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  • Looking for a cheap flight from Leeds to Bristol? 25% of our users found flights on this route for £427 or less one-way and £196 or less round-trip.
  • The cheapest flight from Leeds to Bristol was found, on average, 34 days before departure.
  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price for flights from Leeds to Bristol.
  • High season is considered to be October, November, and December. The cheapest month to fly from Leeds to Bristol is May.
  • Morning departure is around 61% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
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easyJetOverall score based on 9058 reviews
Airline reviews

Je n’ai pas voyagé avec vous car l’avion était annulé !!! GRÈVE ! On Strike ! Et mon adresse mail vous était inconnue ... Alors: comment m’avez vous envoyé cette enquête ??????????? Malhonnêteté

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Je n’ai pas voyagé avec vous car l’avion était annulé !!! GRÈVE ! On Strike ! Et mon adresse mail vous était inconnue ... Alors: comment m’avez vous envoyé cette enquête ??????????? Malhonnêteté

All was Ok

Really good flight

Not having to wait for 1 hour for the last passengers

Pros: "Crew excellent, really looked after a single mum who's very young son kicked off on take off. Very helpful, always friendly. Pilots kept us updated at regular intervals."
Cons: "Disembarkation at Bristol Airport could have been a lot better. Had to wait on board for ground crew to arrive."
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "For budget airline they did pretty good"
Cons: "Too many passengers taking oversized cases on flight. As a result delays whilst luggage was removed into the hold"
Cons: "Baggage reclaim very slow"
Cons: "Last flight of the night always running late"
Pros: "Baggage drop informed gave us a heads up of extra charges to additional carry on bags if they need to be placed as hold luggage at gate, so we were able to check them at bag drop and save lots of money!"
Cons: "Flight could have been on time."
Cons: "It could have been on time."
Pros: "Flight departed 2.5 hours late. No compensation vouchers issued at the gate, but snacks and drinks were provided free on board, which was a welcome gesture."
Cons: "Lack of updates regarding the flight delay was frustrating."
Pros: "Crew good and flight on time"
Cons: "Food options more for vegans."
Pros: "Seating fine, staff friendly"
Cons: "More help with descending from aircraft to bus for less able passengers with bags, not everybody needing help comes under the category of disabled"
Cons: "Very slow baggage reclaim at Bristol Airport"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Chaotic boarding zero food and drink"
Pros: "Crew were polite and efficient. Pilots got us there effectively. We left on time and arrived early. All good."
Cons: "Instant coffee!"
Pros: "On time and boarding witoutvchas"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "quick flight staff excellent"
Cons: "Very. bumpy lots of turbulence I know that's not the airlines fault but you asked what I didn't like."
Pros: "Friendly crew - given access to visit the cockpit as we were delayed for 2 hours. Pilot and copilot happy to show the cabin and answer questions."
Cons: "Check in and bag drop took an hour and we were finally rushed through passed other passenger seat to get us to the flight. We boarded fairly quickly and once all boarded we were told the flight will be delayed for 2 hours. They gave us water and access to the cockpit as stated above. Eventually we took off after 2 hours. We waited another 2 hours for food to be served only to find they had run out of everything accept crisps sweet and drinks. Having left the hotel at 8.30 to get to the airport we very hungry and obviously not happy at this situation to say the least. Pringles and a twix didn’t quite do the trick."
Pros: "Great crew and pilot"
Cons: "Terrible check in / bag drop, long queues, no smiles from staff, jobs worthy- go by another airline"
Pros: "We got to our destination, crew were polite and helpful"
Cons: "Delayed flight by an hour, airplane smelled like body odour as we boarded. Leg room was insufficient (5ft 11, not a huge traveller). Cramped bus to get on aircraft, overpriced food and drink so did not buy any."
Cons: "Never again easyJet. rude staff at embarkation is London , made us pay for two hand bags when other passenger let go with two bags."
Pros: "Very quick and pleasant journey"
Cons: "Nothing all good"
Pros: "Staff were great at accommodating us. Passengers also. Eventually I was able to get my twin girls to sit together so they kept each other's spirits up."
Cons: "EasyJet website failed to allow us to checkin my wife's itinnery meaning we had to queue for boarding passes, despite having no luggage to check only to find out the flight was oversold and at least one of us was on standby. Fortunately, we all got a seat in the end, but my family of 5 was scattered all over the plane, with 3 of us in the exit isle, which would have been great if our kids weren't all < 12."
Pros: "The charges for baggage and seat choice is annoying. I understand if you paying dirt cheap (under let’s say ~50 GBP per flight) but if I’m already paying 330 GBP round trip, I should be able to bring a back pack and a carry on suitcase without having to cost extra!"
Cons: "Baggage and seating fees. Also, cost for even drinks?"
Cons: "1hr 45 min delay:("
Pros: "NOTHINg"
Cons: "More than 60 min delay!!!!!!!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No information, deley after deley and no reps or updates."
Cons: "Enourmous queues at immigration again with excuses of 7 planes arriving."
Pros: "Crew and plane were good"
Cons: "Why do they call us to the gate and then stop us from walking to the plane for ages."
Pros: "I liked being able to check in 2 weeks in advance. Cabins and toilets are clean."
Cons: "Boarding is a bit random"
Pros: "Cheap flight, polite assistants. Had no problems with them although we were very aware of the luggage restrictions. They were fast and helpful."
Cons: "Small stiff seats that don't recline, no entertainment and food or drinks only for purchase. But for the price of the ticket you cannot ask for more..."
Pros: "Very helpful friendly staff would definitely be using them again"
Cons: "I liked the ease of use on the website,once I arrived there friendly staff from start to finish which helped the flight go by so much better"
Pros: "As always good service with EasyJet, ignore all the extras they try and tempt you with it’s a plane with seats I just want to get there in one piece I’m not worried about boarding first I’d rather be in the bar ! or extra legroom either the plane will still be there when I arrive"
Cons: "Some of your flight staff need to cheer up a bit at times , why when you are already ripping us off for a small can of beer for £4.50 it’s warm at least chill it for that price , why is it as soon as the plane stops people have to grab their luggage first and block up the aisles your not going to get there any quicker"
Pros: "Crew was nice and polite"
Cons: "Boarding process was an absolute mess."
Pros: "Fast boarding (at extra cost) Good value tickets Online check in and boarding pass printing"
Cons: "Non-reclining seats Nothing at all to eat or drink without payment no terminal dock - walking on airport apron during Storm 'Brian' no fun"
Pros: "Landing for both flights was very smooth and cabin crew were nice. For the budget price, it's not too bad."
Cons: "We had to wait on the tarmac for about 40 minutes because of weather and the busy morning queue."
Pros: "No problems at all"
Cons: "Boarding halfway through was delayed, had to wait on the ground at Bristol for some unknown ground staff person to turn up before we could disembark"
Cons: "Being late on both journeys! With no explanation"
Cons: "When we get there they told us flight was overbook and there is no seat for one of us and we may need to get a day after flight. Having too much stress on my vacation and on danger to loss at least 1 day of staying in Paris. They gave us seats at the end but never flight with Easy Jet again,"
Pros: "The crew were amazing, and had a lot to deal with,"
Cons: "That we late, but it was understandable, could have explained why whilst waiting"
Pros: "We were kept well informed about the delay. Appreciated the captain coming out to explain very quickly what the problem was."
Cons: "Thought I'd got a window seat at the back instead very claustrophobic seat with no view."
Pros: "Clean plane,easy boarding,"
Cons: "No food, no drink, no entertainment"
Cons: "Drink /food trolley didn't make it to row 18 during the flight"
Cons: "the Madrid - Bristol connection is a mess. Grossly delayed on the way up and down, which in the case of a night flight can let you stranded in the airport to wait for the next bus to the southwest for a couple of hours, like it happened to me."
Pros: "Loved the cheap fare - went off pretty much as expected - big crowds at security in Bristol, paid for express - it seems every little extra is charged for - paid £15 each for an extra legroom seat which also gave us priority boarding and an extra bag, although it wasn't clear if they were being strict about hand luggage or not."
Cons: "We sat in the XL first row - seats don't recline! and everyone trooped past us when boarding and a stiff breeze blew on us through the door. Had to keep our down coats on but then when the door closed and it warmed up we weren't allowed to take it off because it was an emergency exit row and now clutter! So we got a little overheated until at altitude - weird. The coffee was £2.50 for instant! weird."
Cons: "I paid 20 pounds to check my suitcase. the handle broke and i am no longer able to pull it. I had to take a taxi from the train because of it and cannot use it any longer. This was a good suitcase, a good brand (Swiss) and the crew must of either not pay attention or being very rough. The suitcase was not 17 pounds therefore was not heavy. I will not recommend this company. I am upset about the whole thing."

Delayed departure

Flight got cancelled

Was told Dublin airport security would take hours to get through but was only 10 minutes

Landed early. Short trip. Cheap fare. Friendly staff.

Pros: "Crew was very polite and professional"
Cons: "Nothing i can think of to be honest"
Cons: "Really rude staff member getting people through to plane. Food I ordered came to me as something totally different because they had run out of what I ordered they didn’t ask me if I wanted it instead so had to refuse it as I can’t eat cheese so I ended up going without."
Pros: "Was reasonably on time"
Cons: "Lagguage took for ever to come out."
Cons: "Very unorganised, one person checking in luggage, long queues, two flights mixed together. The boarding gate was really badly organised, passengers being held in a very small space to wait for a bus, the buses were late. Priority boarding wasn’t being checked so everyone was being sent through into the holding space which was about 3 metres by 7 metres standing room only. The plane was late."
Pros: "Flight got me home..."
Cons: "Tatty magazine/menu that was passed round passengers, unclear cabin baggage sizing and almost made to pay extra fee for something that fit!"
Cons: "Very cramped Carry bag allowance too small"
Pros: "Great to have cheap flights so must be remembered"
Cons: "Boarding was slow, stuck in hot bus on tarmac."
Pros: "On time flight"
Cons: "More leg room"
Pros: "Clean, comfy, practical. Just as you expect of low cost flight."
Cons: "Staff were tired and although not rude looked like they'd had enough."
Pros: "Nothing stands out"
Cons: "Width of seats was far to small, the seats covers are dated and gruby, the queing process for standard and fast track was a shambles. Checking in was slow due to there being only 1 desk open for a full flight."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "It was far too hot making some of us feel dizzy & sick"
Pros: "Cheerful staff."
Cons: "Being allocated when we booked seats apart to make us pay £11 to sit together. All we can take from this is that it was another money grabbing exercise by Ryanair as there were plenty of empty seats available when we boarded!"
Pros: "Cabin crew very good, lovely flights out and back but food sparse. Lots in the in flight magazine but seemingly little on board. I was v hungry!! Mr O'Leary, love the cheap flights and booking system fine but you could make more money from better food options. Pity."
Cons: "Much waiting in line for most of an hour bofore gate opens and incredibly slow inflight food service"
Pros: "Short and comfortable flight"
Cons: "Setting off time delayed by 40 minutes"
Pros: "Price and punctually."
Cons: "As mentioned being separated by the “ random computer choice of seats. We were put rows apart both with empty seats either side of us, we fly lots and only Ryanair and Jet2 do this."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Was told at boarding gate for a visa check stamp requirement. Admittedly it was mentioned in a casual way in the boarding pass,but wasn't a border control requirement. The airline could have done it there. But was denied boarding, waited for 6 hours to catch next flight and further connections."
Pros: "price"
Cons: "3 hours delay no assistance 1 hour queue to leave registered luggage, paid separately, among screaming children, hot and nervous people"
Cons: "Flight delayed, so usual knock on effect with lifts, people coming to meet."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Seats doesnt recline Nobody from the company to ask situation We los all conections and paids hotels"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We were not told the reason for the delay. We were not given an estimate of the length of the delay. No update information was given. We all understand there can be problems; but just tell us what they are? Then, we were all called forward to board, but I was still standing 45 minutes later in the queue. Let us wait in (relative) comfort in the terminal (restrooms, drinks, wider seats etc), don't start to board us ridiculously early."
Pros: "On time and fairly quick baggage retrieval. Being able to check-in before you leave UK is very useful."
Cons: "I booked through Kayak and although it does warn about extra charges for baggage, I feel I was duped because I booked for 3 check-in bags at additional cost thinking that would mean for outbound flight and return but once the booking transferred to Last minute on completion it turned out I only had check-in baggage for the outbound flight (different airline) and not for the Ryanair return flight. Ryanair charges more if you book check-in baggage after the original booking so the flights were much more expensive than I had thought. Kayak did not help with this issue. I would not use them again."
Pros: "I like the legroom that I seem to find out your flights. I am tall and normally feel very uncomfortable while flying but the legroom on the 3 Ryanair flights I have taken in the past few weeks was very good. Thanks Julian"
Cons: "I don't like the carry on options. I would like to be able to take a normal carry on and also a computer bag. The size of the second bag is much smaller than a computer bag. If you updated this for the express boarding people I feel you would get many more who would pay the extra money to have that option. Making another option costing more money to take a computer bag would be a poor idea as some of your actions are already seem as money grabbing. Thanks Julian"
Pros: "Everything went very smoothly and was well organised."
Pros: "We got there on time,"
Cons: "- Surliness of staff especially at the gate: some passengers were queuing for the wrong flight and gate staff did very little to ensure that the risk of this was highlighted to others. Consequently when boarding some people were turned away as they should have been elsewhere - Unecessary split seats - New cabin baggage rules - caused delay at the gate and could have been avoided by asking people to check in the excess earlier as other airlines do."
Pros: "Price and punctuality"
Cons: "Families have to pay extra to sit together. Children should automatically be seated with their parents. Basic safeguarding standards should be priority, not making more money out of necessity."
Cons: "Automatically being allocated seats apart from each other"
Cons: "Too expensive for what you get. Bad landing! Oh dear"
Pros: "Staff tried hard in view of the delay"
Cons: "Food was lukewarm, didnt like the self check in at the airport for checked in bags"
Pros: "I was able to take my guitar as hand luggage, which is very important. Even though guitars exceed the hand baggage limits, many professionals need to be able to carry on their instruments. Priority boarding is essential."
Pros: "Crew were tactful but effective in dealing with stags and hens on board"
Cons: "Noise level due to boisterous passengers Not Ryanair's fault Absurdly high cost of checked luggage"
Pros: "Once boarded it was very smooth"
Cons: "Over 3&a half hours delay was sooooo painful"
Cons: "Priority boarding And disembarkation But had to wait half an hour for the parking people WCP recommended by Ryanair then a 15 Minuit journey to collect the car what a joke This was the only downside of what was a good trip In Poland booked taxi and tours were there waiting for us no waiting around"
Pros: "Smooth flight, uneventful"
Cons: "Waiting in the rain for boarding- Not very good planning and organized"
Pros: "Very efficient processes and was incredibly reasonably priced. Great for flights under 2 hours"
Cons: "Seemed like everything was an ad to purchase something. I get that this is the business model, but I don't have to like it."
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "The cabin was freezing. Also, most passengers were made to check cabin baggage at the gate, reason given as 'a full flight. but once on The plane, there was many empty seats (6 alone in the two rows around me) and the overhead lockers were about half full."
Cons: "If we must have random allocated seats and be separated could it be at least boarding on same door. I use my Ryanair app for both of us for check in and it makes boarding chaotic when one is in front and the other at the back"
Pros: "Low fare and efficient operations."
Cons: "Seat is not comfortable. should have some reading materials."
Pros: "I needed a glass of water as soon as I boarded to take some tablets as I was starting to feel unwell. The crew accommodated this immediately and were very pleasent."
Cons: "Why people don't just pay if they want to sit together. It is that way now so go with it rather than main and play chess on the plane, asking people if they will change seats. Sort it out your adults. Surely you can cope for a few hours?"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The 1.5 hour delay with no info. We're told that there was a problem that had been affecting the flight all day, they ccould have forewarned us as a matter of courtesy."
Pros: "The crew were very friendly and great at handling requests."
Cons: "No entertainment provided, boarding took quite a while and don't like the extra add-ons pre-flight. The flight started off quite cheap but with all the other add ons to make it an easier trip, it seemed unfair."
Cons: "CHAOTIC. Found the Ryanair booking site difficult to log into with my booking number constantly not being recognised. Once I'd booked it was pay, pay, pay for luggage and seats making the flight expensive. Biggest insult was they took my money for a transfer, return email saying it was accepted. A later email saying it was cancelled with no refund of money. A 12 month credit note ( not seen yet ) which I can't use in 12 months. Now feeling ripped off Will not be flying with Ryanair again."
Pros: "Price was good. Staff are good in general but felt that the cabin crew lacked professionalism - a tough job noted however. Overall very happy with the service - please note my comments."
Cons: "Why did I pay for a priority que ? The point being exactly what ? The herding of customers into a cattle gate affair ? Last call 45 mins before the flight. Cheap flight - cheap organised. I note below someone has stated crew were professional and VERY entertaining ...... thatnis not professional I am afraid. A crew that is busy entertaining the passengers is a crew that lacks focus on the primary role of the cabin safety ... Human Factors !"
Pros: "Price only."
Cons: "Gathering in long queues, not enough room for seating and luggage, stewardesses not really nice and many other remarks."
Pros: "The flight was on time and the pilot landed without any ear discomfort for the three of us as he kept his decent not too quickly"
Cons: "The food supplied by Ryanair is very expensive rubbish"
Cons: "Delayed flight , loads of drunks onboard and very noisy"
Cons: "Rowdy passengers were allowed to remain on the flight without being told by staff to quieten down. This was the most disappointing aspect of the flight."

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