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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl? 25% of our users found tickets to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl for the following prices or less: Cheap flights to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl from Edinburgh £573 round-trip, from London £722 one-way - £1,199 round-trip, from Birmingham £5,826 one-way - £3,102 round-trip
  • Book at least 4 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price for flights to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl.
  • High season is considered to be July, August and September. The cheapest month to fly to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl is May.
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Japan AirlinesOverall score based on 4642 reviews
Airline reviews

Service is good and food is very nice.

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Service is good and food is very nice.

See above.

Pros: "It was a great service overall!"
Cons: "Breakfast could have been better"
Pros: "Bad handling and organization by JAL ground management. There was no support at the gate or clear leadership or direction of what needed to happen or what was to be done for the passengers They dumped everything in the Malaysian ground agents to handle without clear direction. Very poor service and no accountability"
Pros: "The crew and food both are amazing."
Pros: "even though I was in Economy class, the seat was comfortable, the food was good and the flight attendands were attentive and polite"
Cons: "More movie selections"
Cons: "This was a JetStar flight, not JAL as the title says. I've only had good experiences with JAL. Despite paying for two pieces of baggage, I had to pay an extra charge. One of my pieces was a pair of light skis (5kg, well below the allowed 20kg) that were apparently too long for normal baggage. It is just another way to extract an extra fee. Seat spacing on Jet Star is dismal. Thankfully it was a short flight"
Pros: "Staff and service good"
Cons: "777-300 plane business class very old and tired"
Pros: "The food was good the crew was trying to accommodate"
Cons: "I have a slight gut and the food tray wouldn’t come out on the seat assigned to me. Could have changed my seat would have paid more for it but they said it that wasn’t an option."
Pros: "We had a 4,5 hours delayed.. :("
Pros: "Space between the seats."
Cons: "Color of the seats."
Pros: "Polite friendly and attentive Staff. From checking in to inflight."
Pros: "If I could give the crew 10 stars I'd ask to give em 20 cause they wer AMAZING. So nice and polite i enjoyed my flight so much. They wer very attentive and always smiling. Simply lovely."
Pros: "Excelent good service.Staff are friendly."
Cons: "Almost i like everything"
Pros: "The flight crew were very attentive, polite, and full of genuine smiles."
Pros: "Customer service was on point . Thanks Again !"
Pros: "Smooth, on-time, friendly staff. The food was giid and plentiful. What happened to the complimentary toiletries, though?"
Cons: "Omg did you study how to prevent people from sleeping? If you allowed the head of the seat to go back just 3 more inches i think i could sleep. Instead, i am tortured like a yawn that wont come out, a mosquito in the dark, an itch that runs away from my fingers ... out of reach and just inaccessible. 12 hours of wishing so that by the time i reach my final destination, I've been awake over 24 hours. Im getting too old for that."
Pros: "I got an upgrade!"
Pros: "Everything was wonderful. However, it was a little too warm on the flight for our liking. Other than that, we had a great experience."
Pros: "The flight attendants were amazing, caring and helpful."
Pros: "Ms Yoshinaga went out of her way to make sure everything was smooth for my experience."
Pros: "Great service"
Pros: "Crews are very polite and willing. They During the entire 13 hours flight, they continued serving drinks and snacks. I have not seen such services on the other airlines."
Cons: "The movies were not the first run ones."
Pros: "Service was amazing. Flight attendants were very..attentive!"
Pros: "Bought my ticket in June, when I could access the AA site for my seat selection, it wanted $18 to $35 to make the seat selection. We chose to get the assignment at the airport, but could only get it at tge gate. Made me feel like I was flying standby!"
Pros: "The flight was smooth and the seating was comfortable."
Cons: "It was an evening flight, but the cabin lights were never dimmed, so it was difficult to rest."
Pros: "JAL doesn't disappoint!"
Pros: "Let's face it - flying b-class is pretty awesome, so for $3300, it was really great. Loved the food selections, though I did feel the food was a little on the heavy side. I had the Japanese fare, which was lighter, but a little more salted than what I prefer - but over all very good. Service was amazing - the crew is super-nice. The plane, a massive 787 jet, absorbed the turbulence like it was nothing. It was like riding in one of those Cadillacs from the 1970's. The lavatories were big enough that I could actually stand up straight (and I'm 6'0"). The seats were pretty good as well - they had a feature for extension of the seating surface to allow for more thigh support (which I love) as well as great lumbar support. the movie selection was OK - neither great nor bad, and I ended up watching 4 movies during the flight anyway. ;)"
Cons: "I preface this section by saying that I'm being very nit-picky here - there's not much I can really say, except that the seats, while they will recline to a flat surface, which is great for dozing off, they are angled about 15 degrees so you're constantly sliding down them in that position. Also, there could be more support for your head in the reclined position - I had to futz with pillows and a blanket to get that comfortable. However, the reclined position was the most comfortable, and I could get it so that I was sufficiently reclined with my legs extended and horizontal, while laying back without sliding down. This was sufficient for resting. I'm only mentioning this because I flew a business class flight on Delta in 2015 which had ridiculously amazing seats that reclined all the way flat and horizontal. On the 9-11 hour flight from Tokyo back to San Diego, which will take place mainly at night, this would be a very useful feature."
Pros: "Everyone is polite, helpful, and the flight was quite pleasant."
Cons: "Website is difficult and it's impossible to get seated in advance next to traveling companions if they're booked separately. That was quite frustrating"
Pros: "The majority of the crew had facials that made me feel like I shouldn't talk to them. The food wasn't the best but that was expected. There was movies and shows that kept me entertained for a while. Seats are normal couldn't walk or get up often because of turbulence."
Cons: "服务态度非常好"
Pros: "Everything was perfect! Thank you for a great experience!"
Pros: "I have gotten used to long flights on various American airlines where it seems the staff do the minimal amount. Service is so incredibly better on Japan Airlines. Staff respond when you ask for assistance. They smile and work with the passengers. They were actively present almost all the time which was amazing. There is just no, "no," on Japanese Airlines. I loved the media options."
Cons: "It has been a while but the food was not as good as I remembered from way back when, or maybe that was Korean Air? It was, however, hot when it should be hot and cold when it should be cold."
Pros: "The food was excellent and the stewardesses were extremely attentive and helpful."
Pros: "Fare price was unbelievable. JAL and AA combined to make my flight very pleasurable and memorable. This first leg, on AA was smooth and allowed me to go to my connecting flight easy without having to go out of security and back into the international section of LAX"
Pros: "This was my first flight on JAL. Their customer service was especially good for English speakers. The food on the plane was good, but geared toward the Japanese customer. I must say that it was tasty, but unaccustomed to my palate"
Cons: "I think it would be good to put more food that is geared to a more international palate."
Pros: "Everything was good, solid across the board. Nothing to not like. I especially liked the legroom in economy. Probably the best legroom I"ve had in economy."
Pros: "Good service and selection of movies.Boarding is orderly. Crew very courteous. . We have been flying JAL for a few times and never regret"
Cons: "Boeing 777 is not as attractive as the new 787.e.g. Ambient lighting, cabin noise control etc., are far more superior in the 787"
Pros: "food was great movies are updated flight attendants are professional and courteous"
Pros: "Roominess of economy seats."
Cons: "Poor movie selection. Heavily skewed to action/terror/suspense. Very few dramas, and none of them current."
Pros: "The service was excellent and the seats were really comfortable"
Cons: "The food choice was a bit poor"
Pros: "The service was exceptional, friendly and polite. Food was good and entertainment selection was awesome."
Pros: "One of the most attentive crews I've ever had. Superb service. Angled flat seat was not bad at all."
Cons: "The DC China Embassy web site clearly states that a valid APEC Business Card can be used in lieu of a Chinese visa. In spite of this I was denied boarding by JAL. It turns out the system is not fully in place, and eventually I was issued a 10 year multiple entry visa by way of apology. JAL did not waive cancellation fee, and I suffered considerable economic damages."
Pros: "This is the best airline I have ever taken. Staff were attentive, boarding was quick and efficient and there were lots of meals, snacks and drinks. In-flight entertainment selection was also great."
Pros: "The crew on Japan Airlines are exemplary! Very efficient, polite & service with a genuine smile made this a very pleasant trip. Also, I had recalled on a flight I had taken a long time ago, how impressed I was at how clean the restrooms were maintained. Well, the high standard has not changed. Very impressed & looking forward to our return flight home."
Cons: "Cannot say there were any negatives."
Pros: "great flight crew and clean airplane. Pilots did excellent job and it was comfortable seats, pillow and blanket."
Cons: "Food was bad compared to other flights to Tokyo that I have taken and entertainment was very weak."
Pros: "Flight attendants were great and very accommodating. They made the flight comfortable for all passengers. The entertainment was decent, some recent movies. Overall a pleasant experience."
Cons: "There was no choice for vegetarian/vegan meal options on the flight. This was my biggest complaint. Having a meal option is crucial when you are flying for 10+ hours. It is 2016, the vegetarian/vegan community is growing, and it is unfair that there was no choices. Luckily, the snacks were vegan friendly and the kind staff tried to put together a meal of veggies, fruit, and as many rolls as we wanted. If this wouldn't have been the case, the flight could have been a lot worse. Consider giving the meal preference choice to people. Not everyone eats meat, and many have an allergy/intolerance to dairy."
Pros: "i can't say amazing but they're doing their job well!"
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and helpful."
Cons: "I am unable to eat dairy products so I choose the vegetarian meal thinking that would be my best option however it had cheese and butter in the food so I couldn't eat most of what was served."
Cons: "The entertainment options were not reflected online"
Cons: "Food and movie selection"
Pros: "Spacious and comfortable"
Cons: "Food was pretty bad"
Pros: "Crew was very nice."
Cons: "Airline on strike. So no flight"
Pros: "Just love EVA everytimes I fly"
Pros: "Really happy as had a exit seat so lots of leg room"
Cons: "More legroom, but what do I expect in economy?"
Pros: "The crew was very warm hearted to offer small toys to my 3-yr old niece to comfort him during the flight."
Cons: "The meal was a bit disappointed for it is only sandwich with cold chicken meat... not even offer hot food option especially for kids/elderly."
Pros: "Flight attendants were all nice and friendly."
Pros: "Crew was attentive and nice"
Cons: "More space for economy"
Cons: "No IFE onboard these a321"
Pros: "Being able to check bags and get boarding pass at Taipei Main station prior to boarding MRT (similar to Hong Kong) is a very useful convenience. EVA staff there were extremely pleasant and helpful."
Pros: "There was a decent movie collection to watch."
Cons: "Seats were crammed, not enough width or legroom. Staff not that friendly. Food was alright but nothing to write home about"
Pros: "Late night flight, crew was good and timely"
Cons: "I got sick from the spaghetti dinner served 2 hrs before landing."
Pros: "Seat was ok"
Cons: "Everything could have been better"
Pros: "I travelled on Eva a few times a year, was used to and liked Eva."
Cons: "Arriving at JFK on time after 16 hour nonstop flight on Eva, we passengers were told the parking space was occupied and we had to wait one hour on the plane. The Eva ground crew had 10+ hours to arrange a space for the plane, as it steadily approaching its destination, and the arriving time was 10pm, hardly a busy hour of an airport. Another disappointment: as before, I took the bus provided by Eva to neighboring states. This night the arrangement was awful. Poorly organized Eva crew kept all on the roadside, with only three of the five buses next to us, we passengers waited in the open, without a schedule or clue. We were lucky for the night was warm. In a typical NY winter night, 10 Farenheit and windy, we‘d be hurt more."
Pros: "Staff. Entertainment."
Cons: "Food was average. Space small. But economy always is."
Pros: "Comfort, crew, food"
Cons: "Choice of movies somewhat limited (in English)"
Pros: "Never a problem with Lion Air always good service"
Cons: "Didn’t like having to get bus from terminal to the plane I hate to be crowded onto a bus like cattle and it was even worse because many chinese"
Cons: "Not much in choice of movies."
Pros: "They setup rows in the waiting area with a Zone number for each row. That way you can get a set in the row that is for your boarding zeom"
Pros: "EVA is a very good airlines. I recommend them for traveling"
Pros: "Amazing food, comfy seats and good entertainments system"
Pros: "Lovely, charming flight attendants and a decent lunch with two choices, both of which were good. Where do they find these flight attendants? They are amazing."
Cons: "The Airbus is not as nice as the Boeing, but the flight is a relatively short hop."
Cons: "Tasteless food, mediocre movie selection"
Cons: "Flight is delay,take a long line for transfer, it makes me dizzy,got bad mood"
Cons: "Could use salt and pepper, it was not offered."
Cons: "The seats are way too close to each other. I’m 5 foot four and my knees touched this front"
Pros: "Food and service"
Cons: "Seats not very comfortable, not enough room for knees/legs"
Cons: "Food ia not that good. Need to have more flavor"
Pros: "Awesome crew, great prices and I will use them every time!!"
Cons: "The flights are cheaper to Chicago, insist Houston could get these rates"
Pros: "The crew didn't their jobs well. They got everyone into the late arriving plane in no time. On flight service was good."
Cons: "Food was kind of bland, not living up to the level I experienced on the first leg. No personalized entertainment systems."
Cons: "Wasn't able to confirm seats ahead of time. The option to order a vegetarian meal would have been good. Wasn't able to do either of these things through kayak or eva websites and there were no option once on board."
Cons: "Great"
Pros: "Crew were polite on boarding, and throughout flight when seen then"
Cons: "Service was terrible, flown to thailand with these ba and thai airways and thai airways will beat everyone hands down"
Pros: "Staffs are all very polite and well mannered"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "helpful staff at check in in jfk airport. flights were not too crowded. only one stop to final destination."
Cons: "delay for more than one hour from jfk airport"
Cons: "Space beneath seat in front, where you put a backpack and such, was very, very small - smaller than other airlines"
Cons: "The 2.5 hour flight was delayed by 2.5 hours due to F.O.D. on the tarmac. Plane had to be towered back to the terminal for refueling. Ground crew in Manila was not helpful in assisting passengers with connecting flights."
Pros: "Food was good n very timely."
Pros: "I had a ile seat,and wasn't crowded"
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "Good"
Pros: "crew was great, flight was seamless, but the cabin was freezing cold for most of the flight"
Pros: "Seats were fairly comfortable and there was lots of space. Good Inflight entertainment though movie choices were more limited compared to some other carriers."
Cons: "Not leaving or arriving on time."
Pros: "Cabin quietness Cleanliness Crew attentiveness"
Pros: "Friendly service, was allowed to have a window seat"
Pros: "Leg space in economy was good, seemed to be more than on some other airlines."
Cons: "Cabin crew does not seem to be very happy as smiles are hard to find on the flight."
Cons: "No wifi otherwise was great"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Boarding by bus .... on time but departure delayed 45 mins ... I guess typical for China ..."
Pros: "Great crews, food was okay, overall pretty good. Definitely will travel again"
Cons: "Choice of entertainment and food could be been better."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "good food ,"
Pros: "They were good."
Cons: "Better English language and Better professional training."
Cons: "Seats on plane were small and uncomfortable. Checking in to flight was awful."
Pros: "Crew was very good."
Cons: "Seats not as comfortable as most business class seats."
Pros: "Crew was courteous enough, and plane was quite new."
Cons: "Provision of at least toothbrush,etc like other airlines for long flights."
Pros: "I think just the boarding experience."
Cons: "Food and needs to widen the selection of movies with current ones. Also, it was difficult to understand since it was mostly written in Chinese language."
Cons: "3 hours delay I miss my professional meeting in Shanghai because of this big delay !!! I Sky Team Flying Blue Platinum for Life and this is the first time I got a bad seat and no window"
Cons: "For some reason both ways I couldn't buy a seat and couldn't check in online. The way to Thailand I ended up with a middle seat because of that. And on the way back. After trying online and tried calling China southern. I finally got someone that speaks Thai to do it for me and reserve a window seat. I tried calling and pressing 3 for English and no one ever picked up. Very disappointed"
Cons: "Did not get the special meal (Oriental vegetarian )that I had ordered. Also on my return flight as well,even after reconfirming it two day before my return flight."
Pros: "same as above"
Cons: "Same as above"
Pros: "Had some last minute changes and had to cancel the flight. Even though the 24 hour cancellation period had long passed, we had no problem getting a full refund from China Southern. The phone waiting time was pretty long, but they were very courteous and helpful. Would use this airline again if anything for their customer service."
Pros: "Comfortable seats, fast check-in"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Pros: "on time"
Cons: "it is short distance, it is fine for myself"
Pros: "It’s simply a way to get from one airport to another. Everything is adequate minus the food."
Cons: "The food is really bad, and everything else is adequate for simple travel."
Pros: "Long haul 15 hour flight"
Cons: "Ko"
Cons: "Nonfunctional survey"
Pros: "Airline provided wheelchair for my injured friend and priority boarding"
Cons: "airline lost my friend's luggage and is only offering $15 per kg for the lost items"
Pros: "Nothing much"
Cons: "The domestic flight from Guangzhou to Yiwu was delayed by about 2 hours. No announcements. Also my bag was lost and still no sign after 24 hours."
Pros: "Very attentive and pleasant stewards in business class. Boardjbgblrocedures good."
Cons: "We had to climb up stairs to get on the plane. There were elderly travelers who struggled to carry their hand luggage. No help was offered This needs to be remedied. Food also was not too palatable. Could be better Difficult to understand English of the announcements. Also when delayed in landing no announcements made br the captain though we were hovering in the air for 45 mins."
Pros: "Friendly cabin staff."
Cons: "Choice of movies was poor."
Pros: "left on time and arrived a little early, lunch was served (food was not bad, but not super amazing)"
Cons: "no personalized entertainment system"
Cons: "The food was awful. I felt sick after eating it and still feel sick after many hours. Being on a 15 hour flight we don't have much choice but to eat some of it"
Cons: "Food was average. but as I paid a low a low fare I was overall very pleased. I provided my own headphones as the supplied headphones are usually terrible on all economy flights"
Pros: "Seat, entertainment, on time, cabin crew."
Cons: "No lounge, Food was just okay"
Pros: "No frills solid business with excellent price and flexibility. Have flow thisxairlin multiple times without glitches. Lounges are simple and comfortable. There were no vegetarian snacks."
Cons: "Lounges a bit sparse vegetarian snacks."
Pros: "Not much to like after being delayed."
Cons: "Both my flights were delayed. In the end arrived at my destination at 3:30 am when I was originally scheduled to arrive at midnight."
Pros: "It was an inexpensive flight. Flight attendants were nice enough. Each seat had pillow, blanket, and headphones for personal screen. Drink cart came by several times and there were two meals served. Boarding was fairly quick as was deboarding. No problems with baggage. Early landing."
Cons: "Seats aren't very spacious; not much leg room and doesn't recline much. Luckily I'm a petite person, but I can imagine if I was of average height or taller/heavier I'd be uncomfortable. Food is mediocre. Airline food isnt great in general but I've had better on an airline. Flight had a delayed departure."
Cons: "They lost my baggage and changed boarding times without notifying me."
Pros: "Service Comfort Ease of connection Excellent airline"
Cons: "Nothing to not like"
Pros: "Plane"
Cons: "Crew was not organised"
Pros: "The A319 had far more room than I'm used to in coach. Crew was pleasant. Dining was very rushed in this under-2-hour flight."
Cons: "Something to be aware of: It's the People's Republic of China. They tell you this in the announcements. You're not supposed to use your cell phone at all in flight, even in airplane mode. Some government inspectors went through my checked suitcase and removed a lithium power pack and left me a note."
Cons: "The plane was very old"
Cons: "Flight delayed 90 minutes. Poor communications in boarding area. No bi-lingual staff. Food consisted of a cup of yogurt, banana, and stale bread. Awful. Cabin crew was rude. Spouse's entertainment system did not work correctly."
Pros: "They had provide us the hotel for us to stay overnight due to flight delay or boarding pass issue."
Cons: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Lost my luggage and was an extreme hassle to get back"
Cons: "Flight delayed for 2 hours My luggage did not arrive with me. Came 10hrs after"
Cons: "Had to pay for free baggage... Food sucked. No entertainment. No english spoken, Late arrival late departuire. Usual sucky chinese airline experience."
Pros: "The flight was on time. Price was better than other airlines."
Cons: "Freezing cold for 12 hours and flight attendants did not speak or understand English."
Pros: "Pork meals are delicious especially century egg with pork congee"
Cons: "Dirty toilets, despite attendants have regular cleaning schedules. My headphone and media monitor was not working."
Pros: "Price, service and personal attitudes of the crewmembers."
Cons: "Less online services available."
Cons: "The food selection could use a change with more fresh ingredients. We were offered two hot dishes but both were almost exactly the same. It would have been nice to have the lunch portion be or dinner portion be different."
Pros: "whem I arrived on the aircraft I requests two business class seats which was available and we got it, two other passengers came requesting up grades to business class and was told that no seats are available. This was when boarding was complete."
Cons: "When the aircraft took off, I saw air hostess taking turns to sleep in business class seats that was available. Their was three seats available which was kept back for the air hostess to use personally and passengers were refuse the up grade."
Pros: "Extremely impressed with the service and comfort of the flight"
Pros: "Getting off the plane!!"
Cons: "Every minute of the flight!!"
Pros: "I had an entire row to myself, which was so nice. I enjoyed being able to stretch out and not having to be cramped."

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