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13 Aug — 20 Aug1
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Booked this by accident, when I missed my Peach Air flight from KIX to TPE that morning. And am I glad I missed it. Eva has to be one of the best airlines I’ve ever been on. It was my first official impression of the Taiwan, and it set the bar high.

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Booked this by accident, when I missed my Peach Air flight from KIX to TPE that morning. And am I glad I missed it. Eva has to be one of the best airlines I’ve ever been on. It was my first official impression of the Taiwan, and it set the bar high.

Cons: "I was not happy with the meal. The taste and appearance are not satisfactory"
Pros: "The overall ease I enjoyed."
Cons: "Seasoning packets with the food would be nice like salt and pepper."
Cons: "Terrible service. It’s a nightmare to fly with. And I have a baby with me that even worse to fly with Eva."
Pros: "Clean, on time, friendly staff, feel safe."
Cons: "More various food and less fat."
Cons: "Cramped seats. Food was just ok. Movies were old and not that many of them"
Pros: "Flight was smooth."
Pros: "Eva does a great job, nice personnel, good food...probably better than most."
Cons: "More leg room. (My usual complaint,) Premium Economy Very Nice, but at a premium price. I flew once...nice to be offered a glass of Champagne once seated!"
Pros: "Really happy as had a exit seat so lots of leg room"
Cons: "Board earlier so plane can leave on time."
Pros: "The crew are efficient and helpful. The food is good too."
Cons: "Hope they have anime movie in the choice"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flying a different airline would have been better"
Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Everything was great"
Pros: "Departure on time."
Cons: "Me and my wife book the same flight. I was really disappointed with our seats from Taiwan to Phnom Penh. We both got separated with our seats. They need to put people traveling together next to each other."
Pros: "Less friendly ."
Cons: "Offer even water at times after meals."
Pros: "There was a decent movie collection to watch."
Cons: "Seats were crammed, not enough width or legroom. Staff not that friendly. Food was alright but nothing to write home about"
Pros: "Stewardesses were very pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "All was ok"
Pros: "Special meal options. Services from Cabin attendants were also nice."
Pros: "Proactive, Organized staff."
Cons: "Some of the staff members need to enunciate words more clearly. They speak English too fast making it hard to understand."
Pros: "Staff. Entertainment."
Cons: "Food was average. Space small. But economy always is."
Pros: "Very friendly and attentive flight attendants, they made the 12.5 hour flight very enjoyable. Good selection of in flight movies as well."
Pros: "First time to fly on EVA, heard lots of good reports about the airline. It was not bad but I expected more. Was nothing close the service you get on ANA, Thai Air or even Philippine Airlines. Smile once in awhile EVA Attendants..."
Cons: "Food was the worst airplane food I’ve ever had. Entertainment and movie selection was not great. But it is geared more towards the Chinese market, maybe those movies are better. Crew was professional but cold as ice. Think I got one smile from a an Attended."
Pros: "Never a problem with Lion Air always good service"
Cons: "Didn’t like having to get bus from terminal to the plane I hate to be crowded onto a bus like cattle and it was even worse because many chinese"
Pros: "Flew with EVA 16 years ago to Hanoi, Vietnam and again in 2018 to Hanoi, via Taipei. Very professional, attentive, good food, little amenities that make a difference in the overall experience of traveling. Very clean bathrooms, even after a 16-1/2 hour flight to Taipei it was still clean at the end of the trip. Food was good and plentiful, wine, spirits, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages offered. Came around at least three times on the leg to Taipei with food and water and when I wanted more water they gladly made sure I stayed hydrated on such a long flight."
Cons: "I"
Pros: "Everything’s is good"
Pros: "Amazing food, comfy seats and good entertainments system"
Pros: "check in, assistance, efficient, clean, all good"
Pros: "Overall I’m very thankful to flight attendants and flight crew."
Cons: "Is it possible on long flights to show video on how to stretch your body , while sitting in your seat?"
Cons: "I did not like the transfer from Eva to air Macau. Horrible. Long walk. No one there. No lounge to wait 5 hours!! I hate what happened"
Pros: "Same as above"
Cons: "Same as above Also flight was a but messy, and crew couldn't keep some passengers quiet"
Pros: "limited movie selection. otherwise very good experience."
Pros: "Nice facility and good food"
Cons: "Some crew members seemed tired and did everything minimally"
Pros: "I had a good seat"
Cons: "Stewardess at Zone 3 too noisy"
Pros: "Has snack and drink"
Cons: "No music"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "I like everything nice servuce"
Cons: "Nobe"
Pros: "Great service, crew felt happy with their job"
Cons: "It was a really turbulent ride"
Pros: "The service at the counter in JFK. I think the guy's name was Darren (not sure on the spelling) - great service. The EVA plane staff was well trained and accommodating."
Pros: "After having flown numerous airlines to Asian countries over the years, we are extremely happy to have found EVA Airlines. After flying EVA the last 5 round trips we are happy to say they are the #1 airline of choice. Actually, we will fly no other than EVA as they have the cleanest planes and the best of service from the check-in counter, thru the security and flight staff, all are the best and most devoted to assist you in any way needed along your trip. Professionalism and cleanliness matched only by their devotion to be the best"
Cons: "There is nothing to dislike about the airline or employees"
Pros: "Crew were polite on boarding, and throughout flight when seen then"
Cons: "Service was terrible, flown to thailand with these ba and thai airways and thai airways will beat everyone hands down"
Pros: "Western airlines, especially U.S arlines should learn from these folks a thing or two about costumer care. Great job, Eva!"
Pros: "Good in flight entertainment options, overall smooth flight, take off and landing."
Cons: "Lots of kids screaming and running around the plane."
Pros: "The movie selection was ok. Could be better."
Cons: "Is there anyway to get the tv screens to be less bright? The guy in front of me had movies playing and I could not sleep because the screen was shining right in my face. The food. ick. Airplane food is bad as it is but this was terrible. I had some pork over rice dish that was grody with an overly sweet dessert cake/pudding concoction. The breakfast congee was ok."
Pros: "Rude passengers refusing to raise recline chairs"
Cons: "Food was not of quality"
Pros: "The flight was good nice and convertible."
Pros: "Staff was courteous and attentive especially to the older passengers"
Cons: "Nothing speaks volumes than an on time flight. While there was ample time for in between flight changes for leisure and rest, a delayed flight affects passenger demeanor and satisfaction the most."
Pros: "blankets and pillows provided three meals nice customer service staff members spacious"
Pros: "Liked the service and inflight movie and such"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Fast actions by tha FAs"
Pros: "fantastic flight experience. the aircraft was clean neat and comfortable. i loved how they kept the restrooms so clean even through a 13.5 hour flight. I slept through dinner but the western style breakfast was good. The crew was attentive and polite."

For a Business Class this was the worst I have ever flown.

Rude staff, entertainment screen not working, food is horrible. The only good thing was check in process

It was so hot. No pillows were available and when asked for a blanket instead there were no blankets available as well

Pros: "Seat was weary at 52H. Although there were other empty and more comfortable seats, the crew didn't let me have one."
Cons: "Food could have been of fish kind variety and hot drinks weren't available. No hot drinks, neither coffee, nor tea."
Pros: "Flight crew was very friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Boarding process quite chaotic."
Pros: "Loved the available movie collection, as well as the food and the experience overall."
Pros: "Boarding process was very smooth. Chairs were comfortable"
Cons: "Entertainment options in business class were more limited than those of American carriers. Also, food was just okay."
Pros: "The crew was okay but seat comfort on the A330 not so good."
Pros: "Time was respected"
Cons: "Having a stop of 17 hours would require to have an accommodation for rest, but unavailable!"
Pros: "The crew was friendly"
Cons: "The comfort, the plan was old and seat were not comfortable"
Cons: "75’ delay with no info One toilet out of order No safety checks by crew"
Pros: "The crew was good but the seats werenot comfortable. Almost all passengers were coming from Al-Haj. They were so sick and coughing vigourously all the time."
Cons: "When we book the flight we should be informed that it is mainly for Al-Haj people. At Cairo airport they should check them to know the reason for this cough and people who were not in Haj can be seated in a separate section in the plane to avoid infection."
Pros: "The overall experience was good"
Cons: "The lounges in egypt airport could be better"
Pros: "The best trip in everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Entertainment"
Cons: "All good"
Cons: "Didn’t know I had to put into my reservation that I’m a vegetarian. Therefore there was no food for me on my flight."
Cons: "Being on time"
Pros: "The plane was clean and cool with good legroom in the exit row."
Cons: "It was TERRIBLE that at check-in when i found out that the only one piece of baggage was allowed. I have ALWAYS had two bags on this flight."
Pros: "Crews was excellent"
Cons: "The plane was really old, no personal entertainment system for a 5 and a half hour flight is unacceptable. Seats very uncomfortable"
Pros: "Food was good."
Cons: "The plane was old, the seats were uncomfortable with no adjustable headrest or flaps to hold your head from flopping. There was no personal entertainment screens on the back of the seats, only the small community one mounted on the roof. The sound for this was terribly unclear. 8 hour boring flight."
Pros: "Better seat, food, in-flight entertainment, lights not on as long so people can sleep"
Pros: "Everything to tell you this because I always underated the airline because it’s from Africa that’s all thank you."
Cons: "The service I was given by the crew, the aircraft it’s self etc"
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Quick orocedure"
Pros: "Fully flat seats, friendly crew, good food. Excellent price"
Cons: "Dated slightly worn seats"
Pros: "This flight was on time and I appreciate when Egypt Air flights are on time."
Cons: "when issues electronic boarding pass it was mentioned I have to leave from terminal 3 .. when went there they said it is wrong & changed to seasonal terminal which is 30 mnts drive by the terminals bus.. very frustrating experience"
Pros: "Excelent service by crew , boarding did not take long , trip was excellent by all means."
Pros: "Nice trip good food"
Pros: "Entertainment selection was decent, I was especially impressed by the very wide variety of music to listen to. The crew were very friendly, helpful and attentive. The plane was clean and presentable, especially the lavatories. The seats were comfortable and the blankets provided worked well too."
Cons: "Food was bland and the chicken dish was dry and difficult to chew. Movie selection on the entertainment system was mediocre, with limited variety of films in general and especially limited variety in languages other than English and Arabic. A problem which I encountered on board was a big gap between the ventilation panel at the base of the wall and the flooring, through which the dessert of my meal fell and which presented the risk of losing further items. I hope this is fixed promptly."
Cons: "Staff are rude in comparison to other airlines, hostess greeting us actually called my 2 year old naughty for touching the toilet door whilst boarding! Media is also limited and with constant interruptions, plus not available for take off or landing! Tray tables were dirty, I’ve honestly given up trying to eat the food on board these flights! Despite numerous tags and a note on my ticket the stroller is never able to be brought up to the aircraft door. I won’t be flying Egyptair again"
Pros: "Thanks EGYPTAIR"
Pros: "seats were little comfy handrest where not even. choice of movies were basic. clean not a bad flight. food was decent."
Cons: "the stewards were accommodating and always with a smile. Bathrooms kept clean. check in easy."
Pros: "Good service and friendly environment"
Cons: "No comment"
Pros: "Fair was inexpensive."
Cons: "Too many security checks"
Cons: "the cancellation of my return flight right after we boarded the flight. Had to change the return date without compensation from the airline for the hotel and food during the extra days they forced us to stay. we then had to push the return flight forward, trying to find a direct flight and good timing."
Pros: "sincere smile from crew"
Cons: "by force shutting of windows, was boaring"
Pros: "Best landing ever, if I was sleeping I would not even have woken up during the landing. Well done to your skilled pilots."
Cons: "Entertainment selection was a little low, but the fact that you don't play any ads is great! Other airlines make you watch 30 mins + worth of ads."
Cons: "Flight attendant not asking what i'd want like everyone else. Because i look different?!"
Cons: "Na"
Pros: "The crew whas nice but smill od airplane whas very bad"
Cons: "Upgrade the airplanes"
Pros: "Was very smoth"
Pros: "The flight staff was SO helpful, and helped me beyond what I expected. The flight was very comfortable from start to finish."
Cons: "Having more movie options would have been good."
Pros: "Excellent Helpful boarding & on flight crew. New aircraft"
Cons: "Very poor entertainment choices."
Pros: "Cheap air fare, i likeed all the services include an easy take off, landing on time, amazing food and crew were kind and comforting all customers on board."
Cons: "Cheap air fare, i likeed all the services include an easy take off, landing on time, amazing food and crew were kind and comforting all customers on board."
Pros: "Time..... everything was on time no late ..flight take off on time with good security Processing"
Cons: "Nothing really"
Pros: "In-seat entertainment; very little turbulence experienced"
Cons: "Delayed take-off by more than half an hour"
Pros: "It got me from point A to point B so it met the minimum requirements."
Cons: "Was late getting loaded and off the ground. The shuttle to/from airport & Abu Simbel was not identified in any way."
Cons: "Wasnt direct"
Cons: "The seats of A380 CAN-LAX flights were little cramped."
Pros: "Friendly staffs"
Cons: "Choice of movies"
Pros: "seats are comfy fast boarding on time"
Cons: "not enough food"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No USB charging. No charging at all. No wifi. Not all flight attendants speak English. No meal choice. In flight magazine Chinese language only. Confiscated my solar charger. At Guangzhou airport, many food courts take only Chinese cash. Internet service censored."
Cons: "Gave us false infor for our boarding location and we had to run for boarding to different location when 30 mins left. Very hectic situation."
Pros: "Service and food were fine. Baggage allowance was generous."
Cons: "There was very little seat space... seemed narrower than usual and knees touched seat in front all the time unless I got them in one particular position, then it was just a very light touch. I don't recall being on a less comfortable flight. It's a shame that it was an 11 hour flight. The next flight was far better although only 7 hours. However, after the first flight I really appreciated the extra space so very much!!"
Pros: "None. My first and last flight with China Southern Airlines."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 2 hours and nobody from to Los Angeles has already left us. They said it was due to bad weather, but from what I saw there was only a little rain when we arrived. I think their using it as an excuse to justify their poor service."
Cons: "Unable to use Mobil check- in asked at ticket counter for a forward seat next to exit doors because I am a tall person over 6’3 ended up aisle seat that had issues maintaining a locked upright position plane left 35 min late"
Cons: "it took forever for their ticketing agent to check us in. apparently it's a huge deal that my full name isn't printed on the boarding passes, which caused problems after every check point i went through."
Pros: "The cabin crew was nice."
Cons: "The check in process felt more like an interrogation. Unable to do upgrades at the counter."
Pros: "Fligths were on time"
Cons: "The entertainment system didint work on my seat, the crew on the fligth from China to Bangkok was not friendly, most of they were not smiling."
Cons: "The seatbacks lacked any padding. It was like leaning against a board for several hours."
Cons: "Crewmen at the luggage/bags scanning were very rude. Our flight from Manila to Guangzhou was delayed by an hour or so. With all the pressure we were already experiencing and rushing to get to our connecting flight, here comes these crewmen in charge of scanning our bags we're all shouting at us to rush. The delay was not the passengers fault."
Pros: "Excellent"
Pros: "Good leg room"
Cons: "Two flights now that I had a touchscreen that didn't work. Flight was fine but not exceptional. The main frustrations were from inconsiderate passengers - no doubt the ones who take advantage of lower airfares."
Pros: "Wonderful staff. We had a problem with our entertainment system and so they upgraded us to first class. Felt really valued."
Pros: "Good service."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Food was mainly excellent, except one time the bread, and a piece of meat in the cold salad, were a little stale. Entertainment was mainly excellent, except the game choices were limited and the movies were edited."
Cons: "1. Uncomfortable boarding at JFK: Had to go out in the cold to ride a BUS to the airplane: Why can't they use a BRIDGE like everyone else? Since our first leg was from, and our lest leg was to, very warm places, we were not prepared for the sub-freezing conditions. 2. Horrible flight delay: JFK to CAN: Cancellation of flight CZ600, 12/31/17, followed by TEN-hour delay leaving JFK, was beyond traumatic. Airplane had to be fixed, but it should not have taken that long to find a solution. Passenger care was horrible: Initially we sat on the tarmac for 4 hours, then transferred to a waiting station with almost no heat and no access to rest rooms or food."
Pros: "Flew with China Southern for the first time, and was surprisingly pleased with the overall experience considering mixed reviews of this airline. Flew economy on the A320 plane from REP to CAN with a pleasant flight crew."
Cons: "Chose the fish meal...took one bite and almost had to spit it out. Ate just the rice and veggies."
Pros: "The flight was long but its was in a good area to sit in"
Cons: "Lack of entertainment"
Cons: "They didn’t have Wi-Fi on board"
Cons: "Food is awful"
Pros: "I could not fault my journey with your Airline at all. I was very pleased with your staff and your service throughout both of my Flights. I shall be very pleased to travel with your Company again and would recommend you to all my Friends and Family."
Cons: "There was nothing i did not like."
Pros: "Movie selections are good. One screen per seat. Have USB to charge your device."
Cons: "The boarding is hard. Need to take a shuttle to get back to airport. But this might be where they saved the cost for lower airfare."
Pros: "Same comment as flt to Guanzhou. Flight was comfortable."
Cons: "Again, it took a long while to disembark from the plane. Also, the lock in my suitcase was damaged like someone tried to force open it."
Cons: "Lost my baggage"
Pros: "My flight attendant was superb. Friendly, attentive and caring. I think her name was van ling."
Pros: "perfect trip"
Pros: "On time boarding and departures. Comfortable seatings. Courteous staff. Food and snacks availability was great."
Cons: "Flight attendant communication in English was minimal. Staff was unaware of the type of meat being served (we do not eat pork)."
Cons: "my flight was late so i missed my connecting flight. we sat in the plane for over three hours before departing. they didnt serve drinks with the meal. we were told we would get room service at the hotel. they provided fried ramen, boiled cabbage and hard boiled eggs. anything more we had to pay for. fried ramen and hard boiled eggs were also in the breakfast boxes, probably the leftovers."
Cons: "can't checkin online because can't prereserve seats, without which the checkin doesn't complete."
Pros: "The Cabin was clean, seats were new, usb charging port was a nice touch."
Cons: "The food was really poor."
Pros: "The plane was nice and the flight was smooth."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "no power in economy"
Pros: "No delays"
Pros: "Great seat on A330, very long. Staff super attentive in Biz, but then it was a quiet flight. IFE ok without being great, same for Food."
Cons: "My luggage was missing in 3 days"
Pros: "The flight was on time. Meal was fine. Rice with chicken or beef. Wine or beer with meal."
Pros: "Some crew member was nice and that's the only nice thing I can say"
Cons: "Some crew member ignored my request or forgot and in eco plus seating there wasn't any crew member there to accept service request light. Food wasn't good at all. Luckily we ate before boarding."
Pros: "I really can't think of anything on this flight that stood out. We were delayed to check-in for no reason, and nothing special was done. No entertainment on board."
Cons: "We arrived late into Guangzhou, and had to do the international transfer, and the staff were not much help at all. They did nothing to make sure we made our next flight with them. We literally ran through the airport which wasn't completely necessary. It was the cheapest by a long shot though. Spending the night in the GZ airport on your way to Phnom Phen is not recommended. . . We did that and the GZ airport has windows open to the outside so it's freezing inside."
Pros: "I was traveling business, the crew were so helpful, it's 1 to 1 individual service. The seats were so comfortable and lots of room. Food is fantastic, lounge is very good, good food and drinks. Their price is quite reasonable, makes this trip worth every cent of it! Love it and I will travel with them in future."
Cons: "Flight fare was cheap, but you get what ypu pay for. Rude and what appears to be an inexperienced crew, bad food, restroom stalls not cleaned frequently etc."
Pros: "Crew was great.simple no fuss, quick, late night , not many passengers."
Cons: "Airline lost our bags, took 2 days, when delivered the driver was overally rude, and made us pick up from the truck, would not bring to door. Threathend if we didnt pick up they would toss our bags!"
Pros: "My parents were excited about their first time visit to the United States."
Pros: "Muslim food, crew help and care, pilot professional"
Cons: "Hot flight A/C not cooling enough only when landed and about to leave the plane it worked very well !!! Also TV entertainment was very boaring"
Pros: "I liked that although I didn't request special meal via phone, some fight attendants tried to accommodate me. Others were not having me. I liked that I could look at detailed maps of the flight route. There were excellent movies to watch to kill the long frigging flight."
Cons: "The seat space was limited. Some fight attendants seemed off or in bad mood."
Pros: "Staff was very helpful to get me to my connecting flight on time."
Cons: "Lack of communication that the flight was diverted by weather and would result in a very late arrival"
Pros: "There is no hot wet napkin to clean face before sleep or wakeup! No toothbrush no noodle when I was so hungry! Grade: F"
Pros: "The flight crew was great and attentive"
Pros: "It was great overall."
Cons: "Small space inbeteren seats."

The flight was delayed for almost 5 hours, but I understand that it was not up to the company, however how they could handle the situation better, they never apologized for that delay, moreover despite passengers being there for 7 hours only thing they did was to give a bowl of instant noodles, afterwards on the plane tiny snacks, people were there starting from lunch time and we’ve arrived to destination at almost midnight

Pros: "Food - Free dinners even for economy class. Entertainment - Every seat has a TV that offers multiple languages and tons of blockbuster movies from a variety of genres. They also offer many television shows in multiple languages and genres and video games. Roomy- The seats are as non-roomy as any airplane. However, the flight attendants don't give you any trouble when you want to just get up and walk around and talk to people. It gives the plane a roomy atmosphere. You can go to spacier sections of the plane to hang out."
Pros: "Very helpful, accommodating and attentive crew. Comfortable seat and pillow. best flight Ive had in a while"
Cons: "snack between meals could be offered"
Pros: "The crew was adequate."
Cons: "The airplane was old and dirty."
Cons: "Gate change notice"
Pros: "Comfortable seat."
Cons: "It's about time Air China improved its food. China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Air, Xiamen Air, etc., are much better."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Food at AirChina is alway consistently terrible I Asked for the red wine, they only fill 1/3 of a glass, I asked for it again, then it was filled only to 1/2 glass No personal entertainment, no USB charging"
Pros: "Seat was comfortable, plenty of space for luggage, crew was good"
Cons: "Cold sandwich was so so, not big selection of drinks"
Cons: "Decent budget flights. Short transfer time onto second leg was perfect and easy to follow. Only advice is not to use e.dreamers as agent, they add on a hefty fee unable to back out of. Lesson learnt!"
Cons: "Crowded seat. But what do I expect with the price I pay?LOL. Otherwise the crew made our flight safe and that’s the number 1 important. Thanks."
Pros: "Crew very friendly"
Cons: "Seats are hard and uncomfortable"
Pros: "Entertainment was not good the TV did not work"
Cons: "The food and stalf very good"
Cons: "Our flight was severely delayed 6 hours from Heathrow, and that is where this horror story began. No one bothered to tell us anything. When we arrived in Beijing for our connection to Bangkok, we had to search out people for help, there was absolutely no one forthcoming with explanations. We were travelling as 2 friends, I was booked on one flight and my travelling companion on another 15 hours later! This only got changed when we explained that we both only had hand luggage! To then board the flight and sit on the tarmac, engines running, simply waiting, no explanations again!! Will we ever fly China Airways again?? If we could exchange our return flight tickets to that of another Star Alliance member we would."
Pros: "First off, the flight was cheap, really cheap, so for the price it was amazing."
Cons: "Planes was a bit old so the entertainment system was a bit temperamental, poor image and the wife’s controller had taken a beating, so was hard to navigate and adjust settings."
Pros: "Everything for me to reach my destination was simple easy and accessible."
Cons: "Planes are not ment for 6'0 people, its very uncomfortable for sitt8ng down even when reclined to a certain degree. Its difficult"
Pros: "Reasonably comfortable"
Cons: "No movie selection and nowhere to charge phones. On line check in was a nightmare."
Pros: "Boarding was prompt and efficient."
Cons: "No power sockets to charge phones, Entertainment selection and functionality completely outdated, just managed to watch 1 movie before I gave up trying. The air hostess tried to help but mentioned that it’s just slow. During dinner service I asked for a second glass of wine with my meal but was refused as only 1 glass of beer or wine is allowed per passenger and flight, which I found very stingy as an airline and irritating from a customer care perspective."
Cons: "Very Old plane The entertainment system was down during entire 9hour trip Food is terrible, noodle so dry, can not eat After toilet visit, the water is not working, can not wash your hand"
Pros: "Wide bed and good support for good sleep"
Cons: "Not a big movie selection"
Pros: "Food tasted good."
Cons: "We only got two meals 9 hours apart, on a plane ride 13 hours long! We were starving for nine hours! We only got a drink offering after 6 hours. This made me soo dehydrated and dizzy"
Pros: "Price was great, but plane smelled like old, dirty carpet. There was a video playing but you couldn't really hear it with the provided headphones."
Cons: "No Wi-Fi. Lack of wine selection."
Pros: "The staff, from airport to plane, were brilliant, the food was initially surprisingly nice, but by the time I'd been in transit long enough for the third meal, I just couldn't face it."
Cons: "The Seats were OK and the legroom was pretty bgood for economy, but the extra headrests on the larger Heatthrow/beijing aircraft came in at about shoulderblade height and made finding a truly comfortable position impossible. Definitely one to look at the price step ups for better seats in future."
Cons: "Am sitting in middle & both side party putting their hand elbow on chair so how I suppose to be comfortable 12 hours ??? After I went home got so sick bec my chest bones start hurting bec I didn't get support of anything so can u do like left chair left side elbow right side chair right hand elbow & in middle Both side elbow Or either do only right side elbow use for everybody"
Pros: "Flight departed at 7.55 am, was about 2 hours - no real breakfast was served, just a roll and a muffin."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Everything els was disapointing"
Pros: "The price!"
Cons: "The food was ok ok"
Pros: "The flight had a comfortable amount of people so ther was extra room. Food was decent."
Cons: "The plane was new and clean at the beginning of the flight. It was a sty after. Flight attendants don’t pick up garbage regularly and service is lacklustre"
Pros: "It was nice."
Cons: "Delayed a little bit."
Cons: "The flight arrived late and i barely made my connection."
Pros: "Food was very good. Good variety and plenty of vegetables. Staff very courteous."
Cons: "Restroom was Healy used. Should have been monitored more closely. Was not clean enough when I used had to clean myself before I could use. But I used to be a health inspector so maybe my standards are to high."
Pros: "Flying on Air China typically works for my travels to Los Angeles. I think they are a great choice given the cost and services : )"
Cons: "The departure out of Beijing was delayed some 1.5 hours because of one person who apparently left his passport near the gate prior to boarding. It was a full flight. I was just stunned that they would inconvenience hundreds of people whose schedules, including mine, were affected by their decision. May be it was a policy issue. But the crew didn't explain it very well, seemed more sympathetic towards the individual. While that was a kind solution to that one individuals but I wondered about the judgement of the crew. It was very frustrating for the rest of the people waiting onboard. Also this was the first time booking through justfly.com because it seemed the cheapest but the hidden (additional) cost was in the seat selection stage afterwards. Kinda misleading."
Pros: "Boarding is quite ordered, on time"
Cons: "Gateway at Beijing Int Airport designed to/ from US bound is very far at the end of every thing, and even though they are doing their jobs as what of required, flight attendants need to put more smiles and greetings to customers. Food is somewhat just ok to fill your stomach."
Pros: "The price."
Cons: "Flight delayed over 40 hours, in China! Nothing anyone can do about it. Totally got screwed by Air Gina. Almost missed the wedding I was officiating. Worse part is that Kayak has no customer service number to call for help. Never again. If that wasn't enough, they lost a bag on my return flight. Pay the extra money and get treated like a human being."
Cons: "Held my bag for two days, No explanation, apparently just wanted to rummage through it. Stranded in Mongolia with no clean clothes or medication."
Cons: "Horrible service, part of the ceiling light came off, got so hot when we were boarding - I was nervous that there was a big issue with the plane"
Cons: "Flight delayed without communication.Crackers & water that was served were all expired.Bad service."
Pros: "I like the food. It was good. the flight from Vietnam to China was ok, it was on time."
Cons: "I don't like the wifi in China."
Pros: "Airports r nice"
Cons: "Took 5 flgts in China every one was delayed from one to 5 hrs."
Cons: "our flight was delayed. No communication as to why or when the plane was going to be take-off. We had to wait for 3-hours without any notification until it was time to board. So you could not leave and go eat. When we landed, our bags were delayed 1-hour coming to baggage claim. Again, no communication as to why our bags were delayed."
Cons: "1. Delayed 4 hours, with insufficient AC in the plane!! 2. Speaker jack was broken and could only "watch" movies."
Pros: "Nobe"
Cons: "Service is very bad and lot of delay."
Pros: "Nothing at all, sub par on all basic levels compared to competitors."
Cons: "Cabin unmaintained (seat cushion long overdue for replacing, broken audio jack, broken tray table, broken lavatory amenities. Crew cross and unhappy."
Cons: "Sit in the flight for 2h waiting for taking off"
Pros: "There is rudeness every step of the way on this airline. The gate was moved with no notice yet an email was sent, and with no service because I'm in another country and the airport didn't offer free wifi, we were clueless. Had we not looked just to doublecheck, we would've missed the plane. During the transfer the security might as well have frisked me in a room because they were THAT invasive and dumped all my stuff out of my case, smelling my things, throwing out whatever they saw fit without letting me know. this was jist a TRANSFER We let them know we only had half an hr.they didn't care. As a resuly we (along with 9 other passengers) missed the second flight. We went to Information and the lady waved us away and told us to go to security.We went to security and told her we missed the flight and her response was "so?" We went to the police we got generic direction that made us have to go back to them three times because they were so dry and rude; we had to become borderline irate to get any help. Once reaching the captain he greeted us with "What do you want?"At this point I was ready to blow. He finally sent us to the rifht person who was the warmest kindest person during this whole ordeal and helped us get a flight two hrs laters.. Next flight..You are cattle on this plane. Move, sit down, shut up. No ac for the first hr. Forget warm towel, you didn't even get a smile or greeting and i honestly don't care for such things but my flight coming with another airline was SO drastically different I guess I was caught off guard. This was a 12 hr flight, yet to get any service was like being annoyance. The stewardesses made faces if you ask for water. No one came around with coffee or tea or to offer water unless it was meal time. The food was sub par. The best part about it was that at least it was hot..but not all edible. They take your cups, leftover things you might be saving and toss without permission. I had an entire sandwich saved because hrs went by with nothing and they just grabbed it and threw it in the trash. When i brought it to her attn, she just kept moving. The bathrooms were unstocked and stunk. The whole experience sucked. Never EVER again."
Cons: "Please read above noted."
Pros: "Seats were large and crew was nice"
Cons: "I'm soooo upset about the service after my flight canceled. 1.the staff ignored me when I asked if I could have a VIP to rebook my tickets earlier because my mom got cancel and was going to do the surge . But he went away and never came back, no any response of YES or NO. 2.I don't know why the airline company still need 11 hours to rebook the tickets with all our flight information and our passport liscen numbers already , making us waiting till 3 am at the airport. 3. I asked my boyfriend to talk to the staff on phone, and the staff told my BF that he didn't know my English was not good. I said to him loudly that I had told him , but the manager besides said "don't shout at my staff"to me, even without asking me what happened . I don't think that was a good attitude for the service department, especially to a foreigner. My email address is Chentongtong@wku.edu.cn"
Pros: "Cheap fare"
Cons: "Horrible food In flight entertainment system was poor, outdated, very less choices"
Pros: "Everything (crew, food, entertainment) was great. I would definitely fly with Air China again."
Cons: "The food The plane was old"

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