even though it was organised the same way as my outward journey and that was OK. Aggressive checker said it couldn't have been Easyjet - I don't lie, and my outward journey was Easyjet. Had to repack & so spoilt some contents. We were left standing in gate area for ages without explanation."

Pros: "Crew were really nice"
Cons: "Queue and staff at Nice airport were so poor/slow. Also flight was delayed"

Pros: "The welcome, the staff, everything was FAR better than my last flights with easyJet."
Cons: "New lights, lady behinds light was directly on our sleeping baby's head and we had to hold our hand over his eyes!"

Cons: "Decompression before landing was awful."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Fairly cramped seats, constantly trying to sell me stuff at ridiculous prices"

Pros: "Flight on time"
Cons: "Overpriced water £1.80 for small bottle rounded up to €2.50 - double ripoff"

Pros: "New laptop ban was notified by email and text, so all ready when I arrived at airport. This is a lowish cost airline and crew were good, but does offer really good value and worth paying a bit more than some of the cheapest out there. Not too much different to BA, but friendlier and better value. Flight was a bit late leaving, but arrived pretty much on time. Food is also pretty good value, high street cafe prices, although the ham and cheese toastie is not recommended. But everything else was fine."
Cons: "Laptop ban is a pain, but not Easyjet's fault."

Pros: "The flight was very late over an hour late and as a results I have to take taxi from schipol airport to Amersfoort which cost me a lot"

Pros: "Crew pleasant and professional. Explained the headwind would add time"
Cons: "No gate number posted at airport just told the flight was boarding!"

Pros: "No issues on outward flight, flight arrived early"
Cons: "Return flight was delayed for an hour and passengers were not informed why there was a delay until the captain mentioned it."

Pros: "Slight delay in boarding which seemed due to ground staff shortage resulting in 30 minute delayed departure, but overall the flight was good - no complaints."

Cons: "Being delayed Not being told anything"

Pros: "Air being recycled"

Pros: "Value for money"
Cons: "When boarding, they call out speedy boating holders, they forgot to call out families with children's"

Pros: "Easy boarding--priority boarding"
Cons: "So far to walk"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Full flight. One working bathroom. The seatbelt light stayed on longer than I've ever seen on a flight and I was begging the crew to go to the bathroom. Utterly ridiculous. 200 people and one bathroom. Get it together."

Pros: "Flight was on time, staff good."
Cons: "Would not have wanted to be on the flight any longer as there wasn't much leg room."

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "You gave us no support and little guidance when we had to find our way from Gibraltar airport to the coaches waiting to take us to Malaga airport today for our rearranged flight to gatwick. No one was there to show us where the coaches were, the snack was chocolate and crisps, the meal handed to us in Malaga was a ham baguette! So for us who eat healthy, or gluten intolerant, or vegetarian there was no food available all day... So no support, little directions, no real food and no care... Unless I have to I will never choose to fly easyjet again"

Pros: "Crew were lovely, good leg room as somehow got allocated exit row. Toilets nice and clean"
Cons: "One hour late taking off. I checked in carry on luggage when requested " for the greater good" but added time to journey - shouldn't be necessary. Long bus ride from plane to terminal also added time. Everything else ok"

Pros: "Makeing up lost time"
Cons: "Time taken to board"

Cons: "Approx 35 min delay on departure from London. Long waite time on getting off the plane."

Pros: "The cabin crew were very welcoming, friendly and helpful and the flight crew sounded professional and kept us informed of progress. the food was fine and not horrendously priced."
Cons: "the plane was late arriving and the information received on KAYAK and the Easyjet app did not match the information displayed in the terminal (the apps were correct)"

Pros: "Upbeat friendly crew. Informative captain. Early arrival."
Cons: "Boarding gate far from main concourse. Tired seats."

Pros: "straight forward and short flight"
Cons: "delayed flight going out and coming home no leg room on flight and air con over us not working"

Cons: "Took over an hour for the luggage to be delivered to the belt."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything Easyjet is simply a poor company. Flights are late and not cheap, staff attention is very weak"

Pros: "Cabin staff"
Cons: "Huge trek to gate. Late - again."

Pros: "Well organised. Pollute efficient staff."
Cons: "One particular member of staff @Gatwick airport who was racist towards non whites."

Pros: "This was the 4th time I've flown with easyjet and on each previous occasion it was delayed. This time the flight was cleared for take-off on time and we actually landed 10 minutes early."

Pros: "Quick and easy to find."
Cons: "A male boarding person. Now, my son has a hidden disability, which means he gets tired easily and need to sit down, so long queues are difficult. We were asked to go through boarding and people with children could go through speedy boarding, which we did, but were stopped by this male boarding person, as my son had a tiny bag across his shoulder and a trolley bag. We were then sent back to repack our bags and went last in the queue, this obviously made my sons legs very tired and he couldn't understand why this male boarding person made us go to the back. It is very unfortunate to have a hidden disability when you are a child, but to be singled out by this male boarding person was an awful experience for my family. As it were many other passengers had two BIG bags, let alone a little tiny one... Tut tut tut, give the crew customer service courses..."

Pros: "Departure and Arrival on time"
Cons: "Too short distance to fly... :)"

Pros: "No delay Everything was fine"

"Terrible food and crew was not friendly"

Pros: "It was a smooth journey. The crew members were great"
Cons: "There was about an hour delay"

Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "The price was high"

Pros: "Royal Air Moroc is a quality airline. Service oriented and professional gentlemen serving onboard. The 787 Dreamliner is a nice aircraft to fly in and the inflight entertainment and flight map were of high quality. My checked bag arrived expeditiously on both sectors."
Cons: "On the regional side, the customer service agents do not make gate announcements informing passengers that the flight is boarding. On both domestic flights, the CSR’s just yelled out that the flight was Arabic. This was a source of confusion."

Pros: "Crew rude and seat aren't comfortable.also didn't get my 4 piece of luggage...I'm still waiting yet!"

Cons: "They let people smoke on the plane and didn't do anything about it which was bizarre."

Pros: "Flight was quick and great crew"
Cons: "The first leg of our flight was delayed so we missed our connection and our bags seemed to be lost. After searching all over the airport and asking staff we found it over across the airport along a wall. It would have been nice if the staff could have gave us this inforamtion"

Pros: "We never got on this flight, still stuck here in Rome"
Cons: "Why are flights overbooked ? It makes no sense to lose a full day without compensation for this"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I had to run all over the airport, go through customs and security run to my gate because my flight was delayed 2 hours + I lost my luggage"

Pros: "Crew was performing properly. My special meal was very delicious. Thanks"
Cons: "Clean the toilets more regularly, and manage noisy adults. I suggest adding penalties to passengers that cause disturbance for others. There was a loud dispute near my seat."

Cons: "They lost everyones bags on the flight."

Pros: "Luggage allowance for sports equipment and delicious lunch"
Cons: "Single use plastic - time to eliminate for good."

Pros: "Great crew! The food was good. Good entertainment options."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit unorganized"

Pros: "Security seems paramount to them"
Cons: "Dont think the left hand knows what the right hand is doing... showed my passport 5 times to get on the plane"

Pros: "Timeliness of food and cleaning up."
Cons: "Crew's short patience with customers"

Pros: "We were late at Casablanca airport again late when we landed at jfk so I was late for 2 hours so I missed my transit from jfk to Philadelphia I struggled the whole to get home"
Cons: "Timing"

Cons: "An old woman took my seat!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delayed for 3 hours, no Communication from the staff whatsoever, very unprofessional crew, definitely stay away from this ariline, it’s my third time flying with them and each time it’s worse than previous one"

Pros: "Boarding on time. Crew was Nice."
Cons: "Seats small and uncomfortable."

Pros: "Crew was friendly and efficient. Seats and food were fine. Flight was smooth and on schedule. Generous free checked baggage. Rare today!"
Cons: "Boarding was a bit chaotic with passengers made to wait in the jetway for 10-15 minutes until boarding continued. Board when the plane doors are open!"

Pros: "Crew was friendly and efficient. Seats and food were fine. Flight was smooth and on schedule.. Generous free checked baggage. Rare today!"
Cons: "Boarding was a bit chaotic with passengers made to wait in the jcorridor for 10-15 minutes until boarding continued. Board when the bus is waiting and plane doors are open! On board my 787 flight, the tray tables were very hard to close, the entertainment system didn’t work, and the bathroom, while not filthy, could have been a little cleaner."

Cons: "Delayed flight as they waited their passenger from Barcelona to arrive. Total chaos at baggage claim"

Pros: "Flight crew was helpful."
Cons: "Food not great. Bathrooms a mess."

Cons: "Both of the aircraft I took today were substandard. Parts were missing and broken. The staff on the first was surly. The check-in process was a mess. Why print zones on a boarding card when RAM never uses zones? No announcements in the boarding area. And on and on. Worst airline I've ever flown on. And I've flown on more than a hundred. You can't expect people to visit if you can't provide the professional service they deserve. Also..., what's with Moroccan security? Why should I have to clear customs for national flights?"

Cons: "The food is sooo bad n the crew are mean Last time I use this airline"

Pros: "Staff are brilliant and helpful."

Cons: "We stayed inside the plane for 1hour without telling what a going on . The food was really disgusting , while the price was with hight"

Pros: "timely and arrived safely in Casablanca"
Cons: "Food was terrible - bad quality bread with a slice of cheese and another starch, at least the yogurt drink was there. Please offer refills on coffee/tea"

Pros: "Fish meal very good but Rock hard ice cold bread told- why not serve warm and separately as most airlines do? Staff (Male)betterthan on Ouagadougou-Casablanca flight but still not very efficient and pretty charmless"
Cons: "See above: and neither flight has any entertainment."

Pros: "Prompt departure, early boarding, sleep before meal"
Cons: "Cabin looked old and dirty, seats were cramped (just like on any airline). Old aircraft, no entertainment system."

Pros: "Plane was big"
Cons: "The flight crew was not professional, food was disgusting, in flight service was not good"

Cons: "WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED and they didn't tell us in advance and COMPLETELYYYYYYYY ruined our entire trip that we had to cancel and LOST ALL OUR MONEY!!!!! WILL NEVER FLY ROYAL AIR MAROC. They didn't have any recourse over what they did"

Pros: "Trip was fine, helpful crew on airplane, and comfortable but very delayed boarding."
Cons: "Boarding didn't begin until the time that the flight was scheduled for take-off."

Pros: "Happy with the service overall ,staff were very helpful and pleasant."
Cons: "but toilets need more attention, like soap and paper towels weren’t there at all,"

Pros: "the food, and comfort"
Cons: "The staff in Casablanca at the checkin point was extremely racist. When we are humans, and paying for airfaire we do not deserve to be treated less than dogs."

Pros: "Row to myself."

Pros: "Everything.!!"
Cons: "Nothing .!!"

Pros: "Very good"

Pros: "I liked that there were options for lunch and dinner"
Cons: "Breakfast is cold and stiff. Not appetizing especially for a long flight."

Cons: "The stewards were totally hapless. There were too many, they kept getting in the way in the aisle. Bathrooms on plane were dirty. Plane was old; no plug outlet to charge electronics."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The flight didn't happen because they changed the time of the flight without notifying me. They left me crying, sick in airport with no hotel assistance. I technically came with plenty of time to make the new flight time but they were not helpful. I asked to be book a different route and they were unable to help me, the manager didn't show for 2 days and that was the person authorized to rebook me."

Pros: "On time. Comfortable. Food was good"

Cons: "The crew really nice and helpful."

Pros: "The food was decent for airline food and there was an empty seat next to me so I had plenty of room on the flight."
Cons: "Boarding was disorganized and chaotic. The crew was okay but felt like they didn't want to be bothered."

Pros: "The crew is respectful"
Cons: "The plane boarded an hour late and no information regarding this"

Pros: "We arrived safe."
Cons: "No organized boarding, they allowed passengers to just push their way through without any line. It was a really old, small plane, didn't have any entertainment whatsoever; the food was ok but handling was quiet unhygienic. The bread was not individually wrapped nor was there a thong to pick up bread with so they allowed passengers to put their hands in the basket to get bread and you could see passengers touching more than one bread then selecting one. Most of the crew had the most sour expression on their faces. Clearly didn't want to be of service to anyone. I had a very very bad experience with RAM several years back flying from Dakar to Casablanca and was horrified how rude the crew was to passengers. I was hoping things had improved, sadly not. There is a huge difference in how they treat passengers on flights in Africa and those to the US. Very disappointed. But at least the plane landed safe."

Cons: "Not enough leg room"

Pros: "food"
Cons: "customer service is horroble , i didnt find my luguage , nobody to talk to , very horrible company ."

Pros: "Timing was great and arrival fast"
Cons: "The seats are not comfortable"

Cons: "Crew opens toilets when locked without knocking. Flight added an extra stop without warning. Aircraft change meant no entertainment."

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Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Agadir to London Gatwick Airport

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Agadir to London Gatwick Airport

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Agadir to London Gatwick Airport

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