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FAQs about flying with Colorful Guizhou Airlines

  • Where does Colorful Guizhou Airlines fly to?

    Colorful Guizhou Airlines offers direct flights to 44 different cities in China and Vietnam. Qianxinan, Guiyang, and Zunyi are the most popular cities covered by Colorful Guizhou Airlines.

  • What is Colorful Guizhou Airlines’ primary hub?

    Colorful Guizhou Airlines concentrates most of its flight operations in Guiyang.

  • How does KAYAK find such low prices on Colorful Guizhou Airlines flights?

    KAYAK is a travel search engine, meaning that we continuously look across the web to find the best deals for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from all airlines, including Colorful Guizhou Airlines.

  • What are the most popular airports for Colorful Guizhou Airlines flights to depart from?

  • Is Colorful Guizhou Airlines part of an airline alliance?

    No, Colorful Guizhou Airlines is not part of an airline alliance.

  • How many destinations does Colorful Guizhou Airlines fly to?

    In total, Colorful Guizhou Airlines flies to 45 destinations.

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Colorful Guizhou Airlines flight status

Sun 5/26

Colorful Guizhou Airlines route map – Which destinations does Colorful Guizhou Airlines fly to?

Find out which destinations you can fly to direct with Colorful Guizhou Airlines by entering your departure airport. If you want to know whether Colorful Guizhou Airlines flies a certain route, enter both the departure and destination airport before hitting search.
Sun 5/26

All Colorful Guizhou Airlines flight routes

Flight no.Departure airportArrival AirportDurationMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
7256Lijiang (LJG)Guiyang (KWE)1h 35m
7255Guiyang (KWE)Lijiang (LJG)1h 25m
7146Changzhou (CZX)Guiyang (KWE)2h 40m
7145Guiyang (KWE)Changzhou (CZX)2h 15m
7241Guiyang (KWE)Jinhua (YIW)2h 35m
7170Huai'an (HIA)Guiyang (KWE)2h 45m
7169Guiyang (KWE)Huai'an (HIA)2h 15m
7149Qianxinan (ACX)Xi'an (XIY)2h 10m
7150Xi'an (XIY)Qianxinan (ACX)1h 45m
7249Chengdu (TFU)Jinhua (YIW)2h 45m
7250Jinhua (YIW)Chengdu (TFU)3h 0m
7132Qianxinan (ACX)Guiyang (KWE)1h 5m
7186Fuzhou (FOC)Yibin (YBP)3h 0m
7217Taizhou (HYN)Chengdu (TFU)3h 0m
7210Quanzhou (JJN)Chengdu (TFU)2h 50m
7113Guiyang (KWE)Taizhou (HYN)2h 30m
7105Guiyang (KWE)Sanya (SYX)1h 55m
7230Ningbo (NGB)Yibin (YBP)3h 10m
7188Shijiazhuang (SJW)Yibin (YBP)2h 45m
7218Chengdu (TFU)Taizhou (HYN)2h 55m
7209Chengdu (TFU)Quanzhou (JJN)2h 50m
7148Tianjin (TSN)Yibin (YBP)3h 5m
7185Yibin (YBP)Fuzhou (FOC)2h 40m
7229Yibin (YBP)Ningbo (NGB)2h 45m
7147Yibin (YBP)Tianjin (TSN)2h 55m
7237Baise (AEB)Shenzhen (SZX)1h 25m
7238Baise (AEB)Chengdu (TFU)1h 25m
7140Haikou (HAK)Yibin (YBP)2h 15m
7114Taizhou (HYN)Guiyang (KWE)2h 40m
7101Guiyang (KWE)Beijing (PKX)2h 40m
7102Beijing (PKX)Guiyang (KWE)3h 0m
7106Sanya (SYX)Guiyang (KWE)1h 45m
7238Shenzhen (SZX)Baise (AEB)1h 45m
7237Chengdu (TFU)Baise (AEB)1h 45m
7232Jinan (TNA)Yibin (YBP)2h 35m
7139Yibin (YBP)Haikou (HAK)2h 10m
7187Yibin (YBP)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 35m
7231Yibin (YBP)Jinan (TNA)2h 25m
7110Quanzhou (JJN)Guiyang (KWE)2h 40m
7109Guiyang (KWE)Quanzhou (JJN)2h 10m
7257Guiyang (KWE)Dehong (LUM)1h 35m
7112Hangzhou (HGH)Guiyang (KWE)2h 50m
7111Guiyang (KWE)Hangzhou (HGH)2h 15m
7258Dehong (LUM)Guiyang (KWE)1h 40m
7131Guiyang (KWE)Qianxinan (ACX)1h 0m
7265Qianxinan (ACX)Zhuhai (ZUH)2h 0m
7248Jinhua (YIW)Guiyang (KWE)2h 10m
7266Zhuhai (ZUH)Qianxinan (ACX)1h 55m
7115Guiyang (KWE)Luzhou (LZO)1h 5m
7116Luzhou (LZO)Guiyang (KWE)1h 0m
7115Luzhou (LZO)Shijiazhuang (SJW)2h 30m
7116Shijiazhuang (SJW)Luzhou (LZO)2h 50m
7269Qianxinan (ACX)Tongren (TEN)1h 10m
7224Zhengzhou (CGO)Yibin (YBP)2h 20m
7260Chongqing (CKG)Ningbo (NGB)2h 5m
7108Fuzhou (FOC)Yichun (YIC)1h 40m
7126Hefei (HFE)Zunyi (WMT)2h 0m
7159Guiyang (KWE)Luoyang (LYA)2h 0m
7201Guiyang (KWE)Shanghai (PVG)2h 40m
7125Guiyang (KWE)Zunyi (WMT)0h 45m
7107Guiyang (KWE)Yichun (YIC)1h 35m
7160Luoyang (LYA)Guiyang (KWE)2h 0m
7259Ningbo (NGB)Chongqing (CKG)2h 40m
7270Ningbo (NGB)Tongren (TEN)2h 30m
7261Ningbo (NGB)Zhuhai (ZUH)2h 40m
7202Shanghai (PVG)Guiyang (KWE)2h 45m
7270Tongren (TEN)Qianxinan (ACX)1h 10m
7269Tongren (TEN)Ningbo (NGB)2h 0m
7125Zunyi (WMT)Hefei (HFE)1h 45m
7126Zunyi (WMT)Guiyang (KWE)0h 55m
7223Yibin (YBP)Zhengzhou (CGO)2h 0m
7107Yichun (YIC)Fuzhou (FOC)1h 25m
7108Yichun (YIC)Guiyang (KWE)1h 30m
7262Zhuhai (ZUH)Ningbo (NGB)2h 0m
7152Zhengzhou (CGO)Dazhou (DZH)1h 50m
7152Dazhou (DZH)Guiyang (KWE)1h 15m
7151Dazhou (DZH)Zhengzhou (CGO)2h 0m
7151Guiyang (KWE)Dazhou (DZH)1h 15m
7173Guiyang (KWE)Jieyang (SWA)2h 0m
7174Jieyang (SWA)Guiyang (KWE)1h 55m
7144Jinan (TNA)Zunyi (WMT)2h 45m
7243Zunyi (WMT)Jinhua (YIW)2h 0m
7244Jinhua (YIW)Zunyi (WMT)2h 30m
7233Qianxinan (ACX)Qiannan (LLB)1h 10m
7274Qianxinan (ACX)Ningbo (NGB)2h 25m
7124Hanzhong (HZG)Guiyang (KWE)2h 0m
7123Hanzhong (HZG)Nantong (NTG)2h 30m
7123Guiyang (KWE)Hanzhong (HZG)1h 40m
7165Guiyang (KWE)Nanjing (NKG)2h 20m
7121Guiyang (KWE)Chongqing (WXN)1h 25m
7234Qiannan (LLB)Qianxinan (ACX)1h 10m
7286Qiannan (LLB)Tongren (TEN)0h 50m
7273Ningbo (NGB)Qianxinan (ACX)2h 45m
7166Nanjing (NKG)Guiyang (KWE)2h 25m
7124Nantong (NTG)Hanzhong (HZG)2h 30m
7190Shenzhen (SZX)Chengdu (TFU)2h 25m
7285Tongren (TEN)Qiannan (LLB)0h 50m
7189Chengdu (TFU)Shenzhen (SZX)2h 20m
7122Tianjin (TSN)Chongqing (WXN)2h 50m
7228Taiyuan (TYN)Yibin (YBP)2h 30m
7122Chongqing (WXN)Guiyang (KWE)1h 30m
7121Chongqing (WXN)Tianjin (TSN)2h 20m
7227Yibin (YBP)Taiyuan (TYN)2h 10m
7127Qianxinan (ACX)Zunyi (WMT)1h 0m
7128Nanchang (KHN)Zunyi (WMT)2h 15m
7128Zunyi (WMT)Qianxinan (ACX)1h 0m
7127Zunyi (WMT)Nanchang (KHN)1h 50m
7135Qiannan (LLB)Wuhan (WUH)1h 10m
7136Wuhan (WUH)Qiannan (LLB)1h 30m
7141Guiyang (KWE)Lianyungang (LYG)2h 30m
7142Lianyungang (LYG)Guiyang (KWE)2h 30m
7263Qianxinan (ACX)Wuhan (WUH)2h 10m
7264Wuhan (WUH)Qianxinan (ACX)1h 55m
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Colorful Guizhou Airlines contact information

Colorful Guizhou Airlines information

Top routeGuiyang to Qianxinan
Airports served45
Top airportGuiyang

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